Red Shirting

Leandra Medine | November 22, 2012

One Piece, Three Ways.

“I’m so excited about our new Steven Alan shirt,” I told my perman-friend last week. He had just indulged himself in a brand new shirt for the first time in ten months. This shirt wasn’t just any though, it was the quintessential hue of imperial red, featuring micro-sized black crests emblematic of something regal–what, I’m not quite sure.

“When should we wear it?” I asked him. We, of course, meant me.

“Please no. Not this one. I really like this one,” he tried to plead.

I had become quite conspicuous about my master plan to rob him of an entire wardrobe but I was growing tired of his dated plaid offerings and had collected my fair share in the ten months he spent abstaining from fashion. These little baby crests, though, they were novel. I longed for them.

“I don’t ask if I could wear your clothes, do I?” He offered. It was a vision that got a rise out of me.

“Okay, it’s yours, enjoy it,” I appeased him as he buttoned up his crisp white shirt and left for work last Monday morning. The door behind him closed and I proceeded to disrobe. Off with my tee, on with his shirt. The day ahead would prove that the shirt wanted, needed, deserved my tender, feminine touch–with the ample offerings I would provide, it would never feel the same or quite as happy paired with just a simple pair of mens jeans or khakis.

I showed the shirt what it might feel like had I rolled its sleeves up above my elbow, paired it with a knee-length skirt and frisky wedges and took it to the workplace.

I would indulge my nose in thorough pickings with the help of a yellow highlighter while I leaned back against a chair and answered e-mails, wrote silly stories, and gazed into the heart of the very long green leaves growing by my window.

Acne skirt, Steven Alan shirt, Burberry wedges, Pamela Love, handmade beads, Hermes wrap bracelet.

And then I showed the shirt how it would feel had I opted to sandwich it between two layers and treat it like jam, or something of the same consistency. We could grab coffee, go for a walk in the park, to visit its brothers and sisters at the nearby Steven Alan should it have wished. The opportunities were endless and I think it felt warm. In part on the account of wool but mostly in favor of my excellence in shirt-ownership.

Not combative at all, if you know what I mean. Stella McCartney dress (purchased on super sale,) Dries van Noten jacket (purchased irresponsibly in Paris, though I regret nothing) and very heavy, well worth the period of break-in, Balenciaga boots

Finally, I taught the shirt about the magic of metallic. “This is something a straight man will never be able to teach you,” I explained.

“I’m a fucking shirt, man,” it retorted.

And then I realized, trying to win its heart was conceivably impossible. It was a fucking shirt man, and shirts have no hearts. Still, I enjoyed our time together and for the sake of making use of one last outfit, we went to dinner, just me and the shirt, and enjoyed some pasta (shared, really) and a glass of wine (all mine.)

Ellery pants, Rebecca Minkoff necklace, Fendi clutch (taken from my mother who had sometime in the late ’90s seemingly fallen victim to Carrie Bradshaw syndrome,) and Christian Louboutin turquoise heels. The outfit credits are jarring, aren’t they?

The end. Happy Thanksgiving! Photos by Naomi Shon

  • Lollihearts

    such a relaxed shirt
    i like.
    really really want those boots!

  • Myfanwy Hood

    Love this whole story and, of course, the shirt itself 🙂 I hope the two of you are very happy together 🙂

  • Sofie

    Looking great! Love the first outfit.

  • The slow pace

    That shirts is in good hands!

  • kcomekarolina

    this is so cool!

    xoxo from rome

  • The style native

    Perman-friend should just learn to buy two of everything.

  • Natali

    Beautiful shirt! Love the way you’re wearing it, esp. in the last outfit 🙂

  • Denisa

    I really like your first and last outfit. You look great. Have a nice day.

  • Nico
  • Hannah

    Love this – it’s a shame it’s just a fucking shirt, man. I think you coud have made it very happy.

  • call me debbie

    It could be just a outfit post and it’s a whole-new-story post.


    Oh wait, it couldn’t be just a post, ’cause we are talking about your blog here. I am sorry for the misunderstanding that I caused here.

    tsiou,  In Whirl of Inspiration

  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni
  • Dip It Black

    Great! Love the shirt!
    And the cutout booties are so cute!


  • Reptilia

    Love this 3th look!!
    In the 2nd photo you look great!!


  • Lisbon Lifestyle

    *Clap Clap Clap*

    you made my day ahah

  • rhodawong

    loving all the pairings!

  • Jenny from DosFamily

    the picture of you and your nose-pen is the best I´ve seen in a long time.



    We’re following you, and you can
    fallow us, also on Bloglovin and FB 🙂

  • vittoria gallacci

    Love the look with the golden pants 🙂


  • Lace and Chiffon

    I love everything – the shoes, the pants, the bag!

  • Melina Trevino

    stunning as usual!

  • Trust-Ka

    Love! 🙂
    PS.Ive been just judged in my office for my European Flamboyance after waring black t-shirt with print under black costume! How weird is that? Gonna get more ideas from you and implement into my working life to shock them even more 😀

  • Kate

    Brilliant 🙂 That lucky shirt got some really great life lessons.


  • Jasmine Alvarez

    hahaha awesome! You make the shirt look fab…I want one now

  • Lulu

    LOVE the last outfit.
    Hope the shirt had fun, cause I can tell that you certainly did!

  • Sophie Lewis

    Love these looks! It’s a shame you couldn’t win over the shirt because it looks fabulous on you! The second look is just stunning-obsessed with the shoes! xx


  • LOLA



    those metallic shoes are simply stunning!

  • maria barrajon

    Love the last one!!!

    My new outfit in

  • Adeola Naomi Aderemi

    Gorgeous outfit and great post too!

  • Felicity

    I think you should do a Woman Repeller post. By which I mean your husband. In your clothes. Maybe some Bumble + Bumble and an arm party or three. After all, you DO borrow his clothes, so it’s only fair, man. Ignore his protests. He’ll love it. x

  • Melissa Bennett
  • Martina

    The Balenciaga boots are awesome. Me wants!!

  • silvia

    fab pants and shoes in the last pic

  • Lose It

    Check this out if you are serious

  • L
  • Erin Michelle

    Well done! I love stealing the man’s clothing. You definitely took this skirt out for a good spin. Can’t wait to hear about per-man friend’s reaction when he sees this post.


  • thankfifi

    And what did he say? Or did he not know… till now…

    ♥ Thankfifi

  • Jo

    So stylish Leandra

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  • parfums

    amazing outfiit.

  • Julia Dzafic

    the shirt works so well with that skirt! well done

  • Hillary Gail Stewart

    Those shoes are so fantastic!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


    Hillary @

  • iamturquoise
  • =^..^=

    What size shirt does Perman-Friend wear ?? I want to wear dude’s shirts, but never know what size to get : (

    PS. How do those black boots NOT give you wicked evil blisters!? You must have feet made of steel, man …


  • Linda

    marvelous outfit. really like it paired with the skirt and rolled up sleeves. kind of got sidetracked by the awesome balenciaga boots but stayed focus enough to appreciate the shirt a little more. 😀

  • Dervla Louli

    My boyfriend banned me from his royal blue paisley Hugo Boss beautiful shirt – I waited until he went to work paired it with some cerise shorts and headed to the GQ menswear fashion party, felt very liberated….i’m pretty sure his early morning rise for work is Gods way of telling me to help myself to his wardrobe…hope your boyfriend enjoys this post! ha

  • bex

    Babe alert! How do you make picking your nose with a highlighter look so chic? Now that’s talent.

  • cheers daily

    This is awesome! I steal my brother’s and dad’s shirts all the time!

  • monkeyshines

    fabulous layering!



  • Jules

    Very cool shirt !!!

  • Opposite Lipstick
  • Lubna

    I love all three ways how you dressed that shirt! Very interesting 🙂

    Lubna |

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  • MFS

    Where can I buy those Balenciaga shoes?! Been looking for them everywhere!

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    Oh and here is my red shirt! Rag & Bone.

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    Those look great!!!

  • knockingonfashionsdoor

    I like the first and the third suggestions…I think the second one is too artficial, it seems as if you didn´t feel comfortable in it!!

  • Chelsea

    That is a fab red. I like how you styled it in the last photo:)

  • Laura Dang Van Sung

    The balenciaga boots are so gorgeous, but my favourite outfit with this shirt is the last one!

  • Liliana

    Hahaha this post is so funny! Wish I had a boyfriend i could borrow shirts from… for the moment I only have my big sis 😉

  • Betsy
  • Nelya

    Ugh I love this. I just do. xNel

  • Caroline

    Excellent decision, I’m willing to bet he could never give the shirt the type of day and exposure it deserves!

  • fairytaletaffeta

    That shirt deserves you dude!

  • patriciabrand

    You are Great!!!Love all the outfits, except for the black shoes (Maybe Allan).

  • welovefur

    I love everything in this post!


  • Cherie Gisondi

    I’m f$&king dying. I love you!

  • Jennifer
  • The Urban Promeneur

    Oh the shirt is great and the color combinations even better. I am smitten with the metallic red soled detail, not surprising at all. Great layers, great text. You made my day!

  • yvonne ★

    The third one is my favorite! You pull off the shirt well by not dressing it up in a too feminine way. Such a man repeller, you own your title, needless to say…

  • Catherine and Greer

    There’s a little lump of hair that is always ALWAYS on the left hand side of your head when your hair is up. Is it on purpose? Is it a coincidence? Is your scalp predisposed to making this particular weird lump formation? Or are you just being sassy and going for bed head look and this little pop really completes? All four? Goodnight.

  • Bird

    my boyfriend banned me from his beautifully worn-in, perfect t-shirt, but! the vintage chambray oxford was mine for thanksgiving.
    do his wash and get his dry cleaning…and, voila! complaints begone! (and, buy two of everything)

  • bibi

    i mean….. don’t we all remember how amazing it looked with her outfit? i never stopped dreaming about it. lucky you

  • LolitaintheMix

    Great shirt! I totally love the look you created on the last picture!!!

    -xoxo- lorena

  • Cassandra Lopez

    I have to sneak into my boyfriends closet when he’s at work. I only get caught when I do blog updates and he see’s his clothes in my posts! =X

  • Manon

    Wow this is amazing !! Love those outfits !

  • Yvo

    omg the boots are to die for.

  • Luisa M

    Love the versatility of something as chic and simple as a shirt! And the shoes are fab

  • AllieSchwartz

    love love love this outfit!!! the black shoes are my fav of it all.

    Can you please check out mine?

  • michielsteur

    Your blog is so amazing! I’ve been following you for so long, and your blog is one of the few I really read for what they have to say! I respect a lot of bloggers for their great photos, but your text is just as beautiful as your photos. Especially love your columns, and your sense of humor of course!

  • Cirque de l’Atelier

    Love the different ways you styled 1 shirt! We’ve been doing the same thing for some time now… we call it Mix and Match Mondays, you should take a look

  • Rachel Waters

    Well this is just hysterical. I have a penchant for oversized cosby sweaters and unfortunately my boyfriend does not share the same love. Therefore I must purchase on my own. The horror.

  • Rachel Waters

    I will try to recreate my comment but make it even more clever (hard to imagine) because something went awry on disqus…

    This is hysterical and I love everything about it. Everything. On occasion my boyfriend thinks he’s a riot and a half when he puts on my jeans and I subsequently read him the riot act as this isn’t a two way street and if anything is stretched he’s toast. All is fair in life and war. And love sometimes.

  • Unni

    i vote for a Woman Repeller post too! And your pants are magical.

  • Brooke

    Each one of these looks is of course incredible but OMG I’ve never seen the Louboutin turqoise heels!! Ive never seen them before!! Want.immediately.


  • grunhauser

    That shirt had a pretty good time with the skirt.

  • Jinnie

    I tried a version of those Ellery pants on today (after seeing them here on you) .. $800 reduced to $450 in the sales. Still too ex-y in my opinion. But so freaky-deeky awesome. They really are the coolest pants.

  • Sherry

    simply brillz

  • Fashion Chic

    I love the Balenciaga boots! Classic self defense comes into mind 😀

    but seriously, the sets are gorgeous! especially the red top and the gold pants was quite a treat in the eyes and definitely a head turner. I though it will be better if you have nail mattes like that of Run the World (Girls) mini nail lacquer set that will completely compliment your look (red shirt ;))
    Sexy office look to when paired with a skirt! Thanks!

  • Devon Smiley

    I’d like to think that I resemble photo #2 while sitting at my desk…
    Classy, professional lady.


  • stylesays

    Nice mix of pattern! very chic and edgy!

  • Zuzia Czemier

    My jaw dropped at the second combination. Everything about it is just perfect! and the Balenciaga boots are to die for.

  • laurenXgordon

    looks so casually gorgeous along with the knee-length black skirt! beautiful – was worth taking!…and it definitely IS totally worth more than just a jean outfit

  • parfums

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  • parfums

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