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Today feels a lot the way the opening credits for the Disney TV series Recess looked (Ashley Spinelli, anyone?). I’m inclined to jump out of my window, kick around the first dodge ball I can find and yell, “fuck this! I am out!” Of course, I won’t do that–but it won’t deter from my suggesting that you do.

The beginning of a holiday weekend can be tricky, especially if you’re a pessimist and understand that you’re likely going to have so much fun, it’s going to flash before your eyes and before you can even audibly remember that you forgot to file a W-4 work form at your brand spanking new job where your boss is a cross between Liza Minelli and Alan Greenspan, you’re right back at your desk, gazing ahead at the long road to Friday that appears like three huge orange traffic cones, laughing at your dismay.

This is precisely why I suggest that before you kick that dodge ball and head out wherever it is the vacation weekend may take you, there may be some value in one last scour through the online sales that are likely going to end before you could even say, “wait, 70% off?”

Also, yes. 70% off–in some instances, even more. Consider this abbreviated list of shoe-you-need an early holiday gift to kick start (Prada on foot) the four day rally of fun. Plus, if you order them today, you’ll have something to look forward to when you land back at your desk come Monday.

1. Prada single band satin and metallic sandals, $790, JK, $395.

2. Manolo Blahnik suede slingbacks (and, really now, you can totally wear these to work to assuage your boredom, too), $815. Kidding again, $312.

3. Stuart Weitzman unlikely, woven, flat, seductor, $355. Got you again, they’re $159.

4. Charlotte Olympia printed wedge pumps–they are highly impratical which makes them completely wearable, appropriate and worthy of celebration under every circumstance short of a yoga class. On sale for $462 (which, yes, is a lot, but not compared to their initial $925).

5. You mule-ing? Me too. Narciso Rodriguez and his bevy of backless wedge sandals are the unsung hero of this season’s most underrated trend. They’re practically begging for white pants or your flimsiest, most girly mini dress. $399 at Barney’s.

6. Jimmy Choo presents another opportunity to spend some cash but see decent return in the form of men gawking or at the very least inquiring about the amount of time it takes to get these babies on (I’m picturing this: hey, those look like they take a while to get on, can I buy a drink? How about a little cottage in Nantucket.) $1495–lol, jk, got you again, sucker. $448.

7. Still stuck on mules but with a proclivity toward a stiletto heel, you may want to consider this green number by Jenni Kayne on sale now for $190.

8. Or maybe you prefer a thicker, wooden, rounder heel. Fret not–Rebecca Minkoff has an app (option) for that. $122.

9. Woo! All this banter on high heels is getting me tired! Ask me to show you a mid-heel and I will digitally whip out this Marni sling back–aptly equipped with padded insole. Yours for $240.

10. Not low enough? That’s okay, these, by Pour la Victoire are. And they’re a multi-blend of colors that appreciate summer more than even Christopher Meloni ca. Wet Hot American Summer did. $164.

11. And finally, the a-ha shoe, for the hostess-with-the-mostess with a predilection for trapping ceramic figurines in a gilded, caged heel in Charlotte Olympia’s Birds of Paradise sandals. Originally $1,595, and then $1,068, and now, $801. I know, I know, it ain’t cheap–but didn’t you hear what I said about the trapped ceramic figurine? If ever there was an escapist shoe, this is it.

See, don’t you feel better about the deteriorating weekend already?

Title image care of The Coveteur

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  • All these shoes are so beautiful, and I completely agree with you on how underrated the mule is this season. It’s just such a cool alternative to the simpler, single-sole pumps we’ve seen these season. Don’t get me wrong, the single-sole pump is divine, but the streamlined aesthetic looks great in the Mule form as well. Those green Jenni Kayne ones would be so great with the Katharine Hepburn look of last week. Also in terms of deteriorating weekend, can we talk about how this 4th of July on LI might just continue with the clouds of this week? “Partly cloudy” isn’t that great for summer holidays. Maybe it’ll (it being the weather, or, actually, who knows) will see these shoes and change its mind.

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      It´s intresting to note that the hebrew work “nasa” can mean both “to marry” and “to lift” and “to desire” among many other verbs..

  • mariah serrano

    my mom taught me the word “mule” when I was four and dressing my barbie, I nearly haven’t heard the word until today so thanks for that.

    so yeah i’m totally sitting in my office counting the minutes and you’re my favorite way to not do my jbo. love you 🙂

    • Leandra Medine

      I love you too.

  • FatFreeFashion

    You should moonlight as an Auctioneer- I’m sold! *Off to the shops I go*.


  • The Yuppie Closet

    My favorite posts are sale posts, especially shoes! A girl can never have too many shoes.


  • Elisa Taviti

    Prada sandals are to die for!!!
    I need them in my shoe rack!

    With love
    Elisa – My Fantabulous World

  • I’ll take the Prada. Gorgeous! Seems like every fashion blogger last week wore some version of those gladiator….what do you call those? Just not a big fan 🙂


  • my heart is saying fuck yes and my credit card bill is saying fuck you.


  • Hudson Berry

    So that’s where my priorities are right now. Sex. Specifically with Andy and not with you. But you’re really nice, I mean everybody thinks so.

  • monkeyshines

    fantastic pairs!


  • Vestiaire Collective

    Those Marni’s are amazing!…along with every other shoe on here, I mean come on.
    Great picks
    Vestiaire Collective

  • The Jimmy Choos are cool!


  • Elle m

    Hi can you email me the sizes and how to pay? My email is ellemiclat@me.com thanks!

  • Kathy Jacobsma

    Charlotte Olympia Birds of Paradise!
    brb going to take my credit card out of the freezer now.

  • ericaparkenglund

    Can you tell me the length of the Ostwald Helgason dress?

    • Leandra Medine

      about two and a half/three inches above knee. i actually have two of that dress (which is why I’m selling one) — it’s a good one!

  • Somebody from Somewhere
  • All That She Wants

    Love the Charlotte Olympia wedges! x


  • brunetteletters

    You’re the best distraction at my job…love reading this.

    • Katherine

      took the words out of my mouth and now i am OUT!

  • Samesies.

  • Tani Fujimoto

    oh my this is dangerous! The pradas, the weitzman’s and the minkoffs for sure!


  • Broke_Beautiful

    Anything but muuuulllleeesss! :[

  • The Provoker

    Thanks for the heads up, so cool with those charlotte wedges, I want I want! And yes, I too share your pessimism before the fun started knowing it will flash so fast by you you end up wondering how did I spend so much money on such a small burst of joy, kind of like drugs…. jk. Btw, I just posted my new outfit post featuring the most provoking
    sneakers I’ve found, who says comfort shoes can’t be provoking hahaa!

    xx The Provoker

  • I want the mules!! *sigh* oh when will i be able to afford all these goodies? 😀


  • CarolinaG

    I loved it!!!!!!!

    I’m posting looks from Los Angeles and accessories:


  • great post! you can never have too many shoes, can you? you might want to take a look at my post about jewelry and accessories?


    have a great day!

  • ED

    i am presently wearing the RM mules (#8)… oh joyous day

    • Leandra Medine

      Zing! You win.

  • Paula McClelland

    Thank you – I mean it. That is all

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.