White Denim PSA: J.Crew Has Your Nether Region Covered

In the third of an ongoing, unofficial series called The Denim PSA, here’s one more nod to the powers that be at the helm of the J.Crew/Madewell engine. With warm weather on the ever-distant yet somehow imminent horizon (how many times can I reference a season on the imminent horizon before one of you come after me with a machete?) but legs still pastier than cold tomato sauce, there is just one corrective that can successfully medicate the transition and that is, of course, white jeans.

You have either read me compare them to bread or lied about reading my comparison to bread. You have seen me put them under dresses, go monochrome like a powdery cloud and draw nonsensical semblances to George Zimmer.

But today, today I commend a J.Crew drop that puts the cool in culotte, the kruh in cropped and the eeeeee! in jeans. Because the only thing better than forfeiting pants altogether is finding the single pair that will make you want to wear them all over again, enter the photographed pair.

They’re short enough to show a dynamic shoe and high waisted enough to cover both your belly button and the hottest nightclub in town: FUPA.

If you’re going to get them, which I do hope you are, I suggest playing the length game and pairing them with a robe de chambre or shirtdress worn open with a t-shirt underneath it, similar to the way it’s styled here. You can, of course, always turn onto the J.Crew freeway and drive their indigenous stripes home, but the pants are a good lesson in debunking the stereotypes of a garment’s place de naissance, so go crazy and let your uterus trick passersby into thinking that you’re about to have a baby — their best feature, of course, being that they advocate for the consumption of ice cream. So, are you sold yet?

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    • Jade Booth

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  • I am getting depressed that our summer window seems to be getting shorter with every day the sun is not out. I need consistent sunshine to motivate me to get a wax and commit to the grand leg unveiling of 2015. COME ON ELEMENTS.


  • Anna

    They look like the off white h&m ones… Or the h&m look like these one…

  • Ok, here’s a lil question for ya: I have a pair of vintage, high waisted, wide leg, white denim pants that barely skim the floor when I’m wearing shoes with a platform, which kind of limit’s their wearability. They’re amazing, the fit is perfect. To CROP or NOT? That is the question. I like the crazy length the carnival Guy on Stilts look is pretty cool but I’d love to wear them more often. THOUGHTS??

    • Lina

      Will you wear them more often?
      Or force yourself to wear them once a week for a month, you might get over them pretty quickly. And then crop 😉

    • Yes, Crop. Or get used to walking more in heels! But crop!

  • You certainly put the cool in culottes as well if we’re being honest here.

    Josh – The Kentucky Gent

  • Quinn Risdall

    The Thakoon robe makes it so perfect. If I have no drapey, silky goodness to go over the culottes am I just a basic bitch with wide, white pants?

  • asdf

    Leandra, you´re pregnant?!?!?!?!?!?

    • Samantha


  • Whitney V

    The doorbell just buzzed with jeans exactly like these but in blue, so I’m thrilled to see them on MR and that we def agree, that yes, it’s icecream season instead of fasting season… Bring on the jeans!


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  • I love the idea of white denim but there are two problems: I stain like a baby and I think of of myself at age 14.. Not a pretty thought… hahaha