Leandra Medine | April 22, 2014




Sorry, I was counting the number of places a new Google Chrome app replaced the word “literally” with “figuratively.” I stopped counting after 56 but I’ll have you know that we used it properly in 47 out of 56 instances.


So why would Google Chrome do a silly thing like replace one published word with another, unintended word to begin with, right? Simply because both Amelia and I downloaded a Chrome extension that would swap out every use of the former word floating around the interwebs to appear like the perhaps-further-befitting, anterior “figuratively.” (Fine, real talk, I tricked Amelia into thinking I downloaded the extension so that she would, but didn’t actually download itself, chiefly because: how does one go about removing it? Figuratively so confused!)

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 5.19.11 PM


The extension’s creator (which is currently used by 246 users), Mike Walker, has seemingly taken issue with the abundant misuse of the former word, a totem of 21st century argot, and has therefore instituted his own set of rectification measures which if we had to guess come in the wake of a break up.


[This Google Chrome Extension is ‘Figuratively’ Hilarious via StyleCaster]

  • lavieenliz

    this is literally the best post

  • ThoughtsofGlam

    This will literally never happen. Fuck figuratively.

  • Rachel hammer

    Truth: it is actually perfectly correct to use the word “literally” in the sense to which you allude. See: merriam webster

  • kirbybee

    A man after my own heart. The misuse of the word literally, when one actually means figuratively, is perhaps the worst thing to emerge from our generation – at least in relation to the study of etymology anyway.

  • http://JESSJOYCEJ.WORDPRESS.COM/ Jessica Joyce

    This might be one of the oddest Google Chrome extensions besides the “Kill News Feed” one that blocks you from Facebook when you need to work.

    Your Friend, Jess

  • Paula McClelland

    Bahaha – “I literally died” – are ya sure about that now? Apps like these are the real reason the internet was invented 😉

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  • Sophie

    Figuratively is a dying breed. Literally.

    Sophie x

  • alcessa

    Hmmm: “replaced the word “figuratively” with “figuratively.””

    Really? Or was it literally replacing literally with figuratively? 🙂

    • Emme

      I literally thought I was losing my mind until I read your post, Alcessa

      • alcessa

        Figuratively speaking, a mind can get lost, yes. 🙂 Well, mine does. But you just made me realize doing the thinking is always a literal process, which is a good thing. 🙂

        • Leandra Medine


          • alcessa

            Huh, so all is well now 🙂

  • Sarah @ 702 Park Project

    Yay! I hate when people use this wrong…unless of course they are quoting Parks and Rec, in which case it is ALWAYS acceptable! 😉

  • Heather P.

    Every time I hear the word “literally” I think of Chris Traeger…literally. 😉

    • pamb

      I always think of Rachel Zoe. “Joy. is. Literally. Shutting. It. Down.”

      • Heather P.

        Ha…my favorite of her is the overuse of “I die.” Her reality show was a massive guilty pleasure of mine!

  • Sara Botero R.

    stop trying to make figuratively happen…it’s not going to happen!