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Leandra Medine | August 1, 2012

…Lics. Wow, shiny, wow.

Today in more photographic proof that shiny pants are greater than normal pants, behold: Sinclar. A brand of denim pioneers that understand the female necessity to literally reflect whenever possible. Upon further silver pant investigation, I concluded quite quickly that it’s silly to imagine most women will want to invest any more than say, $20 in a pair of pants of the silver variety, much less if they clock in at upward of $1000 which is why in rebuttal to my own “Silver Slivers,” I introduce this to you. Sinclair will still not accomplish feeding your urge to spend twenty dollars only but will conversely only cost 10% of the aforementioned leather. In matters of the post per wear, I summon you to look down.

Utility, practicality, standing pigeon toed, about to urinate. Here, my outfit hopefully reflects–hehe, get it–the omnipresent girl next door, only sprinkled with a few more interesting quirks like round framed pink shades and a shiny ass bracelet to perfectly compliment a denim upper half. Also, mules. Mules that look like your grandfather’s bed slippers but are not your grandfather’s bed slippers. No, they’re your walking shoes. And they pinch your heels, no matter how hard and try as you may to break them in. But it’s a small price to pay.

This is just another example of the above portrayed. White walls seem to enable personality blossoming, don’t you think? Madewell blouse, Sinclair jeans, Jenni Kayne flats, Ralph Lauren shades, Dannijo bracelet, Aurelie Bidermann necklace.

Figure that an everyday outfit-fit for even the least conscious Repeller. And if that’s what that is, it’s fairly obvious that what this is, is word salad the night version, clad in the same shiny pant. Utilizing an eyelet tank that all but begs masking from an over-pixel-ated houndstooth print cropped vest achieves conventional “quirk.” Right? You can’t see it here but I’m using the infamous lips choker as a bow-tie of sorts. Open toe clear oxford heel bootie things seemed the only plausible footwear compliment. It’s hard to look at these now though, without begging that you call me, maybe.

And in case the outfit didn’t accomplish what I hoped it might, figure this an evening appropriate look because this is the dance move that defines a night out. And that, the face of a very drunk young lad(y.) Know what I mean? No? Oh. Well, bye. Balenciaga vest, By Malene Birger tank, Sinclair jeans, Oscar de la Renta heels.

  • Sheila

    I love the character you infuse into your posts!!! Definitely inspired;-)


  • Renata

    I kinda prefer the silver ones, but girl give me something that sparkles and we’re good! ^^ You look lovely. 

  • Tanja
  • Julie Patterson Brinkerhoff

    I think I’d like to see more of that tank.  I get the vest, but that tank has some personality, well, I think it does.  Now I have that damn song in my head again.  Just as I pull it out it gets pulled back in.  Conspiracy. 

  • blue roses

    i can really see myself in your pants there…… WINK.

  • Bri Wang

    Great pants. I’m loving the vest.



  • Reptilia

    Amazing look!! love these jeans!!


  • My Scrambled Style

    I love it. Great color!


  • ClosetCravings
    • Kolotoc89

      jenni kayne rocks

  • alice

    It is remarlable how you can even make blue metallic jeans look good (with the help of Balenciaga and Oscar ofcourse). Nailed it

  • Rebeka

    Those pants are perfect! And with the denim madewell top, I love! Good work, once again.

  • Pip

    I love your last outfit!!!!  The houndstooth vest looks great over the eyelet shirt!  xx, pip

  • Berty Morales

    In love with those metallic jeans and love both outfits!

  • Genevieve

    The perfect break from writing essays is reading your blog!


  • style frontier

    totally loove the pants. i like both outfits!

  • Kortlyn O’Quinn

    Making these pants is a job I could really see myself doing.

  • vasilieva

    love these pants. this just brings boring denim hue to a whole new level

  • Kim T. Pham

    Hahah, i love it!

  • little

    i love those pants and the photos and your explanations haha.

  • Natali Karppinen

    Your pants and cuffs are just fabulous!!

  • marinacasapu

    lovely!!! the shoes are amazing as always!

  • Oppositelipstick
  • Natasha GIVEAWAY!

    All that glitters is not necessarily gold – these are great pants.

  • Michele Crenshaw

    Those jeans are to die for! And that bracelet…SHUT. UP.

  • VotreAmie

    Love the metallic blue pants!!! 

  • monkeyshines

    fabulous layering!


  • Lens and anything else

    look lovely in the first pic :)!


  • The (un?) social butterfly

    I followed the link to the jeans — they´re sooo metalic INDEED. Loved them, thanks for the advice. BTW, they dress you beautifully!

  • Alisuca

    Love the evening look, from the houndstooth to the clear Oxford lace ups, simply amazing.


  • Garment Hunter

    hay! I want those pants! Oh yeah, mentioned you on my glob blog today. Ch-ch-ch-eck it out? 

    lyl leandra! 

  • Fkh

    I think I got to agree!!1 

  • gaowmichelle

    blue ones do not look EXPENSIVE. best wait for forever 21 to make a pair. and make it they will.

  • Kate

    I love your sunglasses in the first two photos! You are always so energetic in your photos, it really comes across and makes it so much more fun! x

    Kate {Modette}

  • Mila

    That madewell shirt looks a little oversized on you. what size is it?

  • Eat.Style.Play

    i think the worst choice i’ve ever made was NOT getting those Clear Heels when they were on sale at Niemans…they were brown too, which are m favorite color when it comes to shoes! Anyway hooray to shiney pants! 

  • Audrey
  • Annie Markantonatou

    love your flats! too expencive for me..

  • Kate

    Loving the second outfit. Shout at you houndstooth and love me lace…perfection.


  • Claire R-M

    this is perfect!! your jenni kayne flats are killing me, seriously softly

  • Tripsandtreasuresblog

    You have so many beautiful items, even in the weirdest combinations and poses they still look great!
    new outfit post

  • Pauline
  • CharlotteK_93

    love the top! 🙂

  • Soledad Valenzuela

    HAHA Leandra you’re so funny! 

    Xoxo from Peru 


  • Erika

    need your shoes!

    I wait u on my blog ;)kissErikamyfreechoice.netFACEBOOK PAGEBLOGLOVININSTAGRAM

  • life ed

    You are crazy girl…always smile…

  • Eloquettish

    Stunning ! not that repelling though !

    Elegantesque Blog

  • Snhendrix

    Those flats are sweeeeeet.  It’s like your grandfather & a little elf got together and collaborated on a shoe.

  • Aleksandra Paszkowska

    My eyesight just slightly more damaged after the close encounter with the reflective pant surface, I move on to expecting a little more of the shine, delusional that you’re going for the overkill here. The overkill technique often proves effective as a repellent, so I’m prepred for just that.

    And… Boom! Bang! Giant-ass improved houndstooth over lace. I need to call my opthalmologist.

    Oh! Are these clear heels and a whole lotta bling? Great, now I’m just typing randomly because of the temporary blindness.

    Which only means: great job! (Or however you spell that seeing nothing.)

  • Andrea

    love the pants 

  • Danakhater

    Posted about the latest footwear trend that even TMR seems to be donning: Loafers.

  • Nicole Cohen

    So those flats hurt? I love them. And what are those jeans actually made of?

  • Luna

    your photos are too cute! stop by sometime love x

  • jlondon218

    love the pants, but the sandals in the last photo are to die for. 

  • Ana Pejkanovic

    Those heels (second style) are amazing. And the bracelet…just perfect.

  • María Belén Acosta Meana

    I loooove those jeans!!

  • Laureen

    Always in love with you faces ! The first outfit is my favorite 🙂

  • Andrée

    Those are incredible! The copper-colored ones are not as beautiful as the pair you’re wearing!

  • Arzu

    Love the way you are 😀
    Never change!!?

  • Silvia

    You do the best layering! Ever!

  • Emma Louise Westbrook

    I really do love how fun your personal style posts are compared to most other blogs!

  • Eva

    LOVE the second outfit!! And blue sparkling jeans are kind of different from the others so it makes it really cool!

  • The Provoker

     lol you are hilarious! love the shiny pants, I guess I’d categorized that as man-repelling element #328 🙂

    xx nathan.niche

  • Filio

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these looks! The metallic jeans are amazing!

  • Selena Aponte

    both looks are simple and sexy, even with the denture-less silly face . the flats remind me of my Turkish slippers sans pompoms. 

  • Pauline

    Love shiny pants. I mean LOVE THEM. Nobody ever understands them. Everybody says something about how sparkly and weird they are when I wear them. But I do not care.

  • Dark Blue Stripes

    Killer killer pants! Need them NOW!

    Christie x 

  • The Lint Roller

    balenciaga vest is dreamyyy

  • Emily Jane

    You are SUCH a nut.  Love it!

  • Eva Kraaijeveld

    Awesome pants and great combinations!

  • Isy

    A-mazing outfits, once again. Dying a little for those Jenni Kayne Flats!!

  • Diana

    That Balenciaga vest is sick! I don’t know why I never bought that!

  • Alice

    Lovely looks!

    That first one is too cute. I definitely would wear it is I had those pieces!! 🙂
    Shiny blue pants with a gorgeous chambray top? I like it. Add to that some amazingly adorable pink sunglasses, gorgeous jewels on the wrist, and those awesome loafers and I WILL ROB YOU FOR THAT OUTFIT!
    I’m just kidding (or am I….)
    Whatever the case may be, shiny is my friend.

    I like shiny, shiny likes me, and everybody likes clothes.
    So yes, I will be lusting after some amazing shiny jeans now. 
    Yes, I will be attempting to layer as amazingly as you.
    And yes, even though this is my first time on your blog (GASP! the horror), I love you already.

    So could you just move next door to me and be my best friend and share your closet with me?
    That would be nice.
    I promise I’m funny (but not as funny as you), don’t have cooties, and share my food (because I love food)!! <#

    Have an awesomepossum weekend Leandra (and anyone else who sees this)! <3

    The Ace of Hearts

    • Alice

      Oh no! 
      Sorry for my fail heart.
      I shall fix it.
      <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Leslie

    you don’t know how jealous i am of that vest. and the skirt’s up there on the list too. brilliantly weird outfit with it, would never have thought of it! sorry i keep commenting… just hittin all the right notes lately MR!! 

  • chantelle

    So funny. Your satire kills me. 

  • milkthief

    farout your amazing!
    i llove your necklace and sunnies!

  • Alexa Curtis

    I love the last shot! That black and white vest looks so vintage and is such a classic style. Obsessed with the shirt you layered underneath.


  • nataluya85

    love the way those pants shimmer!


  • Théa Unknown

    Love the first outfit!

    Théa Unknown

  • Fashionablecollections

    lovin’ the jeans.

    Sheinside GIVEAWAY 

  • Jowan

    I’m soooo in love with the first outfit!  And I think the cuts on those pants are amazing!

    PS I want those Jenni Kayne flats so bad, but they cost a bit more than I’m able to invest in them.

  • Lauren

    The jeans look great! Loving the lace top also.

  • Marissa Joy

    Those pants are so fun! Love the shoes too 🙂

  • Joanna _18

    omg, how cool are your shoes leandra! how do you find sh*t like this…?:)))

  • The (un?)social butterfly

    You have nurtured in me an otherwise dorment desire for metallic pants — just got a pair of the more affordable variety, in a gunmetal shade. 

  • Genie

    Lol, I’m going to invest in a pair of my own metallic skinnies. I really like the grandpa slippers AND opened toe heels, what are you doing to me MR?!


  • Labellaluxe Boutique

    Sharp jeans and heels!

  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni
  • Loversofmint

    Waoo !!!
    J’adore, très joli look.

  • Maya

    ManRepeller how can I rock a metallic silver motto leather jacket??

  • DianaH

    The trick is to rip the elastic out of the heel! I have been wearing them every day no problem! 

  • Breakfastatcindis

    Loveeeeeeeeeeee your layering posts, you can make an outfit got from amazing to ridiculously amazing in seconds : )


  • laura

    Great outfit! Love the jeans!

  • Oblivion