Getting Ready

Leandra Medine | September 3, 2012

And an FNO public service announcement.

























Scott Schuman’s lens knows what’s for breakfast.

In an abrupt transition from pool side to Abe-Lincoln Center bound: hey, how’s this photo for a charming dose of fAsHuN wEeK inspiration? It characterizes that seamless marriage of what is unarguably “chic,” or maybe romantic about fashion, (see pink sleeves peeking out of a white sweater, flimsy, novel shorts and more tough belts, elegant sandals in kookier colors,) to it’s coming-of-age step-sister, fun (see: the now ubiquitous Prada smoking lips held up against real lips–that are not my own.) Isn’t there just something magical about it all?

And onto the events of Fashion’s Night Out. Ah, the eve of many partnerships. Consider this an unofficial summoning to join me Thursday night at the Paige Denim boutique (71 Mercer Street,) between Spring and Broome from 6 to 7PM. We will talk about interesting things and look at ripped jeans and drink champagne and really enjoy ourselves. Following that, we will hop scotch over to Grand Central Station with Bobbi Brown where maybe, just maybe, I will learn how to apply makeup once and for all. 7 to 8. It wouldn’t be the same without you there. That speaks for both events. More on this tomorrow, but: come on! Yeah! Friendship!

  • Maria Onorio


    Maria Onorio

  • bui.sara

    You look perfect as always and I’m in love with your Prada clutch!

    ENTER THE GIVEAWAY- Win a Chanel nailpolish F/W 2012-2013

    Mix.. & Be Chic♥

    • Leandra Medine

      That’s not me!

      • Claire

        it’s viviana volpicella!

      • Anna

        Well, it’s good to know we all think you’re that sexy! Or maybe you’re creeped out. :/

  • Through Rye

    Adore the colour of your shoes!

  • Christina

    I wish I was there for FNO and FW!!


  • Hannah Xu

    I know where I am going now!!! I am going to meet you!!!!

  • Belén cavas

    Love the outfit. Do you want to visit Madrid Fashion week. Come to my blog and take a bit.

  • Renata

    Thoses shoes rocks. Plus, totally get you girl, applying make up can be tricky kkk

  • Naomi Marie

    Love that skirt, brilliant fun! If only I could get to some FNO events, in any city but it always seems to work out that I have just come back from somewhere or will be going somewhere the week after and so it is again!

  • Hilary Jones

    you forgot to mention reflective sunglasses!! ultimate cool

  • KZ

    okay so this is NOT you? the reflective shades, menswear top, and just-so hair could have fooled meee!

  • V

    Funny, I got sandals the same color as your shoes heels this weekend! Summer is not over!
    Greetins from

  • JenRosa

    Where are those sandals from!!!???

  • emily.lin.desil

    love the chunky mixed metals and the menswear watch…pulls it all together just so.

  • Eileen Wang

    Wish I lived in NYC + could go!

  • paula.rocker

    I love the clutch and the shorts ! So lovely ♥.
    Have a nice week 🙂

  • Kate

    Can’t wait to see you during NYFW! Maybe catch you at one of the FNO events…I’ll be the one smoking Prada 🙂


  • Namrata Kedar

    Those green shoes generate feelings of envy in me! I love them. And of course, the Prada clutch is very quirky!


  • Eva Sirgi

    You always make me laugh! Love the shoes 🙂


    Nice ,i love your shoes and this skirt.
    follow me in my blog and subscribe no hesitate 🙂

  • Daniela Macsim

    I already told you that I love your Armani clutch!

  • Style Croissant

    I wish I were in New York to attend fashion’s night out and see you ! But at least there’s one in Paris too..

  • Eva Kraaijeveld

    Wish I could be there…Love the photo!

  • modelovers
  • Elena Vasilieva

    that skirt is brilliant


  • Style Reload

    Really love the accessories, this clutch is frickin’ interesting!


  • часовници

    Great outfit !!! The girl is so charming 🙂

  • Clemence

    Ohhh you’re gonna have so much fun!! I wish I could join but I’ll do the (almost) same in London!

    Enjoy NY and make the most out of your night 😉


  • Putri Soe

    you’ve just made a perfect theory–fashion theory that is.
    the fact that you brought the bag in front of your lips was perfect idea.

    —————————————————–Putri SoeSUPERNICE

  • Joyce.

    Wish I could be there! By the way, perfectly styled outfit!

  • Emma Louise Westbrook

    I absolutely love that Prada clutch! And of course the way you styled it.

  • The Provoker

    damn I so wanna be at New York for fashion’s night out, I know it’s gonna be major!

    xx nathan.niche


  • Lilli

    i want this clutch in shoes versions!

  • Pauline T

    Yeah two amazing brands! Have a good time there!

  • XeanaFashion

    So many events will take place in Fashion’s Night Out!


  • Messamet serdane

    Nice pic of Scott. Can’t for both FNO and FW ! AHHHH

  • Aela

    OHMYGOSH! Loving the Prada pieces! If only Prada SS12 could last a wee bit longer….*sighs*

  • .saboskirt.

    Nice gorgeous outfit. The printed shorts looked perfect with the white shirt. And the bag, we love it!!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  • Diana Pereira

    That is one amazing inspiration to kick the week off.
    Happy shopping peeps


    Such a cute outfit! What are those shoes?!?!

  • Grace Huang

    those heels! perfect color, perfect amount of “strappy-ness”~


  • Laura

    Love your style of writing and of course what you’re wearing:)
    Always with an “;)”

  • Jenny

    Nice heels! I found a pair I like on Who Brain when I was looking for a dress.

  • Sharon

    I love your clutch!

    • Marta


  • Izabela Depczynski
  • Nancy S.

    Is that a green man directing traffic on your shorts? awesome!


  • Guest

    Urgh I die for those shoes!

  • Guest

    urgh I die for those shoes…

  • Carelia

    I love this picture of Viviana Volpicella!!! Her outfit is chic and fun…and those shades are TDF.

    • eve

      the shades are from spektre…

  • Prisca

    Wahou! I love her shoes!!! beautiful

  • Jen Bass

    ok so the Prada… yea I’d sell a kid for that…

  • Revathi Vani


  • Revathi Vani


  • Revathi Vani


  • Revathi Vani


  • Abby

    I’m in love with those shoes.

  • Jeimi Castillo

    Oh Dios porque no me encontré este blog antes!
    Me encanta la energía que pones en cada cosa que apareces!
    Y lo cómica que eres… ni se diga.
    Saludos Colombianos desde Argentina.


  • Jules