Tap for Fashion Credits & Watch Beyoncé’s New Music Video, “Formation”

Amelia Diamond | February 6, 2016

Remember when Beyoncé scared the shit out of all of us by releasing her new song and music video, “Formation,” out of NOWHERE like a damn dove from a magician’s coat sleeve?!?

Of course it’s perfect and worth it — not sure why you’d even ask, but my heart literally cannot take one more musical surprise attack. (Rihanna, bless you for the advanced notice on Anti, that was polite and appreciated.) It took me about three watches to come down from shock, which meant that it wasn’t until the fourth watch that I said to myself:

Hold up. Is that Gucci?


Oh it’s Gucci. (Alessandro Michele, how’s your heart doing?)

As for the other looks, scroll down to see. Shiona Turini (@shionat) — who kept this all very low key (and by that I mean zero key) at the MR breakfast for dinner — STYLED THE SHOOT along with Marni Senofonte (who did the dance outfits) and gave me the outfits scoop.

She’s like a human tap-for-credits machine.

Now Shiona/Beyoncé, if you wouldn’t mind, kindly tell me how to best-style a Life Alert.

Scroll baby, scroll…


  • Darah

    I cried.

    • barbara simon

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  • T

    I died.

  • Bree

    I lived.

  • Elizabeth Tamkin

    I’m ruining the trend, but the below comments are amazing.

  • kneelbeforetigers

    Wait what– Shiona kept this low/zero key? I’d say quite the opposite: Bey fans saw that an email leaked from Shiona’s end, asking for clothes for a video shoot, this ruining a surprise video drop for many. That’s never ever happened before from Bey’s camp. Sloppy to the extreme.

    Lots of good looks tho. But Ty would have never goofed like that.

    • Amelia Diamond

      Hi there, without meaning to cause drama or add to the rumors, I will say this in full confidence: Shiona’s job as a stylist was to request clothes from various designers’ PR companies for the music video — it’s the same process as fashion editors requesting for photo shoots. The way that information was leaked was not through Shiona’s end.

      An unfortunate situation, for sure, but in the end, a beautiful music video with gorgeous clothes.

      • Lynn Watson

        My current salary is more than 4300 dollars each week. Over a year ago I was in a horrible condition , jobless and no bank credit….e Thanks to one of my friends who showed me a way where I was able to gather myself and making average of 59 d/h. So it can change your life as it has changed mine.

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  • Andy

    Blue Ivy is so big now!!

  • Elis

    According to Gucci instagram the outfits in the pool scene are “Gucci inspired” what does that actually mean? Knock off?

  • http://www.mgluxurynews.com María Geronico

    I need to think twice before commenting… the photography is amazing, she is ugly as hell on the video / the song looks good, maybe too edgy – I need to listen it more times / She is a boom, but I miss more dancing!!



  • http://kristylin.com Kristy

    It’s like when a new Harry Potter book came out. I can’t deal. She has all these political references skillfully packed into a music video. I can’t. She slays with music, with dance, with fashion.

    I mean she’s recumbent on a flooded police car…how simple and powerful is that?!

    • Melissa

      So, so good. And can we talk about how the Super Bowl dancers were dressed in homage to the Black Panthers? Everything about this video and this performance was so powerful.

  • http://www.mywhitet.com/ Jessi

    The fashion, especially the jewelry, was incredible in this video. Great blog post girlie!

    XO, Jessi

  • http://instagram.com/shypony Josie Fillat

    Amazing. I generally don’t like Beyonce but the 11/12 year old who spent every day on yahoo music . com watching music video after music video FREAKS OUT every time she puts out a vid. This one takes the cake, it’s so goooood.

  • http://www.lips2lagerfeld.com/ Oliver Lips

    Only emoji’s can explain now:
    ? ? ? ? ? ♥️ ?


  • Irene Laura

    She’s the coolest


  • http://gimmiesomenow.tumblr.com/ Kelly B.

    Bey drops video
    * hyperventilates * screams* contacts the groupchat* collective hyperventilating * mass screaming *

  • http://www.hiiampaul.com/ hiiampaul

    When Beyonce releases a new video your instagram feed becomes scroll for credits instead of tap for credits.

  • Claire

    HOLY SHIT SHE KILLED ME AGAIN! All of those looks, oh my!


  • starryhye

    Ooooh lawd that wardrobe tape is workin’ extra hard in that burgundy bodysuit! o_O

  • http://imeldawithani.com Imelda F Allen
  • Guest

    Beyonce is beautiful, no question. Loved seeing runway clothing on a fuller figure.

  • http://www.afashionnerd.com/ Amy Roiland

    Kinda reminds me of FashionTap app where you can tap on the images and the tag takes you directly to the exact items to buy and the user makes a cut of the sale. GENUIS http://www.fashiontap.com/getapp

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  • Your Everything

    Stupid crap rich people are gullible enough to fall for. No one in the real world will be buying this ugly stuff

  • Lifegivesyoulemonsmake

    I cried and died, woke up Sunday and smiled that God bless me with another day, was late for church because I was watching with my daughter. She is 8 so o had to see it before she did but the artistry