Alexander Wang for H&M

Amelia Diamond | April 13, 2014


Alexander Wang has pulled what will henceforth be known as The Beyoncé and went rogue via Instagram to make a major announcement: he will be next in the line of top fashion designers to collaborate with power-retailer H&M. (The two were seen canoodling at H&M’s Coachella party and have been inseparable ever since.)

The announcement makes sense for Wang’s brand considering his success at Balenciaga, which leaves him even more room for commercial growth at his own namesake company. And judging by the success of Isabel Marant’s H&M collab-nation, it can only take Wang deeper into this new breed of designers that have managed to become household names while retaining their status among the downtown-cool set.

Alexander Wang x H&M is set to hit stores on November 6 (culled from Wang’s semi-cryptic video ‘gram) so start setting up your campsites now — the lines are sure to be around the block. Save us a spot?

[H&M Taps Alexander Wang via WWD]

  • Wang

    A THURSDAY!!?!?!? REALLY!!!!? To camp out or not to camp out

  • Kiri Yanchenko

    I am so excited – but I know I will never see any pieces in OZ. I’ll just have to get the full priced AW….

  • Quinn Halman

    Nice to know mr. wang was thinking of me on ma birthdaaay

  • Gauss

    This is very exciting, but I don’t understand why that model is sitting in one sink and sticking her shoe in another. How am I supposed to recreate this at home?!

  • Carolyn

    crazy! looking forward to seeing the pieces

  • JT

    I was so excited when I saw their Instagram video but my quickly happiness faded when I imagined the humongous line of crazy fashion bitches that would show up before the store opens.

  • Grace Cottrell

    Alexander Wang is one of my favourite designers! Would love to get something from the collection but I forsee a hunger games style battle so its highly unlikely…

  • Irene Laura
  • Miriam van Klinken

    Yessssss! I am so exciteddddd, hopefully I’ll have enough money to buy me some beauty!

    (2nd anniversary giveaway!!!)