Ghetto Fabulous

This Wednesday in Things I Want But Probably Won’t Get Because The Idea is Much More Romantic Than The Actual Product are these gold Nike Air Max sneakers as first seen this morning on Net-A-Porter.

In theory, they’re A+. In practice, they’re pretty badass too. I can already envision myself looking down to watch my steps glisten against the morose sidewalks of downtown New York City, providing a small but integral ray of hope and swag. I think I might even color-coordinate my hair to match the sneakers because I like spray paint and this seems like a great excuse to use it. It seems like where winning is concerned, everyone gets a chip off this block. It’s just…

Once the novelty wears off where does that leave me? Exercising in the spoils 0f Austin Powers’ second (sorry, THIRD), far less successful film debut?

I don’t know.

[Nike Air Max Metallic Sneakers via Net-A-Porter]

  • Nikita Prosser

    this is amazing. i feel like i could of wrote this. Hilarious as per usual xo

  • Nikita Prosser

    This is amazing, I feel like i could of wrote this! hilarious as always xo

  • mressentialist

    Just do it. Please.

  • Kay Bee

    That’s Austin Powers’ third trip to the theaters. But I’m a little embarrassed that I even know that.

  • Dee

    Maybe the sneakers are a bad idea but the spray painted hair is a great idea. I see nothing wrong with that one. Didn’t TopShop do that one year during a Spring-Summer line?

  • Very, very cool BUT I don’t know if longevity is rooting for them. Today they look like dreams but tomorrow they could look more like something from Baby Phat (Kimora what’s-her-face’s line) from the early 2000s. Wasn’t that logo a shiny gold cat or something?
    I have a tendency of going for what I feel RIGHT NOW, so I know that the latter though would hit me inevitably, I’d just be really good at denying it when money and heart is involved.