Because It’s Tuesday and Wet and Maybe You Don’t Know What to Wear

Leandra Medine | June 16, 2015

A recipe to you from us

Sometimes I think of outfits as recipes. You’d never throw a pillar of salt into a fruit bowl, would you? Why, then, would you be led to believe that the perfect antidote for, say, a red cotton flight suit was an electric blue satin jacket? I’ll call it “cinched at the waist” to sound more dramatic.

Of course, in both instances there are resolutions that conceivably move the combinations into genius territory. If you’re adding dark chocolate to your fruit bowl, for example, which is now actually just a set of strawberries, a pinch of sea salt makes a lot of sense, right? And re: that outfit, if you were to pull the jumpsuit down from the neck and tie it around your waist as though it were a pair of pants, adding a plain white tank might make that electric blue jacket stand out like the born-again superstar it probably is.

But they — both recipes and outfits — don’t always need post-conception fixing; sometimes the ingredients are so off that they end up working upon immediate contact. Other times they’re so “right” for each other that they seem almost too obvious. Anticlimactic, even. Through both instances and the manifold additional permutations that evolve, it’s important to remember that unless the product has been sent off into the wild — cooked or worn — there consistently remains the opportunity to edit. To fix. To make it great.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about your Tuesday outfit recipe using mine (which I’m calling Uptown Meatloafer served over Bowery) as a model.

1 teaspoon preppy c/o Gucci Loafers

Countered by

1/4 pound “cool” via Saint Laurent black and metal belt and R13 white denim cut-offs

1 slab uptown safari c/o Max Mara blazer

As dressing over

Graphic t-shirt salad

Garnishes: floral hair piece (for zest!), striped handbag (for digestion).

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis

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  • Love the look!!!
    xo, coco |

  • Lizzy

    But the rain will ruin your pretty suede shoes!

    • one way to think of it, or another: the rain will add character and endearing proclamations of mutual love to the pretty suede shoes!

      • Krista Anna Lewis

        And help them mold to your feet!

      • Yep, agree with this. The first time I wore my white Supergas they got splattered by mud, but I think it shows that they’ve been worn often and loved!

  • I really, really, really love those shorts, Leandra. Especially with the loafers.

    • Aydan

      this makes me realize that my own loafers have been sitting sadly in my closet for too long!!

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  • Clemmy


  • Clemmy

    Such an excellent analogy. Super sweet look, too. Imma borrow even tho its a billion degrees where I am. Works for a laid back office, too.

  • Well you’ve shown us before and you show us again that you can rock a blazer like no one’s business! And balancing the blazer/loafers with those shorts is genius.

  • i love your hair flower! and now also really want to see this electric blue jacket / red flightsuit-tied-at-waist concept in practice.

  • I love this analogy. Beautiful (the outfit and the words).
    xx Lane

  • flower power amiright

  • Flowers in her hair
    Flowers everywhere
    I love the flower girl
    Oh I don’t know just why; she simply caught my eye

  • Lua Jane

    Leopard, furry loaffers+shorts+blazer, garnished with metallic python belt, and a raffia/suede bag is the recipe I’m going with this Tuesday.

  • Dawn

    Sweet – Loafers, Salty – Shorts, Bitter – Jacket, Sour – Graphic Tee.

  • Elizabeth Tamkin

    LOAFERS ftw.

  • Manuela

    Well… in houston I better put my rain boots on! Geez

    xo, Mani

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  • Anova

    Love the outfit! xo Anova

  • The kind of posts from Man Repeller i miss the most..! Keep on posting chic and elegant outfits like this one!

  • Humitivem

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  • ladylisa

    Girl, you really gonna wear those suede Guccis in the rain?