Plaidurday, Oh Plaidurday

The Writers | December 28, 2013

Too holy for the Gregorian calendar to acknowledge, even.

The only day of the week better than Saturday is one that technically does not fall on the calendar. Or the Gregorian one, at least, and it is called Plaidurday. It occurs every year on the weekend after Christmas and prompts that you click through a slideshow of beautiful people and things not while hungover but rather just because. You are also expected to sing through the bravura of Vampire Weekend’s “Holiday,” constantly replacing the word “holiday” with “plaidurday” until you’ve sung it so many times you have completely lost sense of tonal appropriation.

On the day, you are further expected to dress up in as many layers of the ubiquitous kind-of tartan (often manipulated, replicated, but never successfully duplicated) pattern that your closet currently boasts. Then you are to do a stock check.

How many layers are you wearing? If it is upward of six, you’ve done the print decently proud. If it is less, however, you might want to spend more time watching Jared Leto as Jordan Catalano, or Alexander McQueen as himself and his mental objects (the ones that are revealed as laudable runway models) to determine the manifold additional ways that you too, shall wear thee tartan.

After you’ve completed the math portion of your day, you’re expected to run around yelling “where the fuck is your plaid?” at any uninformed pedestrians who appear to have missed the memo on the historic jour de many checks.

Of course, we would not expect you to celebrate a day (especially one that proposes you demonize the ignorant) that you know nothing about so here is the brief telling of its past events that put the history in the anterior historic:

First, there were the Scots. And then? Then there were the hipsters.

The end. Drops mic. Wear your plaid, send a selfie, call the Man Repeller hotline and break.

Still in the process of discovering plaid? Come join us! And check out plaid pants that make a girl feel like a Saint Laurent skater

  • Amatoria Clothing

    The Grunge photos for Vogue ’92 are so iconic. Love. And Alexander McQueen rules everything. Forever.

  • Kaila

    I thought Plaidurday was in October.

  • The Hipster Housewife

    I’ll be leaving the house in about an hour, in two separate tartan pieces. I know that doesn’t quite qualify, but one of them is a huge blanket of a scarf that does double, nay, triple, duty. Plus, my Isabel Marant for h&m sweater that *finally* came from england via eBay that doesn’t match said scarf at all. But I don’t care, I’m wearing it. Forever. I might even post the outcome on my blog. If you’re lucky.

  • Quinn Halman

    Who doesn’t love plaid?! It’s beyond comfortable and can one can wear it with literally most anything else, even more plaid.

  • Mafalda

    I love plaid, my favourite peace is the Ganni tartan coat, and I just bought the most beautiful tartan shirt.

    Mafalda ❤

  • Josephine Baker
  • 40+

    Everybody likes plaid! Even for this new year’s concert in Vienna (I am from Austria) Vivienne Westwood designed the costumes – naturally a lot of plaid!

  • BougieHippie

    LMAO cute and I was just about to rid my closet of the copious amounts of tartan, prince of whale and buffalo plaid decking my racks.

  • Miss J.
  • Bella

    I wore Tartan today before I even knew about this. It’s like I sensed it.

  • Catherine and Greer

    totally did a plaid post as well although in comparison obviously sucks! loving the Stella McCartney Ad campaign, i too hate it when i jump in the pool with my fave plaid pants on #JUSTGIRLYTHINGS ;)))))))) dont judge but i might selflessly promote myself (HEY YOU! YEAH YOU ROLLING YOUR EYES! WE ALL START SOMEWHERE!!!)

  • Augusta

    Plaaaiiiidurday… In the park… I think it was the fourth of JULLLYYYYYYy.

  • Film
  • Tracey Evelyn

    I especially love plaid with a variety patterns.

  • Violet Davis

    A sideways view of my boyfriend adorned in double plaid. Yes, he’s four pieces short. Forgive him, he’s new to this.


  • SAP Training

    Missed the plaidurday this year.

    Really this is nostalgic to remember.

    mom’s favorite the plaid palette and collars and some times Puritan

    Real fun and nostalgic.

  • Stilstück Manufaktur

    Tartan rules on

  • Dee

    After viewing this slideshow, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need more plaid. a lot more plaid.

  • swashi

    (Aw, how sweet. They made me a holiday. That was really thoughtful.) Plaidurday can happen any time throughout the year, with special dispensation from the proper authorities (Kurt Cobain and Alexander McQueen). If a man repeller is having a truly rotten day and needs to bring that extra oomph into the world, she can pile on the plaid. Or every time an angel gets its wings, extra stripes form upon a man repeller from out of the stars and the ether, creating plaid upon plaid upon plaid. Historians are divided on the mythical origins of Plaidurday. All agree that it is a unique time of joyous celebrations, bacchanal and radiant.

  • ThoughtsofGlam

    I just did a post on checkered and plaid pieces which have been popping up everywhere. I was able to find a great coat for $40 at H&M!

  • chada2
  • Linh Lem

    I love Plaid. It is so cool. Why don’t people like it? It brings us confortable and fashion

  • Kadinamoda.Com

    Lovely inspiration!

    Moda | Cilt Bakımı | Diyet

  • Adrianna

    I’m so hipster, I got a plaid wool winter coat