911! Gucci Pre-Fall is Here and There is Something For Everyone

  • For the woman who enjoys extreme sports but also understands that walking down the street in a cape can sometimes be just as extreme as rappelling. (See what I did there?)
  • For she who worshipped at the altar of Bowie, but learned to adopt his look and develop her own particular and somewhat curious take on it. Also for she who appreciates produce that is in season. Pre-fall drops during high summer when cherries are de rigeur (see choker).
  • Man Repeller said culottes are dead? Well she said Man Repeller is dead! And maybe she was right. Who are we to claim a trend over, particularly when you have velvet slides to show off and shower caps to wear.
  • I'd very much like to wear this blazer with a blouse left completely unbuttoned inside of it, too. That's all I've got, though.
  • Ask not what you hair can do for you, but what your choice wool head covering can do for your hair. And don't forget your goggles, please heaven, don't.
  • For she with a super power that involves self love (and carrying things mid-torso)
  • For the culotte champion's companion, who knows well herself that cropped pants are still very much alive, but also that when it gets cold, your ~leggings~ are a great inner layer to consider. Just great.
  • She cool, too.
  • Miniskirts are not dead!
  • Capri backs are coming back.
  • Is that a bag necklace? A baglace?
  • If I was listening to Little Bunny Foo Foo (hopping through the forrest) and saw this emerge, I'd kill that a-hole and steal her wears. (Only I wouldn't really kill her, I'd j kindly request that we swap outfits and use force if she did not comply.)
  • For she who likes Vetements.
  • For she who *is* a Royal Tenenbaum.
  • For she who appreciated the '80s when they were here, but does not live in the past nor in the future and knows how to meditate in the present and thus lives the happiest life of all.
  • For me.
Leandra Medine | December 13, 2016

Who is crazy

I am consistently impressed by how outlandish Gucci’s collections have become under the stewardship of creative director Alessandro Michele. To be clear, they are not dramatic for drama’s sake. On the contrary, I genuinely believe that Michele just sees the world through an incredible number of layers and multiple fabrics that could be worn as easily as hats or, I don’t know, shoes. And what’s more? It doesn’t get old! Sure, maybe you don’t want to dress like a grandmother who lives in the attic every single day of every single week (but why?), but there is something to be said, really, for how uplifting looking at new Gucci clothes can be for your mood. How fresh and novel and exciting they feel even though, frankly, they’re always the same, just turned up a notch every now and then. It is a testament to a new reality pill that fashion is learning how to swallow: every season does not have to reinvent itself. If you are not finished with a concept, that’s okay. Work, meditate, harp on it — play, grow, go with it — until you’re done.

And now for the fun stuff! Look at those damn clothes. Read those damn captions. Pour yourself a glass of eggnog and enjoy. Bless Gucci.

Photos via Vogue Runway.

  • First thing I thought of per your title. I highly recommend listening to this as clicking thru the slideshow.


    • I mean, HELLO, all of these looks are fire

      • Perla

        Couldn’t agree more!

  • ReadER451

    Mind explosion! The boots! The tights! The purses worn as necklaces! Styling is ON POINT. It’s amazing how something so simple like red or double GG tights changes the accessories game.

  • fortinbras

    Can I just say how much I’m loving Gucci this season? Grandma aesthetic is totally my thing! I love Alessandro Michele.

  • 😍 love the uniqueness of each piece