Snapchat is Causing a Lot of Drama
Shot by Michael Pudelka via Another Mag

Update your Snapchat and you’ll notice a new feature called Discover — a platform that shares “Stories” from the likes of CNN, Comedy Central, Cosmopolitan, ESPN, Food Network, Daily Mail UK, and more.

“Social media companies tell us what to read based on what’s most recent or most popular,” writes Snapchat. “We see it differently. We count on editors and artists, not clicks and shares, to determine what’s important.”

You know what else is important? Or was important?

The Best Friends feature that Snapchat got rid of in the very same update.

According to those in high school (shout out to reader Quinn Halman for tipping me off and our old intern Franny Keller for confirming; meanwhile my cousin, age 13, was unreachable for comment on behalf of the middle school set), Snapchat’s Best Friends feature acted as a scoreboard for your actual best friends. A visual ranking for all to see that I talk to Oprah more than you.

It was also used as tool for bae-watch: check the Best Friends list of the guy you like/are dating on Snapchat and you’re instantly privy to who he’s been snapping.

Example via @TBHjuststop:

“when u check bae’s snapchat friends”


Per my reporters on the scene in the hallways of their schools, this Best Friends list has been the cause of endless fights, jealousy and drama. “People catch their boyfriends or girlfriends cheating this way,” I was told.

Except, now that their most accessible form of proof is gone, the drama hasn’t stopped. It’s gotten worse. How are they supposed to know where they stand socially? Who’s to confirm that everyone is, in fact, hanging out without them? How are they supposed to catch their signifiant other acting shady?

Quickly search “Letter to Snapchat” on Twitter and peruse the various tweets that illustrate this millennial frustration. Here’s one screenshot that’s been making the Twitter-rounds:


At first I found the anger (over seemingly nothing) amusing, but after reading the tweets, I began to sympathize. Remember Myspace Top 8? That caused the Great Schism at my school. Or when a boy passed a note to someone who was not his girlfriend, but it was intercepted by her best friend? Full on war.

Instead of going on about how all generations are essentially the same and it’s merely the tools that change in our ability to alleviate or aggravate our neurosis, I’d rather leave everyone with this:

If you need an app to tell you who your best friends are, they probably aren’t your best friends.

If you suspect your significant other is doing something that warrants your snooping in the first place, consider why you’re even with this person. Or try talking to them.

And then guys, hello. When all else fails: don’t forget you can still see everyone’s activity on Instagram.

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  • I have been wondering about getting on snapchat. I just don’t know if I can handle another social media outlet that I have to keep up with.


  • I refuse to get/send/partake in SnapChat. Call me ornery, but every time I see a girl Duck-Facing into an illuminated screen during a lecture, I have this overarching sensation that I’m missing out on absolutely nothing.

    • Aydan

      but how else can I share my grumpy morning face to all my besties?!?…

  • parkzark

    But just why can’t Xanga become a thing again?

  • Allie Fasanella

    Anyone member when you listed your top friends initials in your aim profile? Those were the days. It was the best passive aggressive way to tell a friend that they did something to piss you off. Bump their initials or arrange the order and Sally Smith will be buggin over what she did. Not that I ever did that, I just heard about.

    • Amelia Diamond

      ~*OW CB MK JF*~ luv u girlies so much

      • Amelia Diamond


        • Allie Fasanella

          and then…

          Brendan is muh luv fur lyfe <3333333333


    • parkzark

      YES or those quizzes you could take in people’s AIM profiles. Spoiler alert, I had a quiz.

  • Ugh lame who wants their news from snapchat? I’m just trying to show my friends how many double chins I can make


  • Glow On

    I feel like all my younger cousins have Snapchat and none of my friends that are my age (30) have it. Is this a younger generational thing or are “adults” getting on the bandwagon now?

  • pterridactyl

    Snapchat is basically a glorified hangout for braggers.

    “Oh hey look at me chillin’ on a beach no biggie/Bae just bought me a new Louis/Look how hot I am when I spend six hours getting ready”

    No thank you.

  • Ellen

    This post is hilarious, probably because it is far too true! Even for those of us who have long ago left the high school corridor.

  • Elza

    haha i love snapchat ! and what you say about bae watching is totally true !


  • my favorite part of snap chat is when i wake up, look at my story, become flooded with anxiety, and then delete it all.

    • Abigail

      I woke up one morning with a 300 second story and immediately vowed to never drink again. do you know how long it takes to delete 300 seconds of snaps? they are truly painful the morning after

  • Quinn Halman

    For a cohort of people who claim to be grown up it’s in fact juvenile that such a thing like this can cause such anxiety and end relationships

  • maybe because it is called a snap chat, like playing snap and poke-her, rather than a 500 lay down misere, to win no tricks. oh snap it there yogi bear.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mis%C3%A8re

  • Nati Bru

    SOS: How did Franny land an internship? Sincerely, an interested college student.