Chunkier (and Chicer) Than Cheese

The Writers | October 26, 2013

Sit back and relax – it’s Saturday! You can get your shit together on Sunday.

It’s Saturday morning and you’re probably hung over, so why don’t you just rest your sweet-but-huge-ass head back onto that pillow, stay in bed a little while longer and click through this slideshow composed predominantly of gargantuan sweaters (though, fine, there are some photos of a baby-living-out-his-dreams-LITERALLY sprinkled throughout the assemblage), all accrued specifically for this purpose?

Sorry we can’t offer you an iced coffee or Bloody Mary — limited bandwidth.

Oh! Also. Here’s a-too-apropos-it’s-almost-sick song, you know, for atmosphere’s purpose. See you Monday!

[Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood]

Sweaters in Order of Slideshow Appearance: Isabel Marant Sweater via Net-a-Porter, Tibi Turtleneck via Shopbop, Rachel Zoe Cable knit via Shopbop, Acne Sweater via Net-a-Porter, Men’s Sweater via ASOS, Theory Sweater via Matches Fashion, Women’s Sweater via ASOS

  • Charlotte

    Shocked by the Olsen Twins photo. They look so different. Or is that just me?

    • Sarah Rose

      botched plastic surgery

      • Jenny

        more like botched photoshop.

        • Anna Louise

          So quick to judge! Actually, they are fraternal twins, not identical.

          • Sarah Rose

            Yeah, it could be bad photoshop. They just look really flat and colorless. Maybe that´s the new trend.

          • Newborn Fanatic

            What?? Totally thought they were identical!! :O


  • Julie A. Sergel

    Sweetass.. I just got a chunky sweetass sweater down on Orchard for $3. Love these pics..

  • Mafalda

    Oh I love chunky knits so much!

    Mafalda ❤

  • Kristen

    Loved the slideshow but I love you even more for choosing my favourite song as atmosphere music

  • Christina

    god i wish my saturday mornin was like that!

  • Andrew

    I was having a pretty shitty saturday and this completely just cheered me up so thanks

  • Lisa Thomson

    I love a cozy sweater! Great slide show, thank you. Is knitting on trend again? I’m seeing knitting needles everywhere in the hands of young and old.

  • Kim

    That kimono (?) MK is wearing is DIVINE. Amazing photograph.

  • Louise

    I would like them all please.

  • Lauren

    The song with all the gorgeous chunkie knits is the perfect fall sat am read!!!


    Lauren at adorn la femme

  • s

    you had me at leo, and stole my heart with elvis. thanks for the new wallpaper.


  • Sienna

    Oh yeah, it’s definitely sweater weather… The chunkier the better!
    And that song is perfect.

    All love and all fashion


  • princess

    i love all the sweaters ! definitely a must have for me now :)

  • Mojo

    My favorite is the shrug. I have one, but whenever I wear it people ask, “Where’s the rest of your sweater?” I am going to wear a sign with it that says, “See

  • Noisy Rain

    I’m hangover and loving this! x

  • Avery

    ah, the perfect post. sweater inspiration and Sweater Weather.
    I nabbed one of my grandfather’s sweaters when he moved. The color scheme is horrendus. I can’t wait to wear it.

  • Lynn Lehner

    fab post, love your blog!

  • Susannah Bloom

    The Neighborhood is the soundtrack of my fall shopping season.

  • Mallory
  • isida

    Oh the chunky knit sweater- how I love you!

  • CarlotaLMorais

    Such a cool song! now i know what Im going to wear tomorrow! A chunky sweater!!

  • Leandra

    Those sweaters look so cozy and soft!

    So, I was looking through all your posts for like half an hour or so and I just noticed that we have the same name!
    Love your blog!

  • Anna

    Can I live in that sweater with Leo?

  • El Rincón de Mis Alhajas

    An ideal outfit for a hang over day 😉

  • VLBfashionstyleblog

    Ah! The chunky sweater look, one of my favs :)

  • Caitlin Inwood

    Obsessed with The Neighborhood, are they french? Also, the Olsen Twins look pretty badass in that photo.

    Check out my latest post on Sample Sales in NYC:

  • Newborn Fanatic

    All the knits are styled so pretty!! Especially loving the grey knit with the slit pencil skirt. So chic!!
    P.S. The Olsens are seriously so good at pulling off oversized clothing!! No idea how they do it considering they’re so tiny!

  • Nicole

    Love this post :)

  • Susette

    I absolutely love chunky sweaters, and the ones featured in this post are superb. The sweaters are stylish, comfortable, and sexy in such a cool, understated way. There’s something that should be said about a woman who can wear a chunky sweater and skinnies or leggings and still look breathtaking.

    –Susette of

  • williamtviet

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  • Lauren

    I’m in sunny SoCal, though. :(

  • Kadinamoda.Com

    Perfect post for this moment! ❤❤❤