Sunday Inspo

Leandra Medine | June 17, 2012

Painting pictures the color of our hearts, one lip at a time.

Back to business with one more sentiment to share: real men love overalls, cha ching. The latter events of last week have left me in an ambiguous country that smells like ocean. I’m still here though and when I say here I mean that omnipresently not like I’m cultivating my own brand of higher power but more like you can take the girl away from the computer but you can’t take the computer away from the girl, or something that renders a little more meaning upon reversing nouns. Above you’ll find a small dose of Sunday inspiration brought to you by Tommy Ton and the accents that paint the color of our hearts: rouge, motha fucka. That’s all I have though and I’ve got to go brush my teeth, so, bye! I love you.

  • Style-Squared by Z&M

    Red done tranilicious style!Love it!  

  • Sage

    real men can rock overalls. also, that picture is just perfection.

  • Hannah

    Yes. Lynn Yaeger is practically one of my heros. Congrats on getting married by the way!  You are my all time favorite blogger…not to mention idol, and also you pretty much inspired me to start my own blog last year, so thank you for that! 


  • Eva Kraaijeveld

    She looks absolutely incredible! Love the jacket she’s wearing!

  • Henrietta Grant
  • Monica

    I lover her outfit she looks really great! 🙂 

    “Awkwardly Dancing: Fashion, Films, Photography and Music”

  • TeuntjeVDW

    That jacket is freaking amazing! Red hot! xx.

  • Lilian Nagy

    Looks great! Love the Bag & the Jacket!

  • Reptilia

    Love that denim jacket!! And love the bag!


  • helena

    The jacket looks awesome!!


  • Janice

    Love the embellished jean jacket!

  • Isamarti2013

    have fun in your honeymoon! 

  • Kwyver

    LOVE the amount of red in that photo!

  • Lawrencef Harrison

    ITS RITA ORA!!!!

  • Window Shopper

    Love a little Sunday inspiration. She looks fantastic in rouge! xx

  • lindagfds
  • Marina Casapu

    This girl’s style is fantastic!
    Congrats with the wedding!

  • Skaff

    Congrats on getting married! You’re the ultimate man repeller now. Enjoy your honeymoon 🙂

  • Petite blonde
  • rhodawong
  • the coattail effect

    is that rita ora?! love to party and bullshit haha 😛 her style is great


  • Ariel Robert

    Congrats on getting married!

  • Rebecca

    You’re hilarious. Love you + congrats!

  • Audrey (hkittygirl)

    I love her dramatic waves in her hair and how she brightens up her whole outfit with the classic bag in a bold color!

  • How to be Fancy

    Happy nuptuals…and honeymoom. Now, shut the laptop, young lady! xx

  • Neijah
  • Eliza

    Looove that red bag! ♥
    I have neeeever seen anyone put rouge near their eye bags O.o

  • Gita Bončina

    Motha fuckin rouge is awesome!


  • Brijetblog

    Brush my teeth is code for crazy-no-amount-of-feathers-could-repel-honeymoon-sex!! Do we get to see more photo’s of the ensemble? I mean- man repeller does wedding, that’s an outfit to post about! 

  • Messamet serdane
  • Emma Louise Layla

    Rita Ora!  She looks awesome. Emma Louise Layla Xx

  • Cassandra

    She look so pretty! Love her red bag!

  • Boobieslifeandluster

    Ritas Style is so Quirky Well-Put Together Not… Adore it

  • Alexa Curtis

    Interesting look! All that red is cray haha.


  • HandmadeJewelrybyLucid

    Great picture, love the colors!

  • Mariana Leung

    Overalls (worn with nothing else) generally works both ways.  
    Rouge everywhere!  It dominates the (non black) areas of my wardrobe and on my apt walls.

  • Thefashioninformer

    Forget the bag, I’m loving Lynn Yaeger as always. She’s kind of the Original Flavor Man Repeller, no?

  • Niani Tolbert

    Rita Ora is one of my style icons 🙂

  • Alisonryncarz

    you are so awesome! I love your style!!

  • Victoria Saulovich

    Ooooh….the red bag! Must have. Xo victoria

  • cheap cosplay costumes

    She looks awesome!
    Love the denim jacket!

  • Kelsey Byrne

    You have an awesome writing style! Amazing blog…

    xoxo RetroClassy