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May 10, 2013

Three generations of Medine women talk Mother’s Day

Video by Aram Bedrossian

Happy Mother’s Day to the women who made us.

  • mothersday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    haha thats an awesome video! hilarious!

  • ashley loves leandrasgrandma

    lmfao you grandma is fucking awesome!

  • mint_maison

    Your grandma is just fabulous… and sassy (fabulously sassy?). After this all I want to do is say ‘ballsack’ to my mum. Repeatedly.

    • Francesca Butcher

      Definitely fabulously sassy, amazing family x

    • Ashley

      Who are you hu?

    • Ashley

      What phone have you got

    • Ashley


    • Ashley


    • Ashley

      Shut up then!♥♡ whos your girl me maybe

  • beautyandtheb

    love this!!! the outtake at the end was the best!!!

    B xx

  • Sarah

    I second the ballsack question

  • Sarah


  • Didi Ramirez

    The looks they give you are priceless, Leandra! After one of your comments they give you this look that says, “What on earth am I going to do with her???” haha but you are very fortunate to come from such fine ladies!

  • Project Style

    Your mum is beautiful! Amazing women power!

  • Hudson Berry

    I think your grandma is my spirit animal

  • Heather P.

    I think if your grandmother and my grandmother got drunk together, they’d have a fabulous time. Oh, and any opportunity to say ball sack in front of family is a worthwhile opportunity to me. :-)

  • Athena B

    Haha that was amazing!

    xx, Athena!

  • Alice

    your grandmother is outrageous! Your personality definitely descends from her

  • Guest

    this is awesome, i love it!

  • abigail lind

    “c’est quoi un ballsac” is probably the quote of the century. more people need to join the crusade to educate grandmas about ballsacs.


  • Paperstarz

    Wow, your mom looks great! I thought she was your slightly older sister! (Maybe 3 yrs older.) No joke!

  • Belén Cavas Hernández
  • Fashion Snag

    I love your grandmother!

  • Belén Cavas Hernández
  • Reptilia

    You look so natural and funny!! LOVE this video a lot because you show us a very important part of your life!! GREAT!


  • Bloomaglow

    Amazeballs!!! Loved it so much! Grandma is so sassy, she called you a b***. Anyways now I see where you got it from. The sacs part, could not agree more haha

  • monkeyshines
  • Songarin

    “Liar. I love gifts!” – Grandma Leyla. So much winning. Loved this.

  • Styleclouds

    I loooove that video!! I had such a great time watching it!! xo, Christina


  • Katerina

    Hahaha!! Great video!! Love it!!

  • Sheena

    “I feel like I actually came out of grandma by osmosis” BEST THING I’VE HEARD ALL DAY! Honestly, that was amazing. I understand why you’re such a cool person now. You’re mum and grandma are hilarious and beautiful!

  • Angeli

    Did your grandmother call you a bitch?!

  • Velvet Jar

    You are definitely a combination of your mother and your grandmother, sweet and fiesty. Your grandmother is amazing.

  • cihem

    Love this video, it s so cool

  • jaclyn

    lol LOVE

    check my blog:

  • Anna Carolina Torres

    hahahahahahaaaaaaa! Now we all see where you got your sense of humor from! lol your grandma is awesome! hahhahahahahah

  • Domonique

    I could literally watch you guys chitter chatter all day :)

    p.s You’re totally gonna be like your Grandma when you get older!

  • Soledad Moran

    Why is that every mother in the world answers the same way to the million dollar question?

    • Violeta Marniku

      Well, probably because it’s true :)

  • Leslie T.

    Your mother and grandmother are fantastic! I think you’re grandmother is quite the jokester too :)

  • brunetteletters

    your mom looks really young! i love your grandma!

    Brunette Letters Blog

  • Lydia

    “…….. Bitch ..” Haha, what an awesome grandmother and mother you have! Drop dead gorgeous both of them (and you too of course).. -


    Nice video

  • Ritika Mahendru

    Amazing family!! Hilarious.. now we get it, where did you get it all from!!

  • Gudule

    I love your grandma.

  • Amanda

    <3 <3 <3 <3

  • M

    you re so cute!!!! n so is ur mom n grandma :)

  • rach xo

    i can see where you are you from those two fab women. i also agree you could be your grandmas kid! i think i might be my grandmas kid as well sometimes. haha awesome video.

  • illy harlah

    My goodness, first I fell for you, then your mama, and now your Bubs, you’ve been blessed with wonderful women in your life!

  • WNY

    So cool this! Happy mothers day!!

  • joanna

    -C’est quoi un “ballsack”? The question you don’t expect to hear from your grandma.

  • anna effe milano

    you should make a video about your grandmother…j’adore.

  • Manuela

    I really thought you were with your mum and sister at the beginning! Your grandma remembers me so much about mine, I miss her.

  • Cirque de l’Atelier

    My nipples are a lot of things, flexible furtive fruitful, but not futile.

  • Adrienne

    So cute. Your mom is gorgeous.

  • Amanda Perry
  • Michele

    In love with your grandmother! Where is she from?

    • =^..^=

      I think Grandma Leyla grew up in Iran (?)

    • Leandra Medine

      She is from Turkey!

  • Alba B.

    I don’t know what to write on here because I remained speechless, with a big smile on my face.

    I think this was a really unique surprising wish you made to all the mums. Thank you Leandra. I hope one day you will be a mum, despite the unwilling attitude of not having babies now, your inner repellent soul indirectly is some how struggling to express this will. And I am pretty sure you are asking how I understand this, just configure yourself and exactly your words on your mothers mouth just saying to the granny:”oh well I don’t want to have kids!!!”(many years ago), you wouldn’t be here to show us this video and I (and all the rest of your followers) wouldn’t be here to follow you @ manrepeller with a big smile on my (our) faces.

    Last but not least what insight I got from this video that the Ladies of your family are just the result of L like Love, Layla, Laura and Leandra ups I think the last one you already know better than me!!!!

  • Marina Martinez


  • =^..^=

    Yo, Sis: you should feature mom & grandmom in future video convos !

    You could call it: “Meeting the Medines” or “L Cubed” or something … : D

    • María Belén Acosta Meana

      Hahaha, “Keeping up with the Medines” and “Leandra, Laura and Leyla take the South of France” when you go on to a family trip. Sorry, I had to say it.
      Btw, are you planning to call your children with “L” names? That would be so funny.

  • Angela Dissected

    I watched to the very last second knowing there’d be more witty Medine moments. Totally worth it.
    And your voice is exactly like your mother’s. I bet you had some awkward moments in your childhood with friends calling you at home.
    Great job on the video.

  • Emma Hager

    Leandra! This video is wonderful. I think it is so candid and lovely. First off, it’s always great to see generations of women around together, sharing stories. My grandmother (mother’s mother) died a few years back after a battle with cancer, and this video reminded me of her. In many ways, your grandmother reminds me of my grandmother, especially so due to the frankeness and wisdom that seems to back every witty remark. My grandmother had a sense of humor that could make anyone laugh and she took no, um, bullshit, either. Yet, she was still there when I needed to talk, or to cry, or to seek advice. I think that what you’ve caputured in those three minutes accurately portrays that greater for those close connections we have with other women in our lives. Your family seems incredibly fun to be around, and they seem to hold interesting stories, from what I gather about your saying the places they’ve grown up and traveled. Happy Mother’s Day to you guys — tell Leyla and Laura that too (since, now, I feel I know the Medine Three).

  • Dandy,

    how awesome are grandma’s!


  • Costume De Rigueur

    kala (ooook)…your grandma is soooooo coool!! I love her ! I wanna be her grandchild tooo…. to have her with me all the time and enjoy her talking!! give mama and grandma a biiig kiss!


  • kerrin
  • Fellow Threads

    This is hysterical. I watched it this morning while I let my dogs out, and I hope my neighbors heard me manically laughing. Your grandma is the best. I don’t like to be refused either. I also didn’t realize, until this video, that your mom has an accent. You really do learn something new every day.

  • Eunjinius

    love this video!!!!! <3

  • Belu Lopez Chamba

    your mother seems to have some Latina genes, is that so?
    Btw, the ballsack comment, brilliant.

  • Ashley

    That video sucks I hate it not so sex

  • Nico
  • JSchiff


  • Greer Clarke

    dammit i thought you were going to announce that youre going to be a mother at the end of it

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  • Irina Tone

    The grandma kills it. She needs her own blog section on MR.

  • Clemence

    I didn’t know that your grand mother was french so now I understand why you have such a good style!!! Love the video, so charming!

  • Fabita Punk


  • Dust Dusturbance

    in more natural order of things, we’d seen this video before we saw you outing in underwear or visualizing you self-waxing. but, thanks anyway. for a motherless child, this was a valuable experience, because mother’s day wasn’t a big thing while my mother was alive and i always observed it from outside with ignorant smirk.
    now i know it can be fun.

  • Oliver Lips

    Hahahha this video is hilarious! :D

    Love y’all :3

  • Think Incognito

    I think I fell in love with your grandma, she seems to be a woman with a good sense of humor, I can see now why you are like you are : Hilarious :).

    Shug Avery of Incognito

  • Scandinista

    Your grandma is amazing! Triplets are a great way to ease yourself into having kids.

  • Sabah A

    Your mother is so cute. She radiates a really warm energy. xx

  • fridaregeheim

    I freaking love this. Three fabulous women.

  • sam

    LOVE this!

  • amanda

    best post ever.

  • Steve

    I’m shocked, the woman left in the picture, that’s really your mother? That’s must be your sister, isn’t? Holy…

  • Steve

    sorry, i was wrong, right in the Picture, that’s your mother, xcuse me…. but still incredible…

  • Emma Kepley

    You need to just have a video a week with a conversation with your grandmother and mother….HILARIOUS. Love you


  • María Belén Acosta Meana

    OMG! I love the video! You three together are so cute and hilarious! And your grandma totally rocks! Is that the grandmother who gave you all your amazing vintage designer items? I bet she is, as you both love gifts :)

    Please, visit my recently started blog! I have just decided to write in English as well as in Spanish so all of you can understand!



  • speakingoffashion

    What a treat to have a glimpse into your life! Thank you for sharing the fabulous women in your life! xx

  • speakingoffashion

    Thank you for sharing the women in your life. What a treat! xx

  • Jasmine Alvarez

    So cute! Love your family..fabulous

  • MGF

    Best video and soundtrack EVER !
    I m in love with your grand ma

  • Lee

    they are so SOOOO gorgeous!!!! I want your mother and gradma for me!

  • Mariachiara

    More conversations with your grandma, pleeeease!!

  • Jack

    this is funny hehe :D

    love it !

  • Wellington

    hahahaha your grandma is amazing! I’m a triplet, so I also found that comment funny! :D you’ve got a great family! :) X

  • Emma

    Where did you get your blouse??

  • Emma

    Does anyone know where that blouse is from??

    • Leandra Medine

      That blouse is Isabel Marant–apologies for the late response!