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Not The 70s

The 70s are back. Yes. But you'd never attend a concert wearing that same band's tee-shirt (only dads and One Direction fans do this) so we will no longer be saying "the 70s."

Fur Babies

The hidden bundles of dust and hair that live in the corners of your apartment that are later found clinging to your sock, coat, sweater or pant hem like a little baby who doesn't want to go to kindergarten.

Seesaw Leg

When one of your legs is so clearly shorter than the other, it causes your pants to appear haphazardly cropped, presumably at the fault of a drunk tailor.

Wallet’s Remorse

When you shun a popular fashion item while it’s enduring its moment of fame, then come back to it later with the conviction of a retired dancer who suddenly makes a surprise d-floor debut because the call of movement was just too strong and the song on the speakers was too good to ignore.