Sheer Shades

Leandra Medine | August 31, 2012

Give your eyes something to look at.

Does anyone else feel like the climatic rug has been forcibly slipped from under our feet and the labor day tag looming a mere five hours from here was essentially slapped onto a weekend that’s come far too close to its antecedent Memorial Day? …No? Well, you don’t know what fun is.

Should you find yourself among my camp of cynical believers though, here’s an interesting way to reason with an (abrupt) end to summer: sheer lenses. Because, you see, what we can expect from changing temperatures is weakening sun power thus allowing our eyes to indulge is less functional, more interesting for the sake of cool-factor sunglasses, enter the below.

I stopped by Barney’s after a meeting early on Tuesday morning and recognized the abundance of these lenses (photographed at left) by Oliver Peoples residing on an eye length shelf. Coincidence? I don’t believe so. (Right credits at bottom)

I tried them on, all four pair, several times before recognizing that I quite sincerely looked like a very high end child molester who has come to New York City as a photo-developer (see: One Hour Photo,) with no intentions to molest more children, perhaps even obtain a construction job where I could potentially continue on wearing sheer lensed glasses, though it should be noted, a deep and dark urge would still manifest within. Upon further inspection of the scenario I’d mocked up, it was clear that I must have the glasses in question which, of course, led me to think about trends and what have you.

I’m not all that off with this sudden craving, in 2011 DSQUARED2 previewed their amber lenses during a Spring show and the following Spring season, Missoni gave the pseudo-shaded lenses a go-ahead.

Lest I forget a certain Louise Gray, who falls into the new age of amber lens (at left,) too.

Remember a pink pair of Key Hole shades by Ralph Lauren? I was proud to recognize that unbeknownst to me, I’d conceivably been on trend. Still, I figured, this is a good one to share, if only because it beats them resort-centric reflective lenses. The ones that inevitably give the beauty shot-purveyors one more reason to wink at their, you know, reflections.

Sunglasses at top left: Oliver Peoples. At right: pairs in descending order by Super, Nasty Gal, Asos, Topshop.

  • rhiannon
  • Putri Soe

    and born a new trend! thanks, Man Repeller. gosh, fashion is so consumptive haha

  • Eileen Wang

    OMG that child molester comment XDDDDD

  • Elisa

    Oh dear you make me want the strangest things! But see now I’m craving for the lilac Oliver Peoples pair… they are so cool and yet so pointless!

    Elisa – Wandering Minds fashion

  • call me debbie

    And do you know which is the biggest shame of all? These kind of glasses (the round and the extreme ones) are AWFUL on me. God why? why?

     In Whirl of Inspiration

  • XeanaFashion

    Cool collection of sunglasses! I like all!


  • Deanna

    Isn’t being Trend Blind just as silly as being Label Blind? I mean, liking them just because other people have said they Like them?

    • Greet The Sun

      Fair point, but trends generally become trends because lots of people like them. That’s why companies follow bloggers like MR, to see what fashionable people are wearing.

  • Rebecka Persson

    Your child molester simile – hilarious! And still, I do think the glasses look great, but I doubt that they will look so on me (glasses hardly ever does, buhu). So yes, I envy all of you who will be able to pull them off!

  • PinkCheetahVintage

    I want the Nasty Gal pair!!

  • zesiku
  • monkeyshines

    stunning picks!


  • K.C.

    All those pretty glasses..
    It’s a shame humankind only got 2 eyes.

  • LauraUInc

    Ah sheer shades. I couldn’t think of a better place to feature these except on a site dedicated to the concept of pointing out that which repels men. Love the post, so witty.

  • KL

    Does anyone else remember the coloured sunglasses trend circa 99/00? Blue ones were all the rage back then

  • Betsy

    I am welcoming this trend with open arms.

  • Emma Louise Westbrook

    I absolutely love these sunglasses, especially the pink/peach coloured ones.

  • stylopolist

    u crack me up leandra

  • Far and Wild Jewelry

    this is totally carrie circa my motherboard myself. i’m gonna pedophile it under awesome and give it a whirl!


  • guest

    hilarious prose.

  • Morgan

    One Hour Photo? HA! Who knew anything from that movie would become chic! I’m pretty sure I can’t pull any of those off, but I love that you can. 🙂


  • ihaveadeer

    love the second pink pair :O


  • Donna

    Good to know my Betsy Johnson shades are on trend! (yeah I know it’s also trendy to call them “sunnies” right now, but I like to be different.)

  • Greet The Sun
  • champagnepicnic

    You could have also gone with the lovely bones in your molester scenario because in comparison to one hour photo, it is one of the worst films of all time.

  • Tamar Mardirossian

    Warby Parker is where it’s at.

  • dany

    i about fell over reading this as i had the same notion buying a pair of clear aviators. love it!

    xxo, dany

  • Captive Louise

    I wish I didn’t belong to the unfortunate group of people who look horrible with 99% of the sunglasses models available on this planet. The ones I love the most always make me look like some sort of mutant raver fly.

  • MKP

    I have some from Urban Outfitters, purple cat eyes, I love them!

  • Style Croissant

    They’re very early 2000’s P.Diddy

  • Anneka

    An eye-length shelf? That’s a pretty short shelf!

  • Namrata Kedar

    Maybe i would risk looking like a high end child molester for these! Ha!


  • CJ

    I love the child molester comment. I feel like since I’m still a teenager, I wouldn’t really look like a child molester if I wore them because I’m still in the age group that could get molested. Where does this leave me? oh christ.


  • Alexa Curtis

    I like your choices more then the runway ones…

  • Sarai Flores

    I need those glasses!

  • megancute

    Nice for cute like me,,,,,,,,, perfect match for perfect one