I Know I’m Married, But Can I Register Again?

  • Coffee mugs are a cool gift, but far more interesting are less functional on a per-use-basis swing coats, like this one by Miu Miu.
  • I don't actually know that I'd wear these, but having the option would be cool. Can they be made winter appropriate with camp socks? At worst, they could serve as book ends.
  • Call it the honeymoon dress your surrogate mother-in-law should be giving you, or simply an easy way to transport yourself from home to work during a warmer month. Isabel Marant Étoile bib-front ruffled dress
  • As for this Gucci coat? Better than a toaster oven.
  • See, this bag from The Row is exactly the kind of item that makes you wonder: do I really need fancy wine glasses? I ask because if you're willing to spend the dollar dollar bills on them, why not just divert the product to something you'll be able to use while drunk or not?
  • This pillow sends the very positive message of: infrequently life has downs, but mostly, it's up, up, up!
  • I'd ask for this Fornasetti bar stool and bring it with me every time I wanted to have a portrait taken. Photos are forever, you know.
  • I would like to never imagine a reality where I don't own this shirt.
  • Now here's a top I can't quite wrap my head around spending $1700 on. Oprah, hook a sister up?
  • Per this ring, I'm not asking you to ask me to marry you -- quite the contrary. I just want an everlasting band of trust to unify us.
  • I would start with this photograph, unframed, to hang on the big white wall I am positive I will one day own. This would be a thoughtful gift to receive from, say, a co-worker or uncle.
  • I'd take this, too.
  • Keep the lamp (+ shade! ) for yourself. I'll take these Oscar de la Renta embellished tassel earrings.
  • Ah, the printed cashmere throw. I'd use this to shield my body while I meditated each morning and think of the gift giver, sending positive waves of energy perpetually til 20-minute cycle do us part.
  • Who needs a table cloth when you can wear this Saint Laurent breton-stripe top?
  • And for he or she who would have opted to buy me a Vitamix? Thank you for being so practical on my behalf! But these Sonia Rykiel cropped high-rise wide-leg jeans will do just fine.
Leandra Medine | February 9, 2016

Let’s say yes. Here’s what I’d buy.

Sometimes I feel like even though I’m 27 and therefore, technically speaking, very much a millennial, I’m not actually getting The Millennial Experience because I got married too soon. Never could I subject myself to the simultaneous ridicule and majesty of app-dating nor could I bask in the solitude of living alone — just me and my Postmates, green smoothies and proclivity for athleisure.

Recently, two of my close friends got engaged and as such are grabbing technology by its virtual horns, manifesting wedding registries using an array of web-based services that are essentially shoppable Pinterest boards wherein you sign up, create a stock list and then watch as your future wedding guests buy you shit.

Now, I know I’m married and that registering again is unconventional and dare I say redundant/selfish/obnoxious, but I often think about what I would request if I could do it again. Carrie Bradshaw truly believed she not only deserved but worked for the Manolo Blahnik heels that she registered for in that episode called “A Woman’s Right to Shoes,” (yes, I just know that, no, I’m not a serial killer) and it is my belief that while plates are helpful, decadent and overpriced, stools for which to interact with your plates are much more satisfying.

Sometimes when I’m tired, or feeling blasé, or pretending that life is a round of Monopoly and the Internet is my board game, I think about what I’d do with its offerings. What would I buy? What would I throw away? Could I cure irritable bowel syndrome?

Here’s what’s on the docket for this round of Indulgent is I. Much the same way Man Repeller author Brittany Berckes pronounced a call-to-action to celebrate the achievements of your peers beyond their nuptials, you should feel comfortable considering this a sort of call-to-action, too. Because, really, if it’s okay to ask people to buy you shit when you’re getting married, what’s so bad about doing the same when you’re not?

Collages by RSTheory.


  • Nicki

    I’d register for…or get married in, really. http://curriculumshop.com/products/maxi-skirt

    • Amelia Diamond

      that skirt is so good

      • Nicki

        I know, right?! It’s all in CAD so way less expensive for US shoppers right now!

  • So I got married last year and I missed out on the whole just put “Amazon.com” as your registry site. A friend did it for a baby shower and I was hooked. I made a wishlist and when people asked me what I wanted for Christmas I simply said check my amazon wishlist! Basically I got everything I wanted for Christmas. I will never not make a wishlist again! =)

  • Stephanie

    I love the first coat, heels, and that shirts cutting was so cute


  • Olivia O

    Those shoes changed my life

  • My panini maker sits in a cabinet and collects dust but shoes? Shoes are forever.


  • maxwell789

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  • Mavis

    I got married last year – well, eloped – and didn’t register for anything because we were both pretty uncomfortable with the idea. As a wedding guest, I adhere to the social codes of conduct but generally find the whole thing kind of icky, to be honest. I heartily agree that if it’s socially acceptable to register for a bunch of “gifts” at all, it should absolutely not be tied to getting hitched. Married, single, dating, divorced: register away. For something exciting please, I’m sick of trying to decide between picnic ware or kitchen ware.