Fruit Salad

Amelia Diamond | July 25, 2014

For your summer closet

Fruits are part of a balanced diet. They are right up there, I suppose, with yogurt and candy. But it wasn’t until Prada put bananas on a button down that we realized — or at least truly believed — that they were part of a balanced wardrobe.

Suddenly it felt like clothes weren’t complete without Dolce & Gabbana’s ripe eggplants, peppers and ready-to-burst tomatoes. Onions technically aren’t a fruit but the designers threw giant red ones in their produce collection too and said, “Let’s make this runway a ceviche, baby!”

Stella McCartney made chests everywhere feel like they were inferior (regardless of size) if they weren’t stamped with lemons or limes. Or grapefruits. And I don’t even like grapefruits — they’re sour and gross — but I’m telling you, a dress just wasn’t a dress without one.

In 2011, Moschino did strawberries. For Spring 14, Stella Jean threw a passionfruit into the mix. And now, if you search, fruits are everywhere — so much so, in fact, that you don’t actually have to search:

There’s this citrus skirt from Isolda, and this dress from Motel Rocks, and this clutch covered in cherries from Edie Parker. If you live in a pineapple under the sea then this dress, these bottoms, and this bag (which is on sale) will feel like home. And if you’re like, “Well I just want to be covered in seafruit,” then you, my friend, are more niche than an Etsy shop that specializes in glass wigs. But I’m not gonna fault you for that — there’s market for glass wigs, and there’s a seafruit shirt somewhere out in the shopperverse.

I tried, by the way, to find a song for this post that pertained to fruit that wasn’t suggestively sexual. Innuendos are funny, but at 9 AM it’s like, no. Apparently peaches are code for uh…you know. And bananas are obvious, and lemons mean “nuts.” Don’t even get me started on watermelon, because I’d prefer to eat this fruit salad with innocent intentions.

So with that, I leave you this, should you want to wear your colorful produce in peace…

And if you still need something to dance to, there’s always, always this:

Put some fruit in your wardrobe and call me in the morning.

Market by Charlotte Fassler, Slideshow by Krista Lewis

  • AleksKop

    Absolutely love the fruit invasion in summer pieces, just gives another reason for true natural colours to burst. Just wandering will it take over the infamous ‘hawaiian’ shirts from fashion loop or not?
    Aleks Kop ‘Wandering Minds’

  • Elizabeth Murdock

    Cool post! xx

    • B.A.D l Blog About Design

      I love this post too! Fruit invasion all the way 🙂

      Check out the B.A.D blog:

  • ee_by_cc

    How about the Papaya song? y’know…”I like papayas, I think that mangoes are sweet…I like bananas, ohhhh but nothing can beat…”

  • Currently Wearing

    Great post! I adore fruit print!


  • Emma Hager

    Ugh I thought the whole drinkin’ watermelon part of “Drunk in Love” was like the one part of the song that wasn’t sexual, until the good Samaritans behind Urban Dictionary informed me that it was THE MOST SEXUALLY EXPLICIT PHRASE OF THE WHOLE DAMN SONG.

    • Charlotte Fassler

      It was a very upsetting day at our office when we learned of this.

      • Emma Hager

        I used to sing that like aloud in class……until the day I didn’t and wish I never had. #HighSchoolRumorMill

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    • Jenna Calderone

      While we’re on the subject of fruit-themed songs, the Wikipedia page about “Peaches” by the Presidents of the United States of America is one of the funniest things I’ve had the pleasure of reading: “The lyrics of “Peaches” discuss a man moving to the country to eat vast quantities of canned peaches at no cost to him. Briefly mentioned is the hard-working American man who cans the peaches
      in a factory downtown. The narrator also speculates that a finger sized
      hole in a singular peach may hold an ideal hiding spot for an ant. He
      then warns the listener; “Look out!” he calls. There’s a finite number
      of free peaches for him. Luckily, that number is in the millions.”

  • Curvily NYC

    The fruitier the better. This summer’s pineapple explosion, in particular, is kind of inexplicable, but I love. it.

  • The Fashann Monster

    The whole hipster/pineapple overload kind of turned me off sartorial fruits but I mist admit; I think I might actually wear that What’s Inside You sweater. Or pretty much anything else from the collection.

    Fek. It’s sold out.
    The Fashann Monster

  • Leandra Medine

    I’m cool as a cucumber in tzatziki

  • Mary

    Perhaps consider changing the title of this post. The phrase “strange fruit” is from a poem–which became the famous song–about lynching and refers to bodies hanging from trees: “Southern trees bear a strange fruit / Blood on the leaves and blood at the root.” So maybe not the most appropriate allusion given the content of this post?

    • kasey

      yes, please change it

      • Amelia Diamond

        Hi Kasey, the title has been changed. Per my comment to Mary, I did not know the actual lyrics nor their context and apologize for not researching this prior to titling the post.

    • janiceproudypy

      I just got paid $7500 working off my computer this month. And if you think that’s cool, my friend has twin toddlers and made over $8k her first month. It feels so good making so much money when other people have to work for so much less. This is what I do…..

      ➜➜➜➜➜➜➜➜➜➜➜➜➜➜➜➜➜➜➜➜➜ PAYRAP.COM

    • Sydney

      I agree. The title is in REAL poor taste. C’mon now…

      • Jade

        Seriously. I can’t believe it hasn’t been changed by now.

    • Jade

      Yes, so glad someone else noticed this and found it disturbing. I was like, Please, no, just NO, do not use this title for an article about pretty clothes with pictures of fruit. Just NO.

      • Amelia Diamond

        Hi Jade, I just commented above to Mary but I would like to let you know as well that the title has been changed. I was absolutely unaware of the lyrics, and of course, their context. I apologize.

    • Amelia Diamond

      Hi Mary, the title has been changed. This was a terrible case of not knowing the context nor the LYRICS of the song. The title has been in my head since I was young, my mother played a lot of Billie Holiday — and had I been aware I would have never made it the title of a blog post. I apologize profusely for the mistake.

      • Jessica

        Thanks Amelia, we appreciate the responsiveness!

  • Lila&Sirena

    I really like the fruity fashion trend! also love fruity inspired manicures, like this watermelon nails here:

    Xo from Mx,

  • Charlotte Fassler

    I used to have capri pant leggings with cherry print on them that looked exactly like the Edie Parker clutch. I always wore them with a shirt with a cartoon baby cow on it just in case you were wondering.

    • Emma Hager

      I was wondering! Do you have a photo, actually? LURVE photos.

  • lavieenliz

    I’m down with some fruit looks!!

  • Tonia Rose

    Fruit prints have officially become a trend- but definitely not the worst type of trend I’ve seen.
    I love color, and these fruity designs offer bursts of summery shades, without being overstated, whilst keeping the style fresh and chic- perfect for the season 🙂 <3.

  • Michelle

    Hehe, I’m excited to try the fruit-prints. Always up for trying a new trend 🙂

    — Michelle |

  • Kandeel

    I just felt the need to bring this vine back (ITS WATERMELONE INSIDE A WATERMELONE)

  • look for the woman

    Oh, I’m not so sure about the title of this post? Maybe not so tasteful…

    • Jade

      That’s an understatement. I can’t believe this got past the editing process. I’m not usually offended by things, but damn, a song about lynching?

      • Amelia Diamond

        Hi Jade, I responded to your original comment above but the song title has been changed and it was my fault as I was unaware of the lyrics and their context, had only been familiar with the title.

    • Amelia Diamond

      Hi there, I was unaware of the song’s lyrics, and therefore their context. The title has been changed.

  • Gigi Gastevich

    Pineapple prints have been EVERYWHERE lately! I thought they were cute at first, but too much, man. Too much. But I love those citrus prints with the fruits and the leaves–so elegant.

    Love, Gigi
    Dolce and Gabriella

  • nicole
  • Nathalia Kalil

    I reeeeeaaaally love all the fruit prints! So inspiring!


  • Allison Weeks

    I am loving all the fruit <3

    Sweet Madame Blue

  • The Crushworthy

    Loving the fruit craze! I’m partial to pineapple print because I think otherwise you run the risk of looking a little dated, but these looks are awesome. On a side note, flamingo print is also amazing.

  • Molly
  • Ronaldo Silva

    oh this brazilian brand is really amazing

  • madison

    Love the fruit print!

  • Shivi Srishti

    Definitely fruits have been the major craze for the summer 14-15 season and i absolutely adore it it adds such a fresh meaning to a dull boring day at office .It actually cured my boss’s grin ;).Well i was wondering which major fruit has been left out from this fashion fruit brigade and it was ‘Mango’ the king of all fruits which was not treated like one !

  • Mariela G. Montero

    Love, love, love your blog and this post, but as myself and others have noticed, your title references an important poem/song in history about the tragedy of lynching (strange fruit = bodies hanging from poplar trees). It would be in poor taste not to change the title of this article, as others have noted. Please change the title of the article. Thank you.

    • Amelia Diamond

      Hi Mariela, thank you for your comment. The title has been changed and I apologize profusely. I knew the title from a Billie Holiday album that my mother always played yet was unaware of the lyrics and the context — had I known, the title would have never been used for this post.

      • Mariela G. Montero


  • Juan

    Citrus living inspiration! I love it. The combination of colors, prints, …everything is perfect. Chic and cool fruits.

    SUIT & TIE:

  • serly

    Great post ! im badly love in bananas dresses
    warm regards serly
    jam tangan pria

  • Kelly Williams


  • heyemjude

    Love this blog but unfollowing because of the title of this post. “Strange Fruit” is a Billie Holiday song about the lynching of black people in the south, not a cute name for an article about fruit prints.

    • Amelia Diamond

      Hi there Heyemjude, I hope you’re able to see this. As I’ve replied to the others above who expressed concern, this was an absolute accident — I only knew the title of the song from an old album my mom used to play. I did not know the lyrics, nor their meaning. I apologize, and the title has been changed.

  • The Sorted Hats

    So fresh and cute! We can’t wait to do our next post about fruity, summer style.

  • heather gilmour

    Haha these fruit inspired clothes are so fun and cute 🙂 Very fresh looks.
    Tenancy cleaning Bromley

  • Ketty

    i love colors of this outfit. really mixture of colors is refreshing.
    Cheap Homecoming Dresses

  • look for the woman

    Amelia, that’s what I thought. Glad it eventually got caught.

  • Elena a

    not sure if those outfits are the best!!!

  • Elena a


  • Shivi Srishti

    This one was really amazing !

  • Designer Era

    fruits are healthy for good health.

  • Gery

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