Prom 2012

Leandra Medine | May 21, 2012
Friday’s formal wear post sprawled an entirely different investigation that is actually not all that different at all. All. In the last few months I’ve received loads n loads n lots n tots of e-mails from ladies trying to craft prom outfits. It got me thinking about my prom–I wore a beige mini brocade dress that I found at Intermix with a pair of strappy Jimmy Choo sandals that I had saved up $350 dollars for. They were on sale and that was still considered really expensive in 2007. Fluctuation, people. Yikes. It was so plain and alas, I so loved it. This is because I didn’t really know yet. Know what to take out of fashion for one thing, but also how to use clothing as a canvas to express myself. I can really commend the girls of this day and age for actively seeking advice from people they don’t know so to perfect their alpha-prom outfits because it’s more than just an outfit. It’s a step closer to self discovery. And on a less introspective note, you remember how big a deal prom was, don’t you? To get into the heads of these girls, I thought about what I would wear if I could do it again in my current aesthetic and three characteristic styles came to mind. See the collages below to obtain a little bit of the inspiration–this is a keyword–that went into crafting the respective looks.

Number one was a very formal and full yet ankle length dress worn under a motorcycle jacket to create a magical disconnect. The ankle length leaves room to bust out your most favorite bright shoes, so do that. It’s unconventional, it’s awesome. Photographed you’ll find: a Vivienne Westwood dress, R13 white leather jacket, Tom Binns necklace, and Alaia heels.

Or, forget the dress all together and look to separates. A super swanky skirt can be well complimented by a plain white tee and the right erm, arm party. This also leaves room to add an overtly formal purse, one not unlike the minaudieres featured. I for one, am particularly keen on this guy. Baublebar earrings, Dannijo, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy bracelets, LNA cropped tee, Lanvin skirt from The Outnet, Lanvin and Forever 21 minaudieres, Peter Pilotto x Nicholas Kirkwood heels.

Alas, there’s that jacket again. For a piece of clothing so unique and ultimately somewhat unwearable, there’s something to be said about the amount times I’ve factored this freak into a look. Isn’t there? No? Whatever. The fact of the matter is, prom can and should be the template that allows you, the high school veteran to make a point about the kind of woman you intend to become. Resist societal norms and feed your weird habits. Do it. Junya Watanabe jacket, 3.1 Phillip Lim tank, Prabal Gurung pants, Brian Atwood heels, MR. Dannijo necklace. Okay, bye!

  • Tinacious Me

    omg those shoes!!!
    Tina @

  • Natasha Fatah

    I love these picks. I wore white to my gradeschool grad, and my high school prom. Nothing beats a white dress. 🙂

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

  • skaff038

    I played it so safe on my prom. Simple, short black dress with black peep-toe pumps. If I were to go back in time, I would've worn that insane print dress with the hot pink shoes that my ma voted against. Girls, prom will be the last time you see 95% of the people from high school. Wear whatever the eff you want.

  • Wandering Minds

    I wish I could do prom all over again, I would definitely go for something a little more interesting this time!


    Wandering Minds clothing

  • Elise and Margot

    These outfits are put together perfectly!

    x For Happy Days

  • blue roses

    i love the idea of separates…. if i could hop into a time machine, hot tub or otherwise, go back 8 years, a flowing skirt and a sleek, simple white blouse or tee totally would be my prom jam. my date was gay, for chrissakes, i had no reason to go all out full length gown…….

  • libby

    this almost makes me wish i was going to prom again… i would definitely do it differently if i had the chance! love the separates – i'd go that route if i was doing it today.


    Love these. Wish I'd been daring enough at my prom to have been a bit bolder, but alas it was satin+updo for me.

    Sea and Swank


    i love your 'out there' ideas with prom!

  • Julie

    My prom is in a week… I bought a red Oscars-like Marchesa dress and Zara nude high-heels (the Marchesa gown left a small budget for the shoes)

  • Hen Grant

    Love the separates – not many people would think of it when going to prom! But its definitely more of an eye catcher for me, especially with those zingy necklaces!


  • deliahangel

    I love the white shoes with the bow on the back. They are really awesome!

  • Moi Contre La Vie

    I love these options! I wish I'd been interested in fashion when I was in high school, my prom dress was a horrible purple monstrosity… Best not to dwell.

  • Bonnie,Clyde and Marni…..

    i love the second outfit!!

  • Irina Bugai

    Love all the outfits! If I could go back in time to my prom I would've definitely wore something fun and special like these outfits.

  • lola and paz

    Gorgeous!! Great Mix!

  • The Edit

    WOWEE so fun! The Prabal Garung pants and the Brian Atwood heels are definitely on my wish list!

    xxx the edit xxx

  • Alyssa

    That Vivienne Westwood dress is divine!Oh how I wish I could do prom again….well the dress part at least….

  • modelovers

    Oh wow the white jacket and the necklace are incredible!

  • Luna

    Loving all your weird picks! Where were you when I went to prom!?! I wore a dress 2 sizes too big and had matching shoes. Rock on, girlfriend.


  • Aurélie and Angelo

    Such gorgeous pieces, love the dress and heels in the first look, the skirt and heels in the second, and the trousers in the third!

  • Gita

    I love all of these combinations. I don't have any prom or whatsoever, but the pieces on the last photo… Damn I would wear them good!
    Inspiration! 🙂


  • Sheyla

    If I could repeat the prom experience I would go with looks 2 and 3. I would wear look 1 for my wedding (if I ever have one). That Junya Watanabe jacket is starting to grow on me.
    Take care.

  • Sophia

    The first one is really nice! To me it doesn't even look repelling 😀 But well I'm a girl so that doesn't count!!
    The third one is fierce: These shoes and that necklace? Oh yes please!!!!

  • WearAbouts

    I love the idea of wearing pants to prom! I'm a sophomore so no pram for me this year but ill totally pram it up man repeller style next year! I CANT WAIT 😀
    Enter to win an OASAP leopard pleated skirt!

  • Nuar

    That's exactly the way I felt when I had my own prom-like party, ages ago!! In my Argentinian province it's called "The White Ball", and as the style-obssesed girl I was even then, I had to do my own fashion statement that day. So, I had my strapless column gown made in ivory -instead of crisp white-, and crafted jazmines in the same fabric, with dark green leaves, worn as sleeves (that is under-the-arms elastic bands). Believe me, the result was pretty awesome and unique, of course!
    On your proposed sets, J'adore the third one!!
    María José

  • Rubia Mala

    I love those mashups! for my prom I wore a black custom made dress by one of our national designers: BLACK&LIBERTY;, she's awesome!

  • Miss K

    I am unable to pick a favourite item; they're all great!

  • Monica L.

    I love that vivienne westwood dress! It's so beautiful!

    Great outfit ! 🙂

    Visit my blog it's new but it's very nice 😀

  • Sharon

    Love the white leather jacket!

  • Rhea Dillon

    In love with the second looks heels and the third looks necklaces, all about that bling!
    Wish I hadn't already done my prom now,


  • the (un?)social butterfly

    That Vivienne Westwood dress is actually on my wedding day wishlist on net-a-porter along with a pair of blush pink Charlotte Olympia heels with a pom-pom detail on the front 🙂 The Prabal Gurung pants are on a different wishlist — I think I would even wear them for work, but of course for a formal event as well. They just might be the most beautiful thing I´ve seen done by him…

    I love your looks, they are edgy but still very young and fresh and I think wearable by teenagers (one is afraid of boldness when one is young).

  • McKenzie

    I love the first white jacket!

  • Creativity&Chocolate

    We don't have a prom at the end of high school but when I see these pics I wish we had…On the other hand, I wasn't that secure of what I wore at that age…Anyway, love these looks! Especially the first two!

  • Ms.Fashionista

    This weekend was all about prom! My Facebook newsfeed was filled with everyone! I wish I knew people that would wear Jimmy Choo heels haha! That will SO be me. I can't wait! Not sure if I would wear a white dress to prom like that one but it is gorg!


  • Hannah

    Now I can't wait until my prom to wear something like this! Or who knows what the fashion industry will have dreamed up in three years…Thanks for the inspiration!!


  • Annie

    my prom was years ago, but it is so fun to think about what I would wear right now if I could go again. love your inspirations and would totally go for somethimg more crazy than the pretty simple dress that I chose back than. maybe something like outfit 2?!

    X, Annie

  • Patricia

    awesome combinations!! Definitely winners for Prom!!

  • Eliza

    Creative picks! Although I'll admit that I probably never would have worn something that crazy to prom, even if I could go back and do it over.

  • amarabubz

    these choices are unbelievably perfect, great combinations, if only you were my own personal shopper i could take with me everywhere. the gorgeous dress mixed with the leather jacket gives it a real rebel-prom-chick-kick!

  • Aleksandra

    Love white jacket !!!

  • GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle

    Can't believe it's prom already. Love your picks.

  • Adelina Alexander

    I would absolutely wear all three!!!

  • Dama

    I love all the outfits!

  • Ría
  • Dylana Suarez

    That white leather jacket is bad ass!


  • Jennifer Booth

    Freaking in love with this post, and the way you write, and the way you are so blatantly, unapologetically, gloriously yourself.

    Also, now planning to wear something similar to second outfit to work sometime soon. I'm a princess, bitches – every day is prom for me.

  • Kate

    That first dress…. gorgeous. x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  • Yevgeniya Yelkina

    LOL now this is what im talking about!! the first for sure~ and the 3rd a close second!!!


  • Bettina

    I mean, all three had to be pinned. Such inspirational choices for Prom, and totally something I'd love to rock now to a wedding!

  • matchalattewardrobe

    AWESOME. Those combos are just stunning. I'm too old for prom nights, but I'll surely find (any) other occasion to try something like that.

  • brijetblog

    I fucking love those Prabal Garung pants, and the NKxPP heels, I dream of them everyday! It's just all good. It's good. So good.

  • liluratu

    my god. these are all perfect. i am definitely using this as inspiration. especially the second outfit, i love the idea of a plain outfit and HEAPS OF ACCESORIES

  • sydney

    Definitely not the typical prom ensembles, yet they all simply and rather unexpectedly work! Especially adore look 3.

  • leclerc gazetka

    Red shoes are awsome – agressive and sexy

  • Jannine Frend

    fantastic pics!
    i wore a pretty minty dress to my prom… but that was like 6 years ago! would you agree with me that i was a trend-forecaster?
    XO Repeller!

  • Leigh Ann

    I wore a vintage wedding dress and no shoes. My date thought I was nuts. Thank God he was also my best friend.

  • Louie

    ahh prom. wish i could do it all over again with these outfits!!

    xo louie

  • Chapas

    I love those red shoes ! awesome blog !

  • Collections

    Love these outfits… particularly the second and third ones.


  • Lana Hunt

    adoring the fact you pulled a look together with PANTS for prom! love it. and that white Vivienne Westwood dress is BOMB.


  • jchough

    i want to see what this would look like on a real person!

  • Claudia Paez

    Loving the Prabal Gurung pants!! I would totally wear that to prom…so much more comfortable and dance-able!

    you're the best! 🙂

  • Kiersten

    I love this. 🙂 For my prom I wore a black corset with a huge white tutu, black and pink striped tights and ballet slippers (not flats, the actual ballet shoes).


    Love the white tank, and I'm so curious about a photo of your prom outfit.

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  • NainVintage

    Damn it! I wish I was 17 again! …sigh…  |  Intagram: nainvintage

  • Liz