Communication 101

Leandra Medine | January 28, 2013

Why didn’t I think of that?

Because, baby, it’s Monday and you have something to say. How do you weigh in?

Infographic by Caroline Paul and Wendy MacNaughton

  • Spaghetti

    You should teach a class at Eugene Lang College at The New School for Liberal Arts

  • Greer Clarke

    What if I actually use this? Because yep pretty sure that’s whats gonna happen

  • Felicity

    I’m sending this to everyone I know. With big hinty arrows. x

  • Aurélie-Letizia


  • MGJ

    hahaha funny post!

    got a nice blog


  • Rach

    so good!

  • Amber Callanan

    It’s scary how accurate this is. Almost makes me feel ashamed of my constant overuse of texting and emailing, but of course I’m still too anti-social to talk on the phone or god-forbid actually go visit someone. Better get my smoke signal on!

    • charli

      I totally agree haha

  • GIAA


  • Jennifer
  • Oana Cazan

    Haha, deffenitly gonna use this!

  • Thais Ferreira

    hahaha this is great dialog!!!

  • Nicole

    HAHA, I love how there are 2 very potential possibilities of leading to smoke signals. My favorite are emoji texts, I have to admit..

  • lavieenliz

    I love these weird maps!! so good!

  • Perry

    Panda next to gun next to wrapped present solves all issues-including pre-cancer.

  • ASparklyHanger
  • Samyukta

    whoaaa… I can so relate to this! LOL even when I am two continents across… Uncanny!

  • Alice

    apparently I’ll have to send smoke signals from my lower east side apartment to get into contact with my mother in law… that calls for neighbor complaints and an unwanted fire-brigade

  • vittoria gallacci

    Ahah too funny 🙂

    Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNIGN

  • Vicki Archer

    This is fab, made me smile… xv

  • contentnet

    This post makes me think of this song:

  • mckenzie.collins
  • rafaellomyles

    This post just made my day next up. I’m going to write a post on my blog 🙂

  • Captive Louise

    Goodness gracious i am far too sleepy for this handwritten infographic.