Get to Know Team MR: Meet Harling, Social Media Editor (Plus a Week of Her Outfits!)

  • Etro skirt, Delia's tank top (similar here), homemade velvet ribbon choker (DIY your own with this), Tabitha Simmons ankle boots (similar here), Brooks Brothers socks.
  • Last year, I conducted a major internet surfing mission to find a pair of black ankle boots that weren't boring. These were the resulting purchase! I like them so much.
  • This is what Tyra Banks would call "smizing." (Debatable.)
  • Vintage Chanel jacket (similar here), Elie Tahari shirt (similar here), T by Alexander Wang skirt, Paul Green loafers, K. Bell socks, Anthropologie sunglasses (similar here).

  • I think I successfully nailed the look of a math nerd who accidentally got invited to a luncheon.
  • I wear a total of 9 gold rings on my fingers at all times, so I'm basically Captain Jack Sparrow. Most of them are from Catbird and Drift Riot, but my mom designed the ones with the colorful stones.
  • I've been really into the socks-with-loafers look lately. It's the British school boy in me.
  • I bought this AllSaints coat when cocoon coats first became a "thing," and I'm still obsessed.
  • OooOOooh look how many split ends I have!!
  • Theory jacket (similar here), Hanley scarf, sweater & skirt (similar here), Stuart Weitzman boots, NARS lipstick.
  • Confession: I have these boots in two colors. Together, they form the ideal support system for when I don't want to shave but I also don't want to wear tights.
  • Dion Lee sweater, Anthropologie sunglasses (similar here), vintage Chanel skirt (similar here), Topshop booties (similar here).
  • I stole this skirt from my mom. In exchange, I promised her I would never get on a motorcycle with a boy.
  • When you wear a sweater with shoulder-baring wings, you are obligated to spend a large percentage of your day pretending to be an airplane.
  • And here's what the posture of a Social Media Editor looks like!
  • The first story I wrote for Man Repeller was about how my parents co-opted me into being their social media tutor. Perhaps a harbinger of my future job here??
  • Captioning runway Instagrams during fashion month is super fun. I came up with this one while eating a plate of scrambled eggs. Never underestimate the power of protein.
  • When I'm trying to brainstorm a funny Instagram caption, I sometimes just start by thinking of words that are weirdly hilarious to me. (Like chiropractor! Instant comedy gold.)
  • I got to wear this incredibly cool shirt by Azede Jean-Pierre for a #CoolPantsFriday Instagram that I also captioned. Incidentally, this was also the first day I debuted my naturally curly hair at Man Repeller HQ. Sometimes I really love how it looks, but most of the time I'm convinced it looks like a home for birds.
  • I'd only been working at MR for one week when I live-tweeted the Oscars, so it was basically my social media DEBUT. How'd I do?
  • One of the best parts about my job is having a platform to share all my random midday thoughts with a wonderful community of likeminded weirdos.
  • Did you think I was kidding about Melissa McCarthy being my babysitter? Well, joke's on you! I'm the one on the bottom left looking cute as hell. It was all downhill after age 5.
The Writers | March 24, 2016

TWO FOR ONE! And then some!

After you get to know Harling, meet our Graphic Designer, Emily, our Digital Director, Kate, our Managing Editor, Elizabeth, our Audio Engineer, Quazzy, the woman who founded this website, Leandra, our photographer, Krista, senior writer, Amelia and Content Strategist, Yvonne

In honor of career month at Man Repeller, we’re profiling the team so that you can get a better sense of who does what, how this place runs and who the woman is behind the Twitter account. Oh! That’s Harling Ross, by the way. She’s our Social Media Editor, and she’s new. After you read her interview below, check out her week of outfits above. The girl’s not only so weird that we sometimes ask her via our company’s equivalent of AIM what exactly is going on in her brain, she’s got style. Killer combo, no? Meet Harling.

Hey Harling! So what does a Social Media Editor do?

I’m responsible for making MR’s social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr…) feel like distinctively awesome communities where you really want to hang out. A big part of that is figuring out how to deliver our content on these forums in a way that gets you super excited to click on it and talk about it. But I also want each platform to feel like a micro-website-cum-friendship that delivers hilarious/smart/weird/fashion-loving interaction at all hours of the day.

Where were you before this?

I worked at the Estée Lauder Companies as a Social Media Coordinator for the Global Talent division.

What did you go to school for?

To find a husband. (JK I WAS AN ENGLISH MAJOR.)

How did you get started at Man Repeller?

I’ve always been a devoted reader of Man Repeller, but when I say “reader,” I really mean “Kool-Aid drinker.” This site has had such an integral role in shaping how I think about everything from my personal style to my sense of self. That being said, I got my “start” by pitching a story to MR Writers Club, and I contributed a few one-off stories after that.

About a year later, I was offered a full-time position as Social Media Editor! Since starting, I keep thinking about a passage in Not That Kind of Girl where Lena Dunham compares canoodling with her boyfriend for the first time to “dropping my keys on the table after a long trip.” That’s kind of how it felt for me to come work at Man Repeller — like I’m finally getting the opportunity to be where I’m supposed to be and do what I’m supposed to do. It’s a really special thing.

Favorite part of your job?

In terms of my day-to-day, I’m always excited to interact with our Twitter followers, caption weekly themed Instagrams like #MRLunches and live-tweet events like the Oscars. Bigger picture, I really love being part of a company that makes women feel good about themselves.

Least favorite part of your job?

Social media is 24/7, which can be a lot. But I think about it like taking care of a newborn puppy: even though it needs tons of attention (and advance planning), it’s still supremely fun.

What’s one thing that surprised you in your path up until now?

Adult acne!! And career-wise? The importance of working with nice people. I didn’t expect it to be such a game-changer, but it is.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Beyonce’s neck pillow.

What’s one piece of advice you can offer to someone who wants a job like yours?

Develop a personal presence on social media. Follow and interact with people you admire on social platforms you enjoy. Let your freak flag fly freely (and say that 10 times fast).

What’s one piece of advice you have for someone who has no clue what they want to do?

Pick something you’re interested in or good at and start blogging about it. Even if your mom is the only reader.

Tell me something weird about you.

Melissa McCarthy was my babysitter.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Eat lots of avocados. They’re good for your brain cells, which can be helpful for pretty much any occupation.

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis.


  • gleek

    Basically want Harling to be my best friend after reading this.

    • Yvonne Dunlevie

      I actually forced her to be mine….

      • Harling Ross

        Actually you lured me in organically with your love of trendy pasta.

        • Effie Hammond

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    • Harling Ross

      I just mentally mailed you a friendship bracelet.

      • gleek

        Mental mail, old school. I like it.

  • Sonia

    So you’re the one making me pee my pants on twitter!

    • Harling Ross

      That is my ultimate goal in life!!

  • Kurie Fitzgerald

    you must tell more about Melissa McCarthy as babysitter

    • Allie Fasanella

      RT ^^^^^

    • Harling Ross

      It was WAY before she was famous. Like pre-Gilmore Girls. I don’t remember much except that she was definitely hilarious.

  • Completely agree on the whole “working with nice people”. When you first start working, you kind of assume that workplace isn’t going to be “nice” (at least I didn’t). So when I started working with people that were, it was such a relief.

    • Harling Ross

      Yes! When I compare different work experiences I’ve had, the ones where people are nice and like each other are always better-functioning environments. It helps everyone do their job better, I think.

  • A Girl

    ur curly hair rocks !

    • Harling Ross

      Thank you!! It’s a Ross-and-Rachel situation. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Keeps me on my toes.

      • Aydan

        Ahhh that’s the gift of curly hair!!

      • Amelia Diamond


  • Ah, finally! So, as I already (because mistaken identity) told Kate, I really love MRs Twitter presence. I don’t do any other social media so I cannot tell you about these, but I am an avid reader of many Twitter feeds (mostly news & Co.) and always very happy when a MR tweet appears – even if I remember the article/the post behind it.

    So, can we do a “shoulder-baring sweater for soul-baring comment”-swap now? 🙂 (love your style, too)

    • Harling Ross

      So glad to hear that! I want MR tweets to be like a parade of Hershey Kisses waiting to be unwrapped by your eyeballs and enjoyed by your brain.

      • They are and they do 🙂 Well … the bit about Hershey does get lost in translation, what with me living in a German village, but I just had a vision of Twitter Rafaello Kisses and it fits, for a coconut loving Moose, like a … glove? Shoe? Whatever.


  • Yvonne Dunlevie

    Harling’s other fun fact is that she drinks Starbucks coffee because she enjoys the rewards system

  • Elizabeth Tamkin

    Harling has a lot of Chanel and she can wear her hair multiple ways which makes everyone at the office jealous. She’s like a small chic hair chameleon.

    • Harling Ross

      THX ELIZ. please call me that from now on.

  • GUYS! INTRO! “after you get to know Amelia, meet…. Senior writer Amelia.”

    Amelia…. We know you are obsessed w urself and this was stealthy, but it’s Harling’s moment to shine, Ok???!!!!

    • Harling Ross

      It’s probably because she knows I am secretly in the process of taking over identity!! Thanks for the copyedit 🙂

      • OOO u so sci-fi. I remember loving your MR article about social media & ur rents. & ur style is off the hook.

    • Amelia Diamond

      I JUST REALLY NEEDED YOU TO KNOW ME!!!!! (the terrors of copy & paste!)

  • Alessia

    aaaahhh Harling you have my dream job!!

    • Harling Ross

      It IS super dreamy!!

  • Harling, apart from all the other w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l. things you are my smize queeeeen

    • Harling Ross

      I’m working on it! Most of the time in pictures I end up looking like I’m thinking about what to order for lunch.

      • That is also a good one. You could crash a red carpet and do either of those looks and everyone would think you were totes meant to be there, I’m sure

  • Jolie

    Harling, you’re so funny and I love your style. If I ever attain my dream job eating all the leftover snacks from MR shoots, I hope we’ll be best friends. Until then, I look forward to your posts!

    • Harling Ross

      Snack eater is definitely the true dream job at MR. Right now we all kind of share that responsibility.

  • Amie K

    Love this post! ‘Harling’ is such a great name and those looks are all totes amaze.

    • Harling Ross

      Thanks! Usually people think it’s “Harly” at first so I have to say “no, like Darling with an H” and my face turns red.

  • Kath

    Adult acne…I’m crying (in both a haha and very real way)

    • Harling Ross

      It’s allllll too real

  • v

    <3 <3 <3

  • I said that only one of the MR jobs was my dream job but actually all of them are

  • Yo Harling is absolutely killing it as social media director, I love all the MR feeds. I’m loving these get-to-know articles too.

    • Harling Ross

      Thanks, Rachel!! Get excited for a really good one coming up on Tuesday…

  • Senka

    Nice to meet you Harling! Great style you have girl.

  • Milda Zim

    jeez, you guys are all just so cool :))))

  • Pia Sophie

    i remember laughing so hard at that mildred caption! it’s so nice to finally put a face to it! (next to mildred’s)