Office Apropos: Summer Intern Edition

  • Emma, Day 1: I wore this exact outfit two days before when I went to the Chelsea Flea market with NY Closet vet, Felicity Sargent. She liked it, so obviously I had to wear it again! Dress, thrifted, Bandana, thrifted, Shoes, Vans.
  • Ella, Day 1: Trying to dress like Pandora, the denim pinafore queen. White t-shirt by Splendid, Overall dress by Reformation, Sneakers by Adidas.
  • Hadley, Day 1: Just admiring my crotch/laces! This is my uniform for the hypothetical boogie boarding team I coach on weekends. Pants, thrifted, Top, Reformation.
  • Shoes, Isabel Marant.
  • Hannah, Day 1: This is my favorite shirt, because sometimes the pattern looks like stars and sometimes it looks like dandruff. Thrifted shirt, similar here. H&M shorts, similar here.
  • Vintage Nine West sandals. Similar here.
  • My awesome sister got me these luggage keys at a flea market in Prague. Similar here. Rather the keys than the suitcase!
  • Hadley, Day 2: Puss in boots dresses as a triple tier wedding cake on picture day! Top, thrifted, Skirt, Isabel Marant.
  • Isaac and I are matching! I found these red hots in the attic because my mom's a cool mom. Shoes, thrifted.
  • Hannah, Day 2: Dress by COS, Slip on sneakers by Zara, Orange lipstick by MAKE.
  • Emma, Day 2: This seafoam, vintage polyester top is one of my favorites. I especially like when a pair of denim cutoffs are peaking out just beneath. The length is a bit awkward! Shirt, thrifted (take from the guys and get a shirt version here!), Shorts, thrifted, Shoes, Vans.
  • Ella, Day 2: This top is supposed to be worn off-the-shoulder, however I much prefer the albino flower vibe when I leave the sleeves as petals. Top by Madewell, Thrifted Levi's cutoffs, D'Orsay flats by Vince.
  • Emma, Day 3: White on white on print (sneakers)! Today was hot, so out came the white separates. I was assisting on a shoot for most of the day, and this outfit proved comfy and airy. Softest t-shirt ever, Bliss and Mischief, Shorts, thrifted. Shoes, Nike.
  • Ella, Day 3: Pop quiz! Am I contemplating waxing my legs or regretting wearing sandals instead of ballet flats? Dress by Reformation, Sandals by Carvela.
  • Dainty jewelry is my true love, especially when it's by Jennifer Meyer or Ariel Gordon.
  • Hannah, Day 3: Cropped t-shirt from Aritzia, ballet-style flats from Urban Outfitters. Roots brought to you by laziness.
  • My favorite culottes from Zara, similar here.
  • Hadley, Day 3: I don't know why I'm a cheeky MF in this shot considering that my feet were a bloody mess after breaking in these new kicks. Thrifted Sweater and jeans, Balenciaga top, and Isabel Marant choker.
  • Lookin' back at it. Sunglasses, Miu Miu.
  • Giamba shoes, similar here.
  • Emma, Day 4: It rained today...good thing I wore my raincoat skirt and towel shirt! Also, it seems I'm a one-trick pony when it comes to the shoe department -- it's a Vans' world, I'm just living in it. Shirt, thrifted. Before and After Surf Skirt, Calle Del Mar (another good minty option here). Shoes, Vans.
  • Hannah, Day 4: My #1 priority with clothes is comfort, so a viscose dress and sneakers are a winning combo. T-shirt dress from & Other Stories, my favorite running shoes from Nike.
  • Hadley, Day 4: That dress had me shoulder leanin' and feelin' flirty! Opening Ceremony sneakers and Goen.J dress.
  • Like Ella, I'm also a fan of dainty jewelry (and yellow!), particularly when paired with my sweatband/bandana. My favorite pieces are by Smith + Mara.
  • Ella, Day 4: Today I'm a vanilla oreo stuffed with a denim filling. T-shirt by American Apparel with embroidery by my friend Cleo, Skirt by Topshop, Sneakers by Adidas.
  • Forever young, forever freckled chocolate chip cookie arms. Parlez-vous français?
The Writers | August 14, 2015

See what our summer interns wore in their iteration of four girls, four days, 16 outfits.

It’s been seven seasons since we first instituted Office Apropos, which means you’ve been able to digest over 100 outfits from the more permanent members of this team. But there are bright stars that shine through our window sills, who come in with summer’s heat and out with the first breeze of fall — and not for nothing, they do it looking pretty fucking cool. So without further ado, we present the first Office Apropos, Summer Intern Edition.

You know da drill, comments and shop links provided in slideshow captions above. Inspiration to be extolled and shared in the community section below.

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis


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  • Savannah

    I’m here for Emma’s first outfit. Love it. Amazing. Yes.

  • “These Vans are made for thrifting, and that’s just what they’ll do…” – Emma’s first single off her new album.

    • Aydan

      that van life though!!

  • Alarive

    Emma is the modern day Chloe Sevigny. That’s all I have to say about that.

  • So many interns, and all with such different and good style. That’s not something you see every day. MR team wins again.

    Josh | The Kentucky Gent

  • ThisPersonSleeps

    That jean skirt is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

  • YOU GUYS!! You guys are so cute.

  • Lyla

    Ella’s Day 3 is perfection

    • Lyla

      Hadley Day 4 is impecable too

  • Hadley’s so fierce.

  • I love the green vinyl skirt on pic 23 & 24. A really daring piece that perfectly fits Emma!

    Great outfits at MR team 😉

  • BK

    Suddenly feel the urge to neatly embroider words on all of my T shirts. I might buy seven and, through needlework, designate one for each day of the week

  • they look like total idiots/homeless people

  • Emma, you are making one hell of a case for daily neckerchiefs.

  • Hadley on Day 3!

  • love these outfits!! interning at man repeller sounds like an internship from heaven! x

  • Andrew B

    Great photoset. Love the interns

    • Thank you so much for this!!!! I really, really love it.

  • Maggie Dickman

    I would just really, REALLY like to raid Emma’s wardrobe please. It’s. Freaking. Amazing. *wishes to be a Man Repeller intern* *clicks my little red heels together*

    Maggie Dickman

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