Ode to an Oversized Coat

by Leandra Medine
October 30, 2013


We just won’t let the conversation on coats die, eh?

Tonight in things you should probably buy if we haven’t incited a dirty spiral that leaves you click and refreshing the pages of ASOS already, this shin-length coat equipped with large front pockets (for those of us who hate handbags), notched lapels (for those of us who feel bad about our chests) and a wrap front (for those of us, like Amelia, who refuse to get dressed in the winter).

It’s all very Céline meets man on Madison Avenue to me — which I have absolutely no problem with. The thing is, would you buy a coat from ASOS that retailed for nearly $200? I think I would, but the jury is still kind of out.

To lunch.

In their under $100 coats.

[Oversized Wrap Front Coat via ASOS]

  • Lina

    I’ve had this ASOS coat in my saved items for a bit literally because I can’t decide if I should put $200 down for it. I love it though, does a 10% student discount make it a better deal?!

    • Leandra Medine


  • MKhan

    Have you even seen the giant mono check and camel versions?! Decisions!