The (a) Denim Jacket

Denim for a change? Novel, really.


Am I wearing a turtleneck right now? Yes. Do you care? Probably not. Today in things that have nothing to do with my turtleneck, a denim jacket among other articles of clothing you’ve likely already seen, that stand the test of time and enjoy heat and sunlight.

Supposing we are graced with another opportunity to indulge in end-of-summer weather which I do believe we will be, above and below are two denim jacket driven looks that helped me run free through September and into Friday when it was still 80 degrees despite yesterday’s 50. Does no one else worry hell will either freeze over or heaven might become excruciating hot thus leaving us all dead and with effectively nowhere to go?

Regardless and decompartmentalized, most if not all of the outfitting items shown can transcend seamlessly into fall. And why? Because rules about climate appropriate fabrics are stupid as shit and there is no outfitting conundrum a little layering can’t solve.

In figures A and B: an Etoile Isabel Marant jacket though I do wish the embellishments were removable, sometimes plain denim is greater than glitzy denim. A Theyskens Theory dress that makes walking really interesting. Adidas sneakers (for Opening Ceremony) with a hidden wedge so hidden it took a week for me recognize the bounce in my step was actually not a bounce at all.

Here also, a trailer sitting on Waverly. It’s been there since May. I have to wonder if someone calls it home.

And subsequently sing and dance, dance and sing.

Here in figure C: the same Etoile Isabel Marant jacket and a Opening Ceremony blouse which I bought on sale from the mens shop (try this, it works, its cheaper, fits well,) some rag & bone jeans, Casadei pumps, Ralph Lauren sunglasses and my hair looks like a nest harboring many, many secrets. The end.

Photos by Naomi Shon

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  • Elisa

    Well I think your nest hair looks outstanding. And I do think it’s a shame you can’t remove the embellishment from the jacket, because it would really be the perfect denim purist jacket. I need to get in the mindset of buying menswear, they always have better prints when it comes to shirt, but there’s some kind of psychological barrier for me, and I end up looking for womenswear looking like menswear. Pointless, really.

    Elisa – Wandering Minds fashionourwanderingminds.com

  • Reptilia

    Wowww, love these two looks!! Love the dress!! amazing

  • Candy

    Definitely digging the second outfit! Loving the pop from the shoes!

    taylor & DEMOLISH

    Enter my ‘taylor & DEMOLISH + Amrita Singh’ Collaboration Jewelry GIVEAWAY!!!

  • Natali

    Gorgeous, chic and so stylish! Love both outfits, fantastic!


  • Love those lilac pumps on the last pic, so adorable!

    Fashion Agony blog

  • Huyen
  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni
  • those casadei heels are coooool!!!! love ur face in the last picture!

  • rhodawong

    i can’t choose between your looks! they both are awesome!


  • i love the third look, love the purple pumps.

  • =^..^=

    I’ve got similar hair…. Hair nests of a feather definitely harbor secrets.
    Or something ….

  • lavieenliz

    I need a denim jacket! and I love the sneakers, so cute! are they from Liberty London?


  • The Style Engineer

    love the outfits- and the denim jacket is so great!


    Love the new header. And cool Nike trainers!

  • Daisy Nguyen

    LOVE that jacket – and you’re right, making the embellishments removable would make it so much more versatile – but it IS ADORBS! Also love how those R&B jeans fit you. PERFECT!

    XOXO-Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:http://psbananas.com

  • Jole
  • Nothing says effortless more than a jean jacket!


  • Alexandra

    Great looks!! I love when you layer! And jean jackets are forever.

  • You styled the jacket perfectly! The one with the sneakers is def my favorite..
    With Love,


  • monkeyshines

    fantastic layering!


  • Alexia Mickens


    xx, alexia > In The Meantime

  • lore – blocdemoda.com

    So cute!

  • The pastel pumps are so cute! And I totally agreen on the fact that winter/summer fabrics are shit <3 Layers can always save the day.

  • nomad thief

    like these 2 outfits a lot. and nice pins! i just read your ‘what is a man repeller’ definition by the way and laughed my socks off. i am DEfinitely one too….

  • Denisa

    So nice pics. I love the Casadei pumps. Amazing.

  • mabelmatilda

    The pumps in the last outfit are so pretty!


  • XeanaFashion
  • TeuntjeVDW

    Love it! xx.

  • ektasheoran

    Your posts are always so much fun to read!
    Love from India

  • Charlotte
  • Eva

    Awesome jacket and so cool with the dress 😉


  • That dress is amazing!

  • always love a good denim jacket. this one is perfectly oversized


  • Mary

    That last outfit is not man-repelling. it’s pretty hot actually

  • axelle.van.damme95

    Love the dress you’re wearing in the first outfit, I’ve got a weakness for high-low items. The ankle-bracelet in the second look is pretty cute, it’s all in the details. ♥-Axelle

  • Mkp

    How do you make lilac stilettos so casual? And white jeans so.. Not trailer trash? There’s some kind of style secret yu are not telling us. Marykathleen.blogspot.co.uk

  • fashionisserious

    Jeans…mio amore. Tomorrow I’ll wear one of my jeans jacket, I swear! Instead of those amazing shoes, I’ll go barefoot!

  • Jennifer

    Your dancing pictures always slay me!

    xo Jennifer


  • Nico

    Nice outfits! A jeans jacket is timeless!

  • You always put up outfit I never think are actually possible to coordinate! Perfection

  • Yr


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  • Sara Howard

    why global warming why do you have to freeze and melt my ass off all in one day
    thanks for giving me 2 looks when my ass is freezing


  • @mercece

    Love, this especially the jean jacket… I just seem to never take it off.

    Ps. You make me laugh in every article

  • shab

    im yet to think of an outfit that you cant pull off. its amazing the styling you can get away with, you are a genius. im jealous, so is the rest of the world

  • Amalie Espeland

    love this! those sneakers rockkk x

  • that second look is amazing! i always try on white jeans and then get all freaked out that i can see my knees through them. but i can kinda see your knees and i don’t hate it so either your knees are far superior to mine or i should get the fuck over it.


  • Cristina C

    I love you like a fat kid loves cake

  • Sabina

    I’m with you about climate-appropriate fabrics. You’re such an eloquent little thing. 😉 I also dig that dress.


  • CJ

    I’m in LOVE with the second look and the shoes in the first. Everything you wear/do makes me want to change my name to Leandra Medine because then I think I will become you but I know that isn’t true. Whatever, I love you, Leandra. Just let me be you.


  • I love both looks. It’s amazing how you changed the look of the flowery dress with an urban jacket

  • love the mens shirt – will def be trying that trick

    ♥ ThankFifi

  • Belén Cavas Hernández
  • lollihearts

    love the mix of prints



  • Curious Orange

    Great looks with the denim J. Have to admit that I was very distracted by your sneakers and the BEAUTIFUL dress.
    This side of the pond has frozen over so pondering a ‘late summer look’ that utilises blue legs.
    Thanks, as always, for the dry humor!

  • Cassandra

    That second look, while not maybe as wonderfully off the wall as some of your ensembles, is one of my favorites you’ve ever posted on here. Keep lookin’ snazzy, lady!

  • www.LydiaWho.com

    How I LOVE the second outfit !


  • loving the mullet dress sneaker combo. The jacket is the perfect shade of 90s ralph lauren denim

  • danielle

    I have always loved the denim jacket I own, a lot of people are scared to commit the double denim but I think with the right styling it should be nothing to be afraid of!!


  • Yes to denim jackets! Add a crystal brooch and the look is even more complete!


  • Natasha Lawrence

    I dig a good denim jacket. I’m going to go ahead and call them a classic.


  • Karen Yuan

    Everything you wear makes me want to run out and buy the same thing. And I’m a girly girl (kinda, used to be until I met you…)

    x karen

  • fkxoxo

    Why do you always try to look horrible when you’re really beautiful?

  • laima hareer

    great outfits, love the pink heels

  • Love this look and especially the lilac heels in the bottom pic. Great post http://www.savvyspice.com/

  • cgstyleblog

    LOVE these looks! Denim jackets are the best!

  • Saks2Salvation

    My denim jacket is an absolute staple and season transcending wardrobe piece. I love mine and have worn the same one since the 90’s. He he. It’s J Crew, classic American and I love it. Great post!

  • Samantha

    “…Rules about climate appropriate fabrics are stupid as shit and there is no outfitting conundrum a little layering can’t solve.” Yes! Thank you! You’ve perfectly articulated a sentiment I’ve been trying to get across to people for years. I buy “summery” dresses all year long even though I live in Michigan and Germany (…long story) and everyone is always all, “Aren’t you going to freeze?!” and I’m just like, “No. I am not. Tights and leggings and sweaters and oxfords and blazers and denim jackets and cardigans exist. I am not going to freeze.” Yeesh.

  • Martita

    Oh god… seriously, you are the Carrie Bradshaw of the real world. And i just LOVE IT

  • missgiven

    I like mens suit jackets. For flat chested women they work great. 😉

  • After several years hiding in the back of the closet, I dug out my denim jacket a few weeks ago…the same Gap denim jacket I bought many moons ago in highschool. Lovin’ it because 1) it still fits! and 2) what a classic. I can dress it up or dress it down – and it’s got the perfect worn in feel – irreplaceable –

  • Mariana from Brazil

    I loved you in figure C, these shoes and sunglasses made a cute visual. I saw you in the Fahion Police and then, I always visit your blog. Kisses.

  • LabellaLuxe Boutique

    Cute jacket and sharp shoes!

  • herman miller

    the only thing missing is a neck tattoo..