Office Apropos: Summer 2016, Intern Edition

  • Ana, Day 1: Raise your hand if you can’t tell where my skin starts and blouse ends.

    Zara dress and shirt -- similar dress here and shirt here, Nike shoes

    Ana Tellez is our Visuals Intern from Houston, Texas.
  • Catherine, Day 1: I feel like a ballerina in pajamas, ready for bed or the barre.

    Zara shirt, MinkPink shorts, Zara shoes.

    Catherine Boardman is our Social Media Intern from Augusta, Georgia.
  • Dorita, Day 1: Tried to channel my inner Zenon with the help of my grandma's closet. #zetuslepetus

    Vintage Escada shirt -- similar here, Isabel Marant skirt, Helmut Lang shoes, Valentino scarf

    Dorita Kardonski is our Marketing and Community Events Intern from Panama City, Panama.
  • Always wanted my grandmother and best friend to meet. Shout out to Margot for her favorite skirt.

  • Emma, Day 1: This shirt used to be a night gown from Goodwill until I impulsively chopped it in half this morning because YOLO. And while I would like to pretend these pants are the result of wading through a tide pool of pearls on the way to work, honesty is the best policy. I bought them online.

    Nasty Gal pants -- similar embellished style here, vintage top -- similar here, American Apparel shoes -- another mule here

    Emma Grillo is our Editorial Intern from Portland, Oregon.
  • This locket has a piece of my great-great-grandmother’s hair inside, which for some reason no one in my family thought was a weird 18th birthday present.

    Similar necklace here
  • Juliette, Day 1: Patriotic pumpkin up in HEEERE!!!!!

    Vintage dress and shirt, Rag & Bone shoes, vintage YSL scarf

    Juliette Kang is our Visuals Intern from New York, New York.
  • These flowers make me feel so #dEliCAte.
  • Quinn, Day 1: I won't be able to post this outfit on Instagram because there's an exposed nipple on my shirt. It isn't my nip, but who knew Minnie Mouse was that into feminism?

    Geometrick t-shirt, Club Monaco skirt, Adidas shoes, Alexis Bittar ring, Eddie Borgo cuff, Robert Marc glasses

    Quinn Halman is our Editorial Intern from Toronto, Ontario.
  • I got these because I thought my brother would think they're cool.

  • Ana, Day 2: My crocs came in handy while getting photographed next to this puddle of questionable water.

    Zara shirt, Zara pants -- similar here, Ana x San Pellegrino x Crocs collab -- base version here
  • This is the reason I didn't go to senior prom.
  • Catherine, Day 2: This is my flamenco-dancer-meets-proud-to-be-an-American outfit. What can I say? Amelia’s Fourth of July Diet inspired me.

    Zara dress, vintage neck scarf, Rebecca de Ravenel earrings, Stuart Weitzman shoes
  • Earrings = a snowman in his off-season.
  • Dorita, Day 2: I've been experimenting with shapes lately. This is me being rebellious. Hi Mom.

    Baby Blue Line shirt -- similar style here, Carven skirt, Schutz shoes
  • Emma, Day 2: Besides making me look like the milkmaid I am always striving to be, this dress is made out of a quilt which makes it perfect for my all-too frequent subway naps.

    Vintage dress -- similar here, Zara shoes -- MNZ style here
  • Juliette, Day 2: I'm wearing a fancy scarf, but I still complain about things being too bougie.

    Vintage denim shirt -- another here, Topshop skirt, Hermès neck scarf, Dr. Martens shoes
  • I know you probably haven't stepped into Claire's since you last wore a tracksuit, but their earring selection is #fire.
  • Quinn, Day 2: Let this be a lesson: a grey t shirt + a 90 degree day = sweat stains. I tried to cover it up by telling people it was Vetements and ironic, but that didn't work so I posed like this and cried in public which the sunglasses did a good job of covering.

    Acne t-shirt, J.Crew shirt around waist, H&M 2013 Conscious Collection pants -- other floral pants here and here, Céline sunglasses, Converse shoes
  • Ana, Day 3: Flowy dresses for the ~win~.

    Zara dress -- another option here, Zara shoes -- similar here, Ana Tellez specialty hat and bracelet
  • I just gave you another reason to recycle! Turn used soda cans into your next baseball hat. Or just HMU if you want me to make you one.
  • Catherine, Day 3: I look like a cook that just stepped outside after winning a Michelin Star.

    Club Monaco top, After Party Vintage dress, Rebecca Minkoff shoes, Le Specs sunglasses
  • Your phone's favorite sticker.
  • Dorita, Day 3: Ate a pizza after taking this and it ended up not being an all-white outfit.

    Sandro t-shirt, Zara skort -- another skort here and skirt version here, Adidas shoes
  • Lets talk about skorts, baby. I think this is my new favorite piece.

  • Emma, Day 3: When I left the house this morning my roommate told me this shirt made me look like I had a massive case of the uniboobs, which I both took as a compliment and plan to make my email sign-off.

    Vintage skirt -- similar here, vintage tank top -- another here
  • Juliette, Day 3: Shout-out to my mom for supplying me with half of this outfit (scarf and pants). Another shout-out to my mom for being my mom.

    Topshop cami, Barneys New York pants -- J.Crew option here, Hermès scarf, Steve Madden shoes -- similar loafer here
  • The fancy scarf strikes again!
  • Quinn, Day 3: Sometimes it *is* easy being green.

    Club Monaco dress, Converse shoes, Levi's denim jacket, Kenzo necklace
  • Leaving my (paw) print on Man Repeller!
  • Ana, Day 4: Here I am pretending that layering in the New York heat isn't a bad idea.

    Zara romper and jacket, Golden Goose shoes
  • Catherine, Day 4: Do I not look like Lindsay Lohan?

    Vintage DVF top -- another here, Zara pants, Stuart Weitzman shoes
  • Find an outfit that doesn’t look good with these shoes and I’ll call you a liar.
  • Dorita, Day 4: Business Casual meets Minimalist Carmen Miranda?

    The Kooples shirt, Jonathan Simkhai skirt, Schutz shoes
  • Emma, Day 4: The pants are courtesy of my mother being a power lawyer in the '80s, which I started to wear ironically a couple months ago but have quickly become my favorite leg-casings.

    American Apparel top, mom's pants from the '80s -- similar here, Michael Kors shoes
  • Juliette, Day 4: Had to keep my hands warm on this hot summer day and that is why they are both stuffed deep into my skirt pockets.

    Topshop skirt, New Balance shoes
  • Quinn, Day 4: I used to wear this shirt with my school uniform and get detentions because I wouldn't do up my top button. So as you can see, lesson not learned.

    J.Crew top, Levi's jeans, Tom Binns necklace, Manolo Blahnik shoes
  • Do you guys like my peach fuzz?
Haley Nahman | August 3, 2016

This past June, our team grew with the introduction of six shiny new interns. They’re clever, talented, interesting and interested, and also? They come in every day looking so great sometimes we all just stop and stare. It’s super creepy. Naturally, we needed this immortalized via a round two of Summer Office Apropos, Intern Edition. (Remember round one!? Ugh, interns are the coolest.)

Click through above to see how they adorned the bodies below their splendid brains for four days last week and get as into them as we are!

Photographed by Juliette Kang.


  • Charlotte

    “When I left the house this morning my roommate told me this shirt made me look like I had a massive case of the uniboobs, which I both took as a compliment and plan to make my email sign-off”. Brilliant haha!

  • Camila Dauhajre

    “I tried to cover it up by telling people it was Vetements and ironic, but that didn’t work so I posed like this and cried in public which the sunglasses did a good job of covering” – hilarious!

  • Camila Dauhajre

    You should sell MR stickers w/ the hat!

    • Julia Park

      I agree! The one on the phone was great!

  • Andrea Raymer

    Wait. Ana, that hat is sick. I cannot believe you came up with that. You are a genius.

  • Kelsey Moody


  • Franzi

    Thanks to Catherine I went a little crazy on Now I have a shopping bag of 500€ (????!) SHOULD I press “buy”?

  • QUINSTON!!! <3

  • Patty Carnevale


    • Ana Tellez

      You get one for being my #1 fan

      • Cor Blimey

        that’s some really advanced diy stuff right there!

  • Kayla Tanenbaum


  • rachel

    Dorita may be my new style icon

    • Alyssa

      Me too, She just looks so fab! (well all the interns do, wihh I dressed like that every day!)

  • Allie Fasanella

    oh yes. i’m partial to emma guys bc i’ve slept next to her but ya’ll are SOOO COOOL. you guys are just all bringing IT to the table.

  • Allie Fasanella


  • Halle Elizabeth

    where do I sign up to be that cool

  • Rosanna Lederhausen

    ANA–you said to give you a shoutout for the hat, but I’m sooooo interested in your crocs… how do I get a hold of a pair?!?! I mean the hat is dope too so maybe one of each would be great. You are all amazing, thanks for the inspiration!

  • as a current intern at a fashion brand, it’s reassuring to know that other interns wear just as much Zara as I do… <3

  • Y’all should start a DIYer Residency and Ana can kick it off, already setting the bar outta this world. Embroidered crocs and a soda can hat??? Whaaaat

  • Barbara Lannert

    OMG Ana’s soda can hat is the best thing I’ve seen all day- it’s genius!

  • Quinn’s necklace (the last picture) looks like a mini version of Lindsay Lohan’s necklace in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen!!!

  • Alexia Antoniadis

    Quinn , you seem legit. Keep doing ur thing gal xo from New Zealand.

  • kforkarli

    I think Dorita should be a model on here! And I love Quinn. Such fun interns! I hope we see more of them!

  • Amelia Diamond

    Ahhh you guysss

  • nicole

    the San Pellegrino crocs made my whole week…Ana, consider me your next customer!

  • Kelly

    Your interns are amazing! And this makes me wish summer was here already in the Southern Hemisphere.

  • Francine Thompson

    Loving this edition of Office Apropos. Quinn’s style is to die for! And Catherine’s frayed denim/flatforms combo? Almost as good as when you check the weather and you see it’s not going to be boiling hot.

  • Ryan

    Loving this love for zara dresses!!!!

  • Julia Park

    Love, love, love Catherine’s outfit with the stripey dress and ruffled top. So interesting!