Afropunk: Festival Style Has Never Looked So Good

  • "This is my third year. I come here for the good vibes and the music. The hat was a gift, got it from a friend yesterday. Love a statement choker and I just threw on the dress."

    - Tennille, 23
  • "These are my favorite pieces, I love accessories, my babies my best accessory. This is my first Afropunk, I'm a natural hair stylist so I love it."

    - Cola, 31; Sephia, 3
  • "I was like... In this quarter live crisis... Never been before. My roommate suggested it... He bailed so I had to come. I wanted something that I could dance in, the sides are vented, and its short so I wouldn't flash anyone."

    - Britney Coleman, 25
  • "Andre Leon Talley meets Madonna going to Korea."

    - Bhawk, 25
  • "I designed this, I saw a documentary about these people in the desert, these people come together once ever four years, just reminded me of how we come here once ever year."

    - London Bambi, 35
  • "I really wanted to do something with leather, I have a friend who's a leather make, I love high waist pants and white. The hair... I change it once every three months."

    - Van Williams, 24
  • "70s punk vibes, the culture, Afropunk, artist so it gives me a lot of inspiration.

    - Marcus Bryant, 26
  • "Just comfort in the origins, these are some patterns that originate in afro and Caribbean identity, and i want to feel comfortable wearing those."

    - Monica, 22
  • "I wanted to channel a bit of Egypt, gold all over my body, whimsical and loose."

    - Suliya Giselle, 21
  • "First I handmade the overalls, I was kinda going for relaxed throwback, like TLC kinda big 90s pajamas. I feel like society limits men in their expression of fashion, to rock floral prints as a man is a way to rebel against society's norms."

    - Shahem McLaurin, 22
  • "I was gearing more towards Bohemian flower princess look, they're like $40 shoes. My style is thrifty inexpensive. I just love the union of people from everywhere from different cultures, religions, sex... You can relate to them."

    - Nehemie, 22
  • "I dress similar to this normally, sort of shaman vibes, O had this idea and I had my friend make it for me. I've been coming for the past two years... I honestly never even come for the music, I come to meet people and the style."

    - Michael, 24
  • "Crooklyn meets avatar."

    - Alexandria, 23
  • "It's Carrie Bradshaw meets the fifth element and a gumball machine. I like the celebration of African culture, I'm very proud, a big cee lo. It's like a big party for a big family, I feel like I belong."

    - Amanda Moreau, 26
  • "I saw pieces I like, I'm not from New York so I loved these pants from Plug NYC, the top is from American Dead Stock."

    - Ian, 22; Kiera Please, 22
  • "I did draw from Prince, rip, I'm kinda sick in the early 2000s,I'm obsess with the spice girls, I love Mel B, it was mind-blowing that she was from another country and like you... They all inspire me, just Mel b in particular, since I was 5."

    - Bailey Jay, 22
  • "I've been obsessed with transparency, it reminds me of Beyoncé's forward video so I had to have it. My mom made the pants. This is my third Afropunk, when I first came it was free... I like it because there's no holds on creativity, especially on fashion, and I love people that push the bar."

    - Nicosie, 23
  • "Some 70s energy, African print, silhouette a little masculine, just comfortable. I'm here for Bad Brains."

    - Quintessa, 19
  • "I heard about Afropunk, I went to the thrift store around the corner for $20 and came out with this outfit."

    - Thomas Hill, 19
  • "My look is based on... I'm edgy, super intense, this is how I see every day. I'm going for, since today is Sunday, I'm going for dark girls. Me and my friends call it dead girls, red around the eyes."

    - Raisa, 24
  • "Just a cultural tribal, ethnic influence."

    - Ladene
  • "I'm wearing all Brazilian brands, to represent Brazil, the black people. Small brands trying to enter the bigger market, as a black brand. I love this festival, it's my second time, I love her! It brings so much inspiration, so much life. I love seeing all these black people together. We're all proud to be black and beautiful... To show this up my friend."

    - Maga, 28
  • "I'm just inspired by a lot of dark. Silvery things! Friend made the bracelets, I used to love gold but something drew me to silver."

    - Sashelle Brown, 23
  • "My cultural background as well as buying local... My friend made the earrings, she's a local artist, a Baltimore the skirt is from an African stand in Baltimore, the hat is from a friend Mali."

    - Sandrine Atangana, 27
  • "My inspiration comes from wanting to gather other forms of art, I wanted to recognize where I fit into this bigger piece of an art form. The first impression I had was from a YouTube trailer and that was enough for me... I knew I could fit in."

    - Cena, 19
  • "Apocalyptic gutter punk Tokyo minimal."

    - Kota Eberhardt, 22
  • "I don't see harem pants as much anymore, so I go for it cause it's different... My mom made my clothes... The African tribal print... We're west Indian and my grandmother is from Barbados."

    - Sumayah, 19
  • "I really just wanted to look like... Festival... Afrocentric....i wore my hair naturally for the first time in a while because of this!"

    - Dionna, 26
Simon Chetrit | September 2, 2016

It won’t make you groan even once.

The New York Times has called Afropunk “the most multicultural festival in the US,” and this past weekend it blew through a little town called Brooklyn and re-proved the point, like, 700 times over. I’m not kidding. And you’re going to get proof.

If you haven’t heard of Afropunk, you might be thinking, “Another music festival? What’s the big deal? I’ve seen a flower crown and a daisy duke.” To which I’d say, “Okay, but have you seen this flower crown? And these daisy dukes?”


I mean…

I’m freaking out over these photos, you guys. Afropunk is hyped as having the most batshit insanely gorgeous and amazing street style ever and, as much as I enjoy throwing wet towels on “hype,” this time I’ve found it to be categorically true. These photos are pure and total dessert. Actually? They’re dinner.

Click through above to see and meet some of the people who went this year, read about what inspired their looks and try your best to soak up their imagination through osmosis. You’ll need it for Labor Day.

Photographed by Simon Chetrit; follow him on Instagram @simonzchetrit.


  • Glaur

    So inspiring and beautiful !

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  • Kay

    Wow this was so insanely gorgeous! So many details and yet they still looked casual, such committed looks and yet they were so unforced, so non-precious. Just really really good. Can’t stop flipping thru.

  • I live near the park where Afropunk takes place and every year I get so excited to see the beauty and fashion on my street!

  • Jaclyn Levy

    Wow. This is amazing. I’ve been schooled. Suddenly my “edgy” style feels so normcore. I need to go shopping, stat. Gorgeous, and I loved the stories. Well done, MR.

  • Wow! I love all of the interesting piercings too. I will never understand people who call these cultures ugly. We should celebrate this diversity all year long!

  • I was going to point out the looks I liked and then realized that it was all of them…. everyone looks amazing. and free! no fashion constraints. THIS is how you DIY. (Do It Yourway)

  • Samantha s

    This is one of the best street style articles I’ve seen in a long time…it makes me feel joyful

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    There are so many typos in the picture captions!!!!!

  • Sam

    The photos are FANTASTIC! Amazing style and creativity in every single picture!

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    WTF?????? It’s just more stupid ghetto fabulous!

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    Listen, photo #7 with Bhawk is giving me EVERYTHING. I LOVE that look.