Take me to L.A.

Leandra Medine | March 19, 2013

Raf Simons’ first ready-to-wear collection is launching at Maxfield and I’d be damned if I missed that.


collaborative series with Christian Dior.

When Dorothy clicks her red slippers, she ends up at home. When I click together these rose-gold, metallic pumps, I turn up in Los Angeles, fully clothed in Christian Dior ready-to-wear care of Raf Simons, which — no offense to L. Frank Baum — seems to cultivate a far better storyline. Doesn’t it?

Today in the second of a three-part series for Man Repeller celebrating the launch of Raf Simons’ first ready-to-wear collection for Christian Dior, we’re taking to L.A., where Maxfield is planting its own stamp on the collection and celebrating their unapologetic, California-flavored interpretation of Simons’ artistry for the House of Dior.

I am historically fascinated by the inconspicuous and yet huge culture gap between New York and L.A. When put up against one another, the two fast-pace cities seemingly have more in common with each other than they do with a generous plethora of other American cities. Ask an L.A native if he or she is from New York, though, or reverse that question and ask a New Yorker if he or she is from L.A., and watch the small fractions of earth under which we stand, erupt in a fury of angry defense. What is it about that disconnect? In trying to figure it out, I commissioned the phantom help of something I do (kind of) understand: fashion–and more specifically, Raf Simons’ impact on it.


In working with Jeffrey last February to celebrate their launch for Simons’ first collection, I unintentionally found myself analyzing the merchandise they’d strategically chose to stock from the Spring/Summer collection. I saw black shorts, jackets, and suits aplenty, coalesced together with some of those phenomenally bright, two tone silk high-low blouses, and the sporadic punch of a pink dress, (which was arguably made for any woman looking to moonlight as The First Lady, in my humble opinion). The Jeffrey take on Simons’ clothes seemed rather New York.

Naturally, when I learned the same collection would be receiving the royal welcome treatment from L.A. too, I had to wonder if that merchandise could seem rather L.A., too. In making assumptions regarding the way in which Maxfield would approach the threads, I figured there would be a lot color and far fewer of the more business (albeit business-fancy) adept silhouettes.


My findings? I was right about the silhouettes–the Maxfield offerings will include more dresses–but not so much about the color. Has the majesty of layering not percolated through the west coast yet? Maybe L.A. is more geared toward dressing its consumer in one stop shop dresses. Franky, though, if the dresses look like this (which, they do,) maybe they’ve been doing it right and (to put my New York ego to rest) we’re maybe, just maybe, doing it wrong?




Or maybe the thing about Christian Dior is that you can’t tie the clothes to location. They transcend the boundaries of geography.


And, fine, full disclosure: I know I might be bastardizing the majesty of this dress but it frankly wouldn’t feel right to keep cut-offs out of any divisive equation where L.A. is the dominant quotient.

Christian Dior dress, Levi’s shorts, Tabitha Simmons shoes. Photos via Vogue and by Naomi Shon. Part 2 in a three-part collaborative series with Christian Dior.

  • Reptilia

    LOVE your dress!!



  • Anita Young

    Not sure if you’ll be repelling any men in that get up! 😉

  • http://dallianceswithsuitsandskirts.blogspot.com/ blue roses

    technically, in baum’s book, her slippers were silver. they were changed for the film to be ruby red, i suspect to pump up the excitement for technicolor…. still, your analogy holds up well, LA and Oz are both trippy.

    • Leandra Medine

      Zing! You teach me something new EVERY SINGLE DAY.

      • http://dallianceswithsuitsandskirts.blogspot.com/ blue roses

        did not intend for that to sound harshly pedantic, but, it is an interesting fact for those who have not read the book or read it years ago as a child; the ruby red slipper are so iconic! enjoy LA’s sun, the northeast is still melting the snow….

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    Love the dress!!

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    The shoes are amazing, but I love everything in this post! So female and cool!


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    Phwoar girl! You hawt. I can’t believe you have those Tabitha Simmons heels – They’re divine! #Well_jel.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

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    Really love the shoes, great photos thanks for sharing!



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    Love your edgy chic look! WOW! Your shoes!!!

    See you in my blog, maybe.




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    Those gold shoes are KILLER!

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    That dress is so weird and beautiful! I love it, and it looks great on you! The Trend Upsetter

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    Cor blimey.

    Fashion Dawgs

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    The shorts could be an homage to Tobias on Arrested Development… Never-nude

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    Love this playful look Leandra! Check out my latest blog post http://dcstyleboard.blogspot.com/2013/03/white.html

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    Hey Girl Hey, welcome to LA!

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    Never Nude Dior Style. Love it. Werq.

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    That is a pretty fabulous dress!

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    i love that peek of pattern and pleat on your coat!


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    Stunnin’ heels!

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    love both pair of shoes!

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    Fab dress…I love the colourful little splash of colour!…Great with the shorts!…xv


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    I love your edgy style and fashion fun! Your work seems so effortless and natural 🙂 And! I love that blazer dress. Too cute!! http://missfoxine.wordpress.com/

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    That coat/dress is amazing, all very New York whilst the shorts are very LA. Maybe you’re right, Dior is just so fantastic that the boundaries of geography cannot be applied

    x karen


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    Genial el post, me ha gustado mucho!!
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    I love that you paired that fancy dress with denim shorts. sheer perfection!


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    surprised to see ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ used when referring to fashion

    and damn Nora for getting to the never nude comment first.

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    Fabulous dress! and great article xx

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    ooooohhhh, you sweetie! and I made the same with Longblazers, since I was 14 – waering a jeans shorts under it – just to tell my mom, that I am not naked running around 🙂 aaaahhh, good memory!
    Cheers from Switzerland!

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    the dior collection was really beautiful and i’m sure that some will have the same opinion in L.A.

    new outfit post !

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    i love the dress !




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    I was in shock when I saw you in the fitst picture with the dress fully closed…. Not you at all… But there was the surprise like you always pull off: the denim shorts…… There I started Liking it!! But the best part are still the beautiful shiny Dior pumps which just ooze elegance! I’m sure you pull them of best wearing them with slouchy ripped boyfriend jeans!!! Suits you best!!!!! By the way…. Love your sense of humor!!

  • http://twitter.com/Liquorice_Pumps Louise Elisabeth

    Amazing shoes, we have the same rivalry over here in the netherlands between rotterdam and amsterdam (that is a 45 min train ride :p)

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    Two beautiful cosmopolitan unique cities i wouldnt mind to be one step closer. Gorgeous dress!


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    great dress, but those denim shorts are awful. Not because their denim but how they fit on you and the bleaching and fraying.

    • Manon

      but they do avoid a major double wardrobe malfunction!

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    that last shot of you is priceless. love that number with a pair of denim cut offs


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    This is not man-repeller, this is man-hellocomehereth! Even I’m wondering if you’re wearing a bra underneath! o.o



    • Ivyanna Adams

      ahahha, I agree..certainly is not a man-repeller. The dress is very cute and clicking your feet and arriving in LA sounds much better than Kansas. Do I sense a remake?….



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    killer coat. x

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    Ha! Love the last pic… the cutoff under your Dior, amazing!

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    this is the best work you’ve done. like, whoa style.


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    Oh yeah you rock it with your shoes gal !

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    Cool observation about great outfits and location! That’s why it is sometimes better to be overdressed than underdressed:-)
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    The dress if fab! You are definitely not Man Repellin’ in it! I freakin’ love those denim cutoffs (I have 20 and still feel like I need more). What brand are they?

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    Lol I like how you associate LA with cut-offs. I rather like it with the shorts! Oh and cannot sotp looking at that cuff with the black dress!


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