Moda Repeller

Leandra Medine | September 19, 2012

Or Man Operandi. Whatever.

Excuse my nasal drip and the unfortunate circumstances of my face. I’d love to write both of which off as effects of mild illness but I’m not sure I can on the latter. Oh well. Hey, have you ever wondered what stepping into a Moda Operandi shoot would be like? How about the subsequent assassinating of what is otherwise a fairly calm, seamless and elegant production? Well, I did it for us and here is what I learned:

1. M’O commissions models with good senses of humor, see: boob grab. 2. Horizontal stripes are great, but vertical ones are better. The combination of both: best. 3. Mickey Mouse is the most consistent famous figure on planet earth. He couldn’t overexpose himself if he tried. 4. Marc Jacobs SS 13 purses are also lunch boxes, not that I tried to gauge the utility of that with my lunch or anything. 5. Pants are over, people.

Now, in other news that may register somewhat jarring: I apologize for omitting from Fashion Week coverage the early winner winner chicken dinner of Paige Denim’s Fashion’s Night Out Uniquely Paige contest. FNO was a real good time with real good people and lots of frayed indigo. Congratulations to instagram user, AllergictoVanilla. If the circumstances of your handle are literal, I do hope free jeans will make up for the lack of cake batter infiltrating your digestive system. Call me at midnight.

  • Morgan Liti

    So amazing – the collection AND your antics. 🙂

    And DAYUM look at those abs! haha

  • Sheyla Concepción

    LOL That looked like a lot of fun. That collection was probably my favorite from NYFW.

  • TSOOTM by Carla ♥

    This is a fab video I have a lovely pair of vertical stripe pants and they are to die for. Love this video!

  • Jennifer
  • Fashion-isha

    Such a cute video! And it was so fun seeing you at the Rachel Zoe show last week too! Shana tova!

  • Reptilia

    How are you soooo funny?? LOVE this video!!


  • liz

    i love this! the mickey mouse sweatshirt is so cute!! very 80s

  • Zainab

    Haha! You are just a barrel of fun! Absolutely love this video, you looked lovely! xx

  • Diana Pereira Dardashti

    omg you are on the top the world

  • monkeyshines


  • The Provoker

    I second that, you are so on top of the world? no other blogger gets to play with MJ clothes days after the fashion show! love your cropped mickey mouse top, I have a suspicious feeling you’re gonna own it… it’s still so man repeller approved. If you want the scope on LFW through a UK blogger’s perspective, check out my image juicy post, well part one of it at least.

  • Adeola Naomi Aderemi

    You are so much fun to read and watch!!
    Wonderful post!

  • Mary-Alice Graydon Bowman

    At #1 – lol! Hilarious. 🙂


  • Kate

    Your videos are my favorite thing in the world ever.


  • Samira Reyes

    you are the funniest person!!! love you!!!

  • Ariel Robert

    Agh those pieces are so amazing!

  • Anna Sabino

    Fantastic! His collections are great every season, I love that Marc Jacobs is not a follower but is followed.


  • mariposa fashion blog

    Beautiful collektion!
    xoxo from germany

  • XeanaFashion

    Cool video! Amazing collection!


  • modelovers
  • Greer

    Oh my god it may be against the morals of a man repeller but you should expose some midrif more often

  • Eva Kraaijeveld

    Awesome collection and lovely video!

  • maryse

    Tu es folle, j’adore !! 😉
    géniale cette vidéo !

  • Messamet serdane

    Crazy you are in this video !


    Haha, the model just ”Dafuq is jumping around here!?” – I love you Leandra 😀 .. The Mickey Mouse top (thing) was awesome .. Though I would need to wear something under …

    – L

  • Kasia Kucharczyk

    she’s so cute especially in Mickey Mouse top.

  • Captive Louise

    Gotta love the “i’m gonna kill this crazy ass bitch… any minute now, wait for it” look on the model’s face!
    I would wear most of these as very expensive pajamas, except the crop tops who would go terrible with my mild muffin top 🙁

  • Joyous

    Very Very fun!! It sucks to be old I don’t dare show my tummy like that at 46 but sincerely encourage the younger generation to WORK IT!!

  • James Pouliot

    You are such a sweet heart! Love your look here and the music got my head bobbing.

    Check out my new lifestyle/photography blog at
    Much love,

  • Margo

    Hi Leandra! tell me please who sings the song in this video?) and what is it called?)) THANK YOU! u r very cool girl!

    • Margo

      aaa the Bailen Brothers…sorry))

  • Shannah

    That model had NO idea how to take your insane awesomeness ahahah she’s like “what the shit is this person doing?”. Love you LM! Can we be friends in real life please I want your existence.

  • Brooke Allen

    all i can say is i freaking love you….
    brooke @ what2wear

  • farandwild

    mickey mouse has never looked as good as he does on your hot bod!


  • ektasheoran

    You are totally amazing!
    Love from India

  • Sharon
  • Erin Michelle

    Wow you were right about crop tops. I love all your photoshoot bombs. This is hilarious.


  • FKxoxo

    I freaking love your videos…always! Also the collection is amazing….in love!

    I’m doing a GIVEAWAY HERE–> Just in case you want apply 🙂 $50 FREEBIES + SURPRISE GIFT + NECKLACE

  • PinkCheetahVintage

    lolzzz I love your videos 🙂

  • Lucy

    I reallllly want that mickey mouse top . . . trying to find . . . any suggestions as to where?

  • Christie Moore

    I love the striped clutches! On my wish list.


  • justafan

    What fun…I LOVE Mickey!

  • V @ thefashionfridge

    Yay, now I finally know how to style my too-small, 90’s Mickey sweater!

  • Taylor

    Ah OMG love this! Such a cute collection! You look adorable!! And love that model!!! Going to look for her and that Mickey shirt on M’O right now! haha

  • Anna Turabelidze

    you are very funny. this is the only blog where i thoroughly enjoy the writing.

    p.s. May I please have your abs?

  • city

    thanks for sharing..