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The imminent CFDA awards, celebrating American fashion talent and stuff like that


If I had to guess, I’d imagine CFDA stands for Certifiably Fancy Danish Apples. As luck would have it, though, this is not a guessing game and we can likely declare in unison that the Council of Fashion Designers of America knows nothing about Danish Apples. (Unless it does, in which case I apologize.) What’s certain, though, is that the council has an award ceremony on the imminent horizon.

In honor of June 3’s CFDA awards, and several of the supremely talented American designers being nominated to officially stake their respective claims as integral industry fixtures, here is an outfit that celebrates four of the eighteen nominees. Mathematically, I know this only amounts to a small fraction of the nominees, and I am wholly aware that this could have been far more interesting if I’d tried to style a look with eighteen different garments/accessories from all eighteen of the nominated designers. But when you’ve got Thom Browne cloaked over your shoulders, does any of that even really matter?

After all, there are really only six award categories – Menswear, Womenswear, and Accessories Designer of The Year, and the Swarovski Awards for Menswear, Womenswear, and Accessories – and four out of six ain’t half bad. In addition to the coat (Thom Browne has been nominated as a Menswear Designer of The Year and as such, I wear one of his mens coats delicately laced in red, white and blue stripes), I wear a black leather and orange dress by Creatures of The Wind (designers Shane Gabier and Christopher Peters are up for the Swarovski Award for Womenswear) adorned with beads and rocks and needlepoint work. Under said dress, I wear a blue and white Suno blouse featuring orange and green embroidery (Max Osterweis and Erin Beatty are nominees for the Swarovski Award for Womenwear), and a Pamela Love choker (Pamela Love’s in the running for the Swarovski Award for Accessories). Styled together in the spirit of ‘Hey, everyone’s a winner.’

Now, I’m not sure if you’ve figured this out yet, but the slideshow deliberately starts with a right leg kick to – yes – quite literally kickoff the weekend that comes just before the annual ceremony. If you’ve been unable to procure a ticket, don’t fret, Style.com‘s airing the broadcast on Tuesday. We can make like the Met and critique then. In the mean time, neat outfit?

Photos by Naomi Shon (sandals by Jimmy Choo)

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  • Irene Laura
  • Nico
  • contentnet

    are we tired of .gifs?

  • monkeyshines
  • Natali

    Amazing coat and shoes!


  • Lauren Lynch

    Love the shoes, who are they by?

    • Hudson Berry

      Jimmy Choo

  • Sharon___StyleChameleon

    Very cool skirt!



  • Well. P.

    love this silhuete



  • Those shoes are everything.


  • Amazing heels! <3
    Fashion Landscape

  • Oliver Lips

    It already now looks like you are wearing slightly too much. Can’t imagine myself how you’d look with all 18 designers… 😉 That having been said, the garments are really beautiful!


  • Samantha

    I would be sweating.


    That is the definition of “too much shit together, for real”.

  • Katerina

    Those shoes are just perfect! And the jacket? I don’t even think you needed anything else other than the two! All in all, nice outfit 😉


    • Tavoya Conover

      the jacket and shoes would have made an great look. add a large leather belt and your there.

  • maud.schellekens

    Great shots, love it!

    XOXO Maud





  • a.n.a.l.u

    Sorry, i can`t see anything but your shoes! So perfect.


  • I love that chockers are back! They add such an edge to any outfit!
    Dee http://hautefrugalista.com

  • Opposite Lipstick
  • Stephanie

    SHOES!!! gimme 🙂



  • whether or not the designers win, this outfit is a win for mankind in general.


  • Captive Louise

    That dress is very…oddly constructed.


  • The Fashion Fraction

    oh my good. I love this feakin cool outfit!



  • Jennifer

    Loving these!

    xo Jennifer


  • Passant Adel

    oh F*ck this dress!

  • Eileen

    Though I’m sweating just by looking at it (it’s in the 80s at where I live), your outfit is boss.

  • Somebody from Somewhere

    Wow! These are such a gorgeous shoes and skirt!


  • ASULikeIt

    Leandra, thank you so much for wearing the nominees. You make Thom Browne awesome per usual, but that neck piece/warrior plate is my favorite. Congratulations on your book!

  • Leandra! You look beautiful in these photos, and this is arguably one of my favorite outfits that you have worn! Something about the proportions and colors is just feeling very right today.

  • jaclyn

    The outfit… yea I love it! It’s magical or in your words neat.

    check my blog:http://stylevolver.blogspot.com

  • abbeyoconnell1

    Now THAT’S an outfit.

  • cor

    Tom Browne*

  • Shammara Lawrence

    Thank you Leandra for always remaining true to yourself through everything you have experienced. Trust me, one day we will meet and work together, to spread positivity and new insights within the fashion industry.


  • Pilisstyle

    I just find out I can go through the pictures just to clicking on that main one. I shouldn’t be commenting in this hour anymore..

  • bloomaglow

    I have to say something that has nothing to do with this post…. and kind of does

    I truly love your blog, but not just because of your original take in fashion, but essentially in life. Even though my style is very different {as I probably would not dare to wear a lot of the pieces you wear- in one outfit} I can still appreciate your style. I just find myself drawn to this site. You are an artist.Hilarious. Always looking forward to a good laugh {my favorite been the post for mothers day} You are A true inspiration that dignify the meaning of self-expression. Thank you for your original content and original self.

    That said I truly love this outfit and would probably-maybe-wear it!!


  • Lust Covet Desire

    I want your Thom Browne!


  • Rose

    you’re totally pregnant. get. it. girl.

  • Reyes
  • Samyukta

    The necklace ♥

  • Belén Cavas Hernández

    Amazing look, you are fantastic. I want your closet right now!!!

    Muackkks, happy weekend.


  • Natalia Dominguez

    This outfit is out of control. You seriously are a beast when it comes to layering. F$%^ing amazing.

  • Nimoca Blog

    So many clashing prints I’m in heaven!


  • Adrianna Alejandra

    Holy god. How did you survive in the goddamned heat with multiple, glorious layers?

  • Damn awesome sandals and choker! 😀


  • ana romero
  • LabellaLuxe Boutique

    Love your shoes!

  • Tavoya Conover

    Yes cool outfit indeed. those shoes my friend are everything! Yes CFDA awards are quite exciting. I will one day be able to secure an invite. I’ll just go ahead and put that into the universe. Until that day I will continue in my regular consumption of manrepeller post.

  • lubica

    I adore your shoes…


  • Jane Joe

    Thankyou for doing a post on the CFDA awards!

    Maybe as a future post suggestion, you could maybe shine the spotlight on some up an coming designers? I’m sure there is no shortage of talent there in New York.

    We are ourselves are blogging about the trials and tribulations of launching our own label.

  • disqus_p2It0qT232

    What about the rest of this outfit?
    Skirt, leather(like) vest ID?

  • Chic Trends

    Oh, Man Reppellar, what don’t you wear well? Yes, your outfit is neat.

    Thanks for the visual candy, x http://chictrends.co.uk/

  • antapal.blogspot.gr

    Love,love,love the look!

  • Alba B.

    How come it’s possible with you leandra that you can were the same thing for the umpteenth time and will always look NEW and GREAT on you?!!!


  • Your layering powers astound me.

  • OMG love your shoes

    Lots of love,

    April Fashionreports


  • Marissa Klurstein

    Because I am currently on the page of showing you cool vintage editorial images resembling your footwear choices of today (ok, not today, of the month of May), I share this gem with you. Also note the quasi-resemblance of the right-hand shoes and your mustard yellow de la Renta mules.

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    Amazing look….love your shoes online…

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  • rk jain

    Love the shoos and skirt is very much of tribal style


  • those shoes are amazing