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Leandra Medine | January 21, 2013

Buy now, wear forever. 4-Eva.

Does anyone else in this chatroom suffer from that illness in which you fall so deeply in love with something, you almost have no choice but to over-saturate, stimulate, expose, and exhaust it so wholly that within an approximate two week period, you hate said something all the same? My friend calls this Peanut Butter Syndrome, which is that thing (said to the tone of Bill Haider’s voice as Stefan on Weekend Update,) when you get home everyday, eager to do nothing but lift a soup spoon from your cutlery drawer, twist open that extra crunchy Jif (or, you know, 365 a la Whole Foods), dip the spoon into the peanut butter jar and play airplane with yourself while a large chunk of chunky flies through the air, facing little to no turbulence, and finally lands in your mouth. The gooey, dry, crunchy consistency satiates your hunger and you retire to your couch almost immediately, hoping to catch at least the last 30 minutes of an SVU episode. It’s idyllic, really, but you do this with the same enthusiasm and panache for how long? Five days? Ten days? The appeasement factor is rather fleeting. Before you can count, you can’t even look at peanut butter anymore. Am I right?


I think you mean yes.

And see, I’m doing that with my clothes. It’s actually been a record-breaking four months since I’ve last wanted to wear anything but ripped and slouchy jeans, pumps, and some variation of a button down shirt, unbuttoned and tied around my waist–which, I think, if we’re talking in terms of style and mirrors and reflection and such, could conceivably mean I’m rather happy with the current character I’ve created (not inherited). The downside, however, is that my fashion content probably seems capital B-Boring. With that in mind though, I fully intend to ride this wave for as much longer as I can. Why don’t you, too, give a try prosaic pants and pumps. My favorite part of this collage is that almost everything clocks in on sale. Credits below.

Pictured: Illesteva striped sunglasses, $260. Yellow Lanvin clutch, $793. Jil Sander burgundy pumps, $202. Acne pale blue angora sweater, $191. River Island jeans, $80. Club Monaco plaid shirt, $60. And this is a men’s coat by Unity which in effect also means that it is practically a Margiela women’s coat. $835.

Also, if you come upon a pair of light blue suede pumps (An upward of 4 inch heel encouraged but not mandatory,) would you holler at your girl? I am looking to monochrome using the meat of the above as a buffed canvas. The rest is in your hands.

  • TaliaPearl

    This is me to a T. All my outfits are variations on the same theme, just maybe in slightly different colors. It seems to work out well for me, except I also have a habit of shopping for (and buying) things that don’t really go with the rest of my stuff, and maybe get worn once or twice before being taken to Housing Works.

  • A.

    This is amazing! Oddly, I’m actually in the same clothing rut righ now. But, of course, I’m in high school so I’m going with J.Crew and not Jill Sander or Acne.
    I’ve done the Penut butter thing too- the reference to Stephan is amazing. I can hear him saying that right now!

    • Will Code For Clothes

      First of all, I definitely eat the 365 peanut butter, too. (It’s gone in like four days of the initial purchase.)
      I’m in the clothing rut, too! It’s hard to keep shit interesting when you don’t feel like dropping 6 hundo on a new jacket. But love is love, so I do it anyway. But even then, how often can you buy a 6 hundo doller jacket?

  • Naina

    Oh my god. Peanut Butter Syndrome nails that right on the head. Unavoidable; can’t live with it, can’t live without it.

  • Sophie

    As I was trying to pick out an outfit yesterday, I was totally inspired by your current look and pretty much wore the exact outfit pictured above, swapping the sweater for a tee shirt because for some reason it was 52 degrees. I will try and comfort you in saying that, to me, your fashion is never Boring, and could never be boring, regardless of the fact that you wear similar things. Those things, while similar, are still so different from anything else that they are still wildly inspirational. So keep eating that peanut butter, please. xx

  • esssskay
  • mercergirl

    The shoes make that outfit bangin. Question though, how do you acheive that balance and chicness when you HAVE to wear waders or at a minimum, socks? Wet and frozen ankles, no matter how (un)adorned, are not sexy or chic. Please Yoda me..


    Ahhh so refreshing to read you!

  • KatWalkSF

    As long as you work in the pumps everything is ok!

  • Malibu PR Gal

    Super cool, super casual, super creative. LOVE it all!

  • Vicki Archer

    I’d trade the glasses and the bag for chunky peanut butter any day… xv

  • j.c.kuehne

    I really know the Peanut Butter Syndrome. It usually concerns clothes I want to have so bad that I would die for and after a few weeks I´m so fed up with them, because I `ve engaged in the clothes 24 hours-a-day.
    Really nice analogy by the way.

  • Emily

    Those shoes! I love.

    Isn’t That Charming.

  • Bella
  • Reece Andavolgyi
  • monkeyshines

    amazing picks!



  • Michiel

    I have an Acne jumper in that blue color!
    Love these items Leandra!

  • S

    Hellz yah!!! Adore everything here!!!

  • Melissa

    so right on it again! x

  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni
  • Jana

    I love those sunglasses, they are amazing 🙂

  • lavieenliz

    I want it all!! Jill Sander <33

  • Su

    We all feel like that from time to time. I love and hate peanut butter! It’s a thing! 🙂 Great choices! All together it’s great, simple, boyish and sophisticated. I love it!

  • Nico

    I understand the Syndrome! 😀 Like this collage and if I should find light blue sued pumps I’ll let you know very soon!

  • A.

    Haha- agreed! J.Crew does get pricey pretty quickly…

  • Defensive Midfield

    I had and awful acne outbreak a couple weeks ago -its better now, was just hormones doing their shit- and was only wearing baggy clothes, sleeping till late and not talking to anybody or goin out.

    It could be hormonal too, you know, the way we dress.

  • CQ

    Carven light blue suede pumps:

    They are sold on net a porter, but surely you can find them else ware. I suspect they’d be perfect!

  • Paula McClelland

    I am looking to monochrome using the meat of the above as a buffed canvas.

    You’re killing me <3

  • jenny

    love every item posted here! so jel of anyone who has them

  • Oblivion

    Love this outfit!! SO simple and elegant!!PLS check out my outfits on my blog!!I would like your opinion!!Thank you

  • yasmin
  • SylviaETC

    amazing look!!!
    big cruch for the Lanvin clutch (like Spanish matador costume)
    I am pro the jeans+sweater+heels composition and like the idea of a monochrome look, as long as different textures. Please try and show us!

  • Elena Vasilieva

    sort of in love with the idea of a blue knit with some blue distressed denim

  • Domonique

    Yes, yes I totally get what you mean, but for me of course it isn’t peanut butter it’s Nutella! Ha! It’s hard to work out what’s a style rut and what’s signature style though? Sometimes I think they can kinda feel blurred!


  • Alice

    I love that you found your “look” that screams “you”. Al though the thousand variations of the plaid shirt and ripped jeans are (weardly) very inspiring, I miss your interpretations on the ball gown skirts and repelling dresses…

  • Abigail

    I love this as well, but I find it really difficult (too difficult!) to walk around New York City in pumps. Even on evenings when I’m cabbing it, there are just too many opportunities to stumble on cobblestone or an uneven sidewalk. Any advice on comfy heels? I sound like I’m 50 :(.

    • I Eat Clothes girl

      i love the look of the pumps but just thinking taking the metro (i live in madrid) and walking around the city in pumps it feels like its gonna be a pain in the ass, so i’ve always had the same question in mind. but you see, the man repeller may wear this very outfit with sneakers, right?

  • Sally
  • Natalie

    I always love what you write about! The peanut butter syndrome is definitely something I can relate to. Also great clothing picks, love them!

  • Newborn Fanatic

    awesome picks! love the acne blue sweater so much!

  • Miko

    I absolutely love your style!
    Being in high school I can’t afford the kinds of clothes you post about, but finding something similar always does the trick 🙂

    Those sunglasses are adorable!

  • Felicity

    I love that bag! x

  • I Eat Clothes girl

    so i detected this syndrome on you a while ago and decided i may go for it too. i wore my little (but not small at all) brother’s plaid abercrombie shirt for five days straight until he told me i should bath. it was worth it though.

  • thechicndamned

    I think nothing is more ‘now’ then ripped jeans and pumps. it might be capital B-Boring but it still looks amazing, especially with you man repeller touches

    x karen

  • Wayfaring Gypsy

    Yay, Stefan!

  • Eleanora
  • caorsim

    More turquoise than baby blue, but gotta love the Manolo BB:,default,pd.html?q=BB&index=27

  • sophie

    great jeans, really like the boyfriend style

  • Malena
  • Little Red Book

    You’re so right, even the last 30 min of SVU is so therapeutic.

  • N.

    Love jeans ! but I’m not sure what size should I order….What size will fit you better ? (we kinda have the same shape)
    thanks! xo

  • The Urban Promeneur

    Peanut butter seems to have magical influence. Do not stop this.

  • Romina C

    My life is a sort of everyday peanut butter syndrome… dreadful
    I am right now obsessed about getting bf jeans not ripped with stilettos shoes.
    x Romi

  • Saks2Salvation

    Any rut is a rut, however you make it very fashionable. Rock on.

  • Ines De Cock

    Looks stunning!
    Just timeless pieces

  • Viveca

    I can totally sympathize with the peanutbutter scenario – the clothing not so much. Meaning, if I see something I love, I’m likely to never get bored with it. Which then only adds to my list of things I desperately want to own but can’t afford because I’m constantly broke.

    Also, fear not; the ripped jeans and shirt combo is awesome, not boring!

  • Abril

    I too have the same problem. I cant get over with a style that Im most comfortable in wearing but you see, there are times that you want to experiment and be more girly and creative with yourself. And if you feel so at times, then do it!

  • zeit-polter-geist
  • Em

    Hey, I’d also have to say that once the thermometer descends below 40 degrees, everyone gets into a wardrobe slump. How many times did I wear that pair of Michael Kors wellies in a week? Too many but fuckyoutheyaretheonlythingskeepingmyfeetwarmrightnow.

    Here’s to hoping that Spring makes it’s way here soon so we can drag out all the items we WANT to wear!

    xoxo, Em

  • Heather P.

    Yes…all of this. If I wasn’t a teacher, I’d wear that every day too! I do have today off, so maybe today’s the day to break out the slouchy jeans and comfy sweater!

  • Selena Aponte

    Jil Sander anything for that price is a steal.

  • MMMM
  • Nicole Greentree

    Ahh, the acne sweater. I want it more than the peanut butter (and that’s saying something)

  • Nicole Dorise

    If you were going all out Stefan, it would have been a contortionist midget in a mexican wresting singlet/mask feeding you that peanut butter.

  • Bree

    I am not suggesting these. I am nothing short of demanding that you get these blue Jeffrey Campbell’s

  • Colleen

    ASOS makes a ton of heels, and I checked and they have blue pumps. And they’re cheap, so you don’t have to worry about stepping in more dog poo. You could buy ten pairs and not go over your shoe budget!

  • Amber Williams

    The red pumps add a sophisticated polish to the muted colors of the jeans and sweater. The glasses and clutch show you’re a bit of an avant-garde artiste. Love:)

  • The Velvet Closet

    The shoes!!! amazing!! the whole outfit is simple but yet elegant! inspiration. The shoes and the glasses take it to another level.

  • Belén Cavas Hernández

    I love this outfit, especially the yellow clutch with burgundy pumps. Lovelly!!!

  • Rosalyn Lye

    Alias Mae has good light blue suede pumps.”Iveque” in marine.

  • Jo

    OMG, I am totally with you on the Peanut Butter thing… what is it about that??

    Right now we are in the depth of winter in the UK and I feel like i’m just drowning in layers at the moment. I’m so looking forward to being able to wear blue suede pumps and not ruining them in the snow or my toes falling off 🙂

  • Molly HC
  • Valentina

    I love the combo yellow/burgundy/baby blue eres lo maximo Leandra Medine remember stalking is also love

  • Avice

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  • Jessica Clark

    “…play airplane with yourself while a large chunk of chunky flies through the air, facing little to no turbulence, and finally lands in your mouth.” You’re hilarious, I love your writing, it always makes me lol.

  • Leandra Medine= Moi Idol

    i loooove the sunglasses!!!