Nuts about New Balance

August 22, 2013


This is more of a question than it is a comment on what’s best of the Internet right now: is it okay that I just spent half an hour clicking through at least 100 images of classic New Balance sneakers? Who is informing this strange, rare and new predilection? I feel like when things like this happen to me, it’s almost always either Isabel Marant’s or Phoebe Philo’s fault and in matters of the newfound comfort (and delusional elegance) my feet are currently indulging in, I think I’m going to go with Philo-as-perpetrator.

Help a sister out–what is happening to me?

[NB Classics on Tumblr]

  • Emma Hager

    Us American ladies are subconsciously catching on to the way our Scandinavian counterparts have been dressing for years. I remember a few years back when I was getting really into retro sneakers, and it seemed like a really novel concept/ am I ill in the head. Little did I realize that I was falling in love with the style of the girls over at or the street looks on the It is sort of refreshing when we’re not always the first to do something — like pair a dress or tailored pants with a pair of classic New Balance. Anyone down for a post on Scandinavian Style? Three years of love has been culminating and it’d be so fun to explore the implications.