Gawker’s Guide to Getting Unfollowed

by Leandra Medine
January 21, 2014


Gawker published a six-step guide by Nitasha Tiku yesterday titled “Gawker’s Guide to Getting Unfollowed,” and I thought the story was going to teach me how to get unfollowed on Twitter. Unfortunately, I already feel like I can be a master of that craft. I’ve alienated an entire gender based solely on the solid, interminable menstruation updates that infiltrate my feed and if I really want to go for it, I’m pretty sure devising fake political opinions can take that count way down to zero.

But no, this is actually an etiquette guide. One that trains you on how to react after you learn you’ve just been unfollowed. Which, as acutely as I can tell, is the modern day, low common-denominator equivalent of being snubbed at a luncheon.

At the risk of giving too much away (though I’d like to say that public shaming — idea #4 — is my favorite of the lot), here is where I suggest that you click on over to see and read the rest of the guide. However, that suggestion is only valid if you promise to come back and share with us, on this robust and growing commenting platform, how you react to unfollows.

Me, personally, I find out the home addresses of the abandoners, go to their places of residence and depending on my mood, either leave dead fish at their doorstep and wait for them to answer the door or instead tell them that I feel like a dejected baby and I won’t stand for it.

[The Gawker Guide to Getting Unfollowed via Gawker]

  • Miriam van Klinken

    What a enjoyable article that was. Now I know what to do next time a really mean person unfollows me on weheartit/twitter/facebook/bloglovin/tumblr. I used to cry silently in my bed after each not-quite-that-loyal person unfollowed me, but I feel stronger now. Thanks.

  • Natasha

    Thanks I’ve just signed up to unfollow after reading this article and gawker. Now I’m gonna unfollow those bad ass unfollowers back …. that will teach em!

  • Nikell

    That was a pretty good article. I always get a kick out of the comments too.
    I didn’t realize “unfollowing” was such a big deal. When I was unfollowed on Bloglovin’ I just figured my blog didn’t interest that particular person.

  • The Dutch countryside

    Haha this would’ve been the exact same thing I would’ve written. Love it.

  • Ana González

    Great. I need some advices to get unfollows. I am not unpopular enough.


  • Stylish Housewife

    I unfollowed a blogger once and she called me out on it on twitter. It didn’t make me follower her again. And now I see her occasionally at events. Ugh. #awkward

    The Stylish Housewife