Two Shoes For You, Glen Coco

by Leandra Medine
September 16, 2013


Why don’t Mean Girls quotes ever get old? They’re more prolific than Clueless ones are. Don’t tell Alicia Silverstone I said that.

Today in what is magical and happening in the virtual world of e-commerce: these black patent leather and white velvet Valentino shoes.

They cost nearly $1000 so I am not suggesting that you, or we, have to have them (disclaimer, though, I do — but in my defense, they’re the tangible spoils of a gift card received to Net-a-Porter) but I am suggesting we get to the bottom of what makes them so damn intriguing.

Is it the white velvet? The black patent? The high-but-not-too-high, short-but-not-too-short heel? Or is it simply the notion that by adding a pair of white socks to a pair of pre-existing black, t-strap heels we can all get a look that seems so novel and fresh, yet incredibly familiar, like it’s always been ours to own?

Frankly, in the words of Icona Pop, I don’t care, I love it.

[Valentino heels via Net-a-Porter]