North West Already Cooler Than You

August 23, 2013


Kris Jenner tweeted a picture of North West today (and then, because she’s classy, hashtagged the tweet #WatchKris to promote her own show). Kim K followed suit via Instagram, and then the internet broke.

We cooed over the divine adorable-ness of North along with the rest of the world but then we noticed her hand: what is going on with her hand? And it instantly dawned on us:

She’s dropping the mic.

It hurts when a baby is cooler than you, doesn’t it?


Meme by Charlotte Fassler, because holy shit do we love an opportunity to photoshop.

  • Summer J.

    Best photoshop work I’ve seen in eons!

  • Eileen

    perfect photoshop

  • Dary

    Hilarious. This baby is ridiculously cute. I hope they remember to feed it.

  • thelittleone25