Phone Acne
Caused by notification negligence, not clogged pores or pizza
Period Brain
When you feel like you've just dumbed down 100 degrees of intellect but you're actually just getting your period. Phew!
Post Fomatic Stress Disorder
A mental health condition triggered by *not* experiencing what was perceived to be The Best Time Ever. Often abbreviated as PFSD. The word "Fomatic" is derived from the Millennial acronym FOMO.
When fashion week ends and you find yourself tuned into a style frequency previously undetectable by the standards of your mind.
Partner In Sex
A significant other if the two people are, in fact, boning.
Leandra's alternate word for "husband."
Peanut Butter Syndrome
Credited to Rosie Assoulin, Peanut Butter Syndrome occurs when one consumes so much peanut butter in such a short amount of time that the thought of ever eating peanut butter again is unbearable.
The Preemptive Save the Date
An RSVP that goes out ahead of wedding season invitations to inform any and everyone you know who may be thinking about getting married that you cannot attend their wedding.