Big Winnings

I love looking at the blog, Move Slightly because Elizabeth’s hand must be steady as shit to be able to perfect the manicures she imposes upon herself, see: Prada shoes that actually look like Prada on little baby nail beds. The nail art craze at large got me thinking about my own nails. I think in the span of the last six months I’ve gotten about 3 manicures. Reason being: I am far too anxious to wait for my nails to dry–30 minutes is a long time to lose mobility in one’s fingers–and I can always think of better ways to spend the time which often parlays into better ways to spend those ten dolla bills. See: pharmacy trips, fish tacos at Tacombi, spicy margheritas at virtually anywhere.

images from Move Slightly

See? So real. Now, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed this but I haven’t been offering very many giveaways as of late, that reason being: if I’m going to do it, I will do it balls out. I’m talking weener out of pants, and so when the following idea fell onto the peripheral of my brain, all I could think was: eureka. Free manicures for a year–yes, free manicures for one whole year–could theoretically give the modern woman who thinks like me a chance to have her cake and eat it too. Catch my drift? Know what I’m saying? Whatever. In conjunction with Lifebooker, the OpenTable equivalent of salon and spa related quandaries that offers daily deals on beauty related, you know, deals, currently based in NY, LA, San Fran and Chicago, you can win those manicures. Just sign up for their service using this fancy link and then comment on this blog post with a horror story of your choosing that involves fingers. Hehe. Leave your e-mail address and a winner will be announced next Tuesday on twitter, which means, yes, you should likely be following me. Okay, go.