Best in Sale

Expensive stuff that is still expensive but not as expensive as it was before.


Stop for a second. Sure, Pre-Fall is pouring in and to some, the ritual allocation of dollar dollar bills to, erm, the vast offerings being brought forward is already in full tow, listen to my first sentiment and…stop for a second. Following suit post Shoeday’s, you know, post, ladies of the red tag, it’s only June and the bi-annual sales we know and love are still in full swing. When I say that you know what I mean, roight? Roight? 50-70% off, cha-ching! (Ed. note: If you can locate the culprit behind my new affinity to shout cha-ching and then kill it, I’ll buy you a full set of any of the jamais-mentioned collage-o-lages below.) Now, in spirit of stopping your wool craving and endorsing the continuation of some raffia adoration, find here compiled three compositions of what I’ll dub the most lucrative sale squanders from around the interwebs. Starting with Net-a-Porter I give you:

From top left: Stella McCartney blazer, Burberry Prorsum raffia hat, Alexander McQueen dress–fine, this one is still unaffordable but holy pretty, you’re lovely to look at, Jil Sander structured bag–on trend for fall too, +1, Prabal Gurung purple satin shorts, Isabel Marant crochet tee–perfect for your nipple ring, Antik Batik woven clutch, Dolce & Gabbana tomato bloomers, Miu Miu printed midi skirt, Chloe nude sandals, Aurelie Bidermann and YSL rings, my favorite: Giuseppe Zanotti space cowboy bootayz, and finally: an Isabel Marant woven belt. Breathe.

And from Shopbop, at left: By Malene Birger green sequined dress, Alexander Wang hawaiian print blouse, Mara Hoffman tribal bathing suit, Eugenia Kim sun hat, Thakoon shorts, Alexander Wang purple traffic control sweater, metallic blouse by Ellery, the infamous Margiela sneakers–note the metallic shoe ubiquitous moment, 3.1 Phillip Lim purse, Pamela Love bronze skull necklace and an array of Dannijo bracelets. Now finally, for mi amigas across the pond or just generally into thinking British, acting Yiddish: here’s what’s up on My-Wardrobe:

Well, those are some large pants. In charge too: Acne stardust leather at left, Carven felt motorcycle jacket just above one very special D&G fruity print silk chambray combo-blouse from the last collection ever, forevor. Zimmermann bathing suit, Marc by Marc Jacobs peplum tee–perfect for cut offs or bloomers not unlike the ones previewed up up and above, Markus Lupfer sequined skull sweater–this one, stolen from da boys, Mawi bracelet for your arm soiree, another bit of Acne via full midi skirt, Priyanka charm bracelet and at last: Vanessa Bruno jacket. I’m tired, are you?

Hey, don’t forget to watch me look at sunsets and read Joan Didion, attempt to wear weapons as shoes on mountains with Manstagram right over hurrr.

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  • You suck. I can’t afford all of that!

    • HunnyHaveASeat

      LOL, no one said get it all.  Why complain about the stuff on here? You know she is has expensive taste.

      • Nathan Niche

         tryem it’s fashion, the whole point is excessiveness in itself already so why be pissed?!
        im sure u can spare a few high street pieces and save up for a nice sample sale designer piece that is classic and can last longer due to its better quality…

    • Ha ha! Then perhaps you should find a BARGAIN blog to read, not a high-fashion blog. Duh!

      • Suellen

         erm… i think she said that in jest? kind of joking? having a laugh? the “you suck” was affectionate? that’s what i gathered, at least. can americans ever understand irony? ♥

  • lindagfds

    I want that Miu Miu skirt and those Dannijo bracelets! (^_^) x


  • Ireneccloset

    nice ideas! thanks! 🙂


  • Kate

    I love everything from Shopbop but the taxes on the shipping to Europe always double the price of the items, which sucks..other than that you chose lovely pieces:) 
    xx Kate 


  • Sharon

    Still waaay to expensive for me :p

    But I love the drool all over those amazing garments.


  • Kirbybee

    Nice picks!! That Malene Birger sequined green dress is killer, ditto for the Prabal Gurung shorts!!



  • Nada Qamber

    Beautiful collection! I love them all! I don’t care if they’re expensive! If they look great on me, I’m buying it! xD 

  • so



    ♥ ThankFifi

  • Avery Leigh Cox

    Cha-Ching = Wayne’s World.  and if thats not it, its still pretty classic.  Love this round up!

  • welovefur

    Adoro il giallo, quindi non posso non apprezzare quel bellissimo blazer
    Un bacio


  • The Jil Sander structured bag is splurge worthy.

  • Eva Kraaijeveld

    I love these items so much…want them all!!


  • Lorelei

    I absolutely love the  Antik Batik clutch, most beautiful clutch I have ever seen. And the Chloé nude sandals are perfect!

  • wicked chicken.

  • Théa Unknown

    Love all of these items!

    Théa Unknownhttp://theaisunknown.blogspot.fr/

  • Brijetblog

    I don’t know if it’s the effects of the Grecian sun & love sickness on you or the fact that I am reading this at 1am but holy wowzers girl, you lost me a lil in your first paragraph, and I’d say Im pretty fluent in TMR sentence songs. Luckily, my vagina is in sync with yours so I know whats going on. The Burberry hat- had my eye on that puppy for a while. The thing I love about designer sales- ogling over things that are ever so slightly less unobtainable than usual. (double negative?) whatever…you get me.

  • Scarlett

    OMG I want everything!!!! I love my-wardrobe and Net-A-Porter, and Shopbop is literally my favorite website ever. Like, I’m obsessed. So thanks for showing us some of your picks. Woohoo.

  • Stephanie

    Hooray for the first Isabel Marant thing I can afford!

  • Coralyn
  • Style-Squared by Z&M

    For me, the purle shorts, the nude chloe heels, moto jacker and d&g shirt and i am all set! <3


  • A. David Verde

    The Miu Miu skirt and Green sequence dress are over the top! I want to see those on the street so bad! My camera needs to capture that. Great picks.

    Angel’s Point of View

  • Big fan of Alexander McQueen – love that dress! Big fan of Shopbop too. I’ve got to get to NY soon! Nice pics.. Show me the shoes you’d wear with the leather pants!

  • Agrevlos

    Cha ching–Seth Green made it popular in Rally’s hamburgers ads

  • Those Dolce shorts!!! I love them, but they are sold out boo.

  • Tiffanyphipps

    The MJ top is on sale?!  #gettobleekerstasap


  • Holly

    Eugenia Sun Hat – FAB-YOU-LUS!
    If you shipped to Canada I would take 3!!!!

  • Love the darling Alexander McQueen dress and the sharp Chloe nude sandals. The woven clutch looks fabulous and the Dannijo bracelets look cute!

  • Celia Méndez

    Le tengo el ojo echadísimo al blazer de Stella McCarthney desde que lo colgaron en net a porter…

  • VotreAmie

    My head is spinning – Can I have it all? and can someone other than me pay for it??!?!  muuwahahaha!

  • Myblissisthisway

    these are great sale choices, i want so many of them, thanks for sharing!!


  • i want that hat.

  • abigail lind

    beautiful picks to ring in summer!  and here are a few jewelry picks that would look great with any and all of the above!


  • Ohopkins42
  • Love the purses. Think the Batik woven clutch is my favorite. Thanks for sharing!

  • michelle williamson

    Those tomato shorts are wayyyy too cool! And the silver sneaks!

  • Great choices! Lusting after too many to mention, I better start a list. Although the Prabal Gurung shorts are right at the top.


  • I tried to fill my basket for a Michael Kors bag via netaporter and its plus $40 for shipment here in Oman. Id rather check first the great Singapore sale. Ill be there in a few…

  • Gita Bončina

    Great picks, thanks! I’ll sure get my hands on those Dannijo bracelets and Pamela Love skull necklace!! AAAAAAA, I’m a maniac! 😉


  • My favs are the tomato bloomers, I’d wear them with the Malene Birger green sequined dress tucked in, and the metallic Margiela sneakers. Too much?

  • Clau

    Great tips!!!
    x0x0 from germany!

  • Nathan Niche

    soooo many nice stuff! i want them all!! the dannijo stuff is hot!

    xx nathan.niche

    P.S. i leaked a photo of the fashion film preview, it’s from my big final project for uni, tell me what u think plss


  • Alimoresco

    I am literally obsessed with every item here.

  • Guest

    Sounds like Denzel likes a bargain

  • Nataliechristina

    I totally would LOVE to own all of this. I want a rich man.


  • I like the bright bloomers!!! Cute D&G shorts!!  xo

  • Companycdance

    Ah Love the Mara Hoffman bikini…and shit…EVERYTHING else! 

  • aww! rad tomato-pants!

  • Hahaha you can always count on designers to mark something from $937 to $665. Whatta deal man. Really love all these items though. Those leather star pants are definitely interesting…



  • If it’s not that expensive, can I get everything here!


  • Lilian Nagy
  • Prudent Fashionista

    Adore the Markus Lupfer sweater!


  • Anonymously In Debt

    The Eugenia Kim hat is perfect for summer, the stripes give it a nautical feel.

  • Shopbob is the best.

  • those shorts are nothing short of amazing…must have.

  • Belén cavas

    love Praval Gurung shorts!!!, and lovely Burberry hat, amazing mega mix!!!

    Big kisses from Spain.


  • Danae

    That Alexander  dress is gorgerous

  • the Margiela kicks are dope. still going for the denim ones though (thanks to you!)

  • Lola Reggy

    Loving the Acne leather pants, Soooo Coool



  • Hayden

    I want the Burberry Prorsum raffia hat!

  • SHIEEET…. hand over every single freakin piece. 

  • Sarah

    I need these, great choices!!

  • Jennifer Booth

    I have now successfully wasted the last several hours lusting over the sale pages of Net-A-Porter and Shopbop and hoping that pay day comes before they run out of my size in the Isabel Marant flatforms.


  • Phwoar… some nice pieces in here – dare you to buy and wear them All AT ONCE!!!
    If anyone can pull it off it’s you!  You definitely need to buy that weird golden metallic blouse


  • Love the huge straw hats and Eugenia Kim definitely knows how to make them fab!


  • Lisa Daniels

    I am totallemente feeling those Dolce & Gabanna tomato bloomers! 


  • Dianzshoes

    I really hate the fast that this blog has turned into your window to advertise and get a lot of money

    it is so embarrasing

    advertising unaffordable clothes

    how much do you ern by each pice of clothing that you advertise?

  • Alimoresco

    Check out Man Repeller X Dannijos jewelery I posted about! I am in love with it!


  • Lilly

    THOSE R SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!! Sitting with my sis, our mouths wide open!!! thx for the new wardrobe ideas! (i need a big old trash can and some lighter fluid to burn my recent wardrobe!!!)

  • Lol! That green Malene Birger dress is on my list as well!


  • Kesly

    I NEED those Chloe Nude Sandals… They’re perfect!


  • Erin Eastburn

    Love the printed shorts! Check out 20 Something! They just posted about printed shorts too!

  • What program do you use to make those photo collage-type arrangements? They’re awesome, and so organized! I’m lovin that Markus Lupfer sweater, tha’s so funny I just recently did a post on those too. Adorable. Love your blog, keep up the good work!


  • Hannahfile

    Love all these trends! 

  • lol

    i can afford it yay lol


    Yum. xx

    Twitter: @mai_ala:twitter