Toilet Humor

by Leandra Medine
October 17, 2013

We really should have shared this yesterday because Wednesday is Hump Day, but Thursday is still not Friday so I guess that’s good enough reason to listen to a three-year-old in the bathroom recount all the food he’s gluttonously eaten as he watches the literal poop pile on up. There’s not much else to say here except for…ugh, pickle chips!

Happy almost weekend.

  • Aubrey Green

    Please tell me you’ve seen this :)!?! – if not, you’re welcome.

    • liv

      Ha! I bought that for a family member last year!

      • Aubrey Green

        That’s hilarious! Does it actually work?

        • liv

          I don’t think they ever used it. (Sad face). Now I feel compelled to inquire about it, though. Thanks for the laugh!

          • Aubrey Green

            You’re welcome :).