So Handsome

Leandra Medine | April 24, 2012

Here’s a serious question: do you remember elementary school classes reserved entirely to raise endangered species awareness? I do. One time I bought a t-shirt with a gorilla on the front that read “To Be or Not to Be.” I thought the Shakespeare quote under a hairy face was somewhat funny but my mother was not amused by my using the entirety of the only money I was allotted each week to purchase the tee. I suppose that right there is actually quite telling. Carrie Bradshaw may have skipped meals for Vogue but my twelve year old self was all about them mens sized monkey tees. Today though, wildlife preservation comes far easier. A certain swimwear brand has taken the notion of using ones body to celebrate endangered species (among other things like the Eiffel Tower and James Dean) and fashioned a statement.

Eureka! I’ve had my neon eye on the kitschy one-piece bathing suits fostered by We Are Handsome and have been meaning to throw these freaks on to Man Repeller for a while. I quite like this particular puppy face. With the ambiguous 90 degree days that come and go and a more recent advance: Moda Operandi hosting a week long trunk show for the aforementioned brand, I figured there’s no better time than now. See? Bear ass, literally. No moon shine here, pal. Black tiger, seaplanes, Scuba Steve, snow leopards, an American Beauty inspired one piece that may also function as a play on the vaginal ha-ha’s we love so hard. Now if that’s not expert man repelling beach side, do share. What is?

Also, should I get one for Pete? I’m thinking metaphysical flamingo on flamingo.

  • Charlotte Wilder

    Pete needs that toucan Sam one piece more than anything. Well, actually, he'd look great in that tiger bikini, too, so I don't know. Depends how much bright pink skin he'd like to show.

  • Joana Sá

    So perfect that swimsuit with the black cat

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  • anna

    no doubt, these are totally man reppelling!

  • Sofia, Sónia e Sara Cunha

    I have an awesome swimsuit from asos ordered, Can't wait!

    Sónia from Cats & Sisters

  • Anonymous

    Black milk swims are so much nicer though!

  • Reptilia

    Love all of them!! Can't wait to summer time!


  • Clémence

    J'adore j'adore j'adoooOOoooore !!!!

    Great selection and since I'll spend the summer in a swimming pool (for a none glamorous reason/physiotherapy) I'll definitely uplift my mood with one of these!!!

    Thanks Leandra for transfoming my boring summer into a gRRRRReat one!


  • Top Moumoute

    Everyone needs one of these, even a plastic flamingo!

  • Elise

    These are awesome – oh, and handsome, no doubt!

    I can also imagine that some of those colourful, printed swimsuits would look pretty cool paired with say, denim cut-offs and a blazer, for some everyday off-beach man repelling.


  • Midnight Cowgirl

    Love the one with the planes!

  • Sharon

    I love the one with the panther!


  • vanessa (the gal)

    lord have mercy. 😉

  • pattyandlo

    Lurve. I am obsessed with a similarly inspired and rad print bikini by Mulberry — with a British seaside print on it.

  • The PvdH Journal

    Now these really are the definition of man repelling… just picture what guys would say at the sight of them haha.

    Would make lovely bodies with 'boyfriend' jeans (ugh I hate that term…)


  • laura

    GAH that damn panther suit is haunting me! Sold out everywhere. Sadness.

  • modelovers
  • good times tora

    i absolutely love the black cat one. looove it

  • Mackenzie

    Graphics and photograph printed clothing is very in now and growing. im really liking it.

  • Creativity&Chocolate
  • Natasha Fatah

    Hooray for so many one piece suits!

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

  • Eileenie

    OMG I love!!!!!!!! Want the James Dean one (XD) among others…

  • Neijah

    Onsies!!!!! I can't wait for summer

  • MeganRose.

    that story is so sweet lol. i remember learning so much about endangered species. your blog is one of the few i actually enjoy not only seeing but reading. btw, i saw that you liked one of my copious listings. i was really excited for that lol.

  • Allegra

    haha I did the same thing! gorilla with some pink headphones – hot, hot, hot I tell ya, unfortunately the pink was washed out very soon 🙁

  • LindseyC {wanderluck}

    I had that same shirt…. in ocelot. Sexxxxyyyyyyy.

  • jenaly enns

    some really nice ones.

  • Lana Hunt

    I've been eyeing this brand for a while now too!! Loving that tiger? print two piece here.


  • Styling Black

    love these one-pieces.

  • Domonique Wilson

    Really into the floral's however no summer would be complete without your own James Dean swimsuit… genius 🙂


  • Gine

    C u at the gym, girls! Without training these could be a little tooooooo man repelling 🙂

  • Ms.Fashionista

    I love this time of the year because it is bathing suit season. Just another fab accessory. The floral ones are amaze. Very vintage but modern.



  • Ría

    I love the one with the flowers.

  • Jennifer

    the puppy one you linked to is amazing. i want one of these, having a bear on my butt would be fun x

  • Miss K

    Great selection! I'd take all of them.

  • Vasilieva

    i love all their designs, the most awesome swimwear out there

  • B Allen @ What2Wear

    I want to get my hands on one of these!
    Brooke @ what2wear,

  • Window Shopper

    I fell in love with We Are Handsome a few months ago. The bathing suits are absolutely amazing.


  • girlvstheworld

    Love your blog, big inspiration to a blogging newbee like me. Would love any feedback if you have the time!

    Alicea at

  • Vasare Nar

    these are just great! I want most of them!

  • Anonymous

    what sites have you been looking for it on?

  • Tatiana and the Deathly Fashion

    Omg this is perfect! I want all of them, so great!

  • Elle Johns

    I hope my doggie won't get jealous if I wear another canine on my chest. I wish you could personalize them….pet owners everywhere would rejoice!

  • Her Persona
  • dictionary_of_fashion

    Flower print <3

    P.S. Join my giveaway: and win a dress 🙂

  • lucia m
  • AmyArisse.

    lovely designs, the one with the bear is great!

    xx amy.

  • Angela

    Please please please do an outfit post in one of these while you are over for MBFWA !!!! It would ROCK our socks.

    A x

  • Kayla @

    Those. Are. AWESOME! Lovin' the toucan one!

    xo Kayla

  • monkeyshines ♥

    fantastic prints!



    Cant wait to buy!! Gorgeous!

  • Yuka
  • ellie

    Oh my god, I totally had that SAME gorilla t-shirt and I LOVED it. haha!

  • Collections

    Love this.


  • Natalie

    I remember those endangered tees!! omg! haha. i either had the gorilla or the tiger. then there was a zebra one that looked like a barcode!

  • Nicola

    We Are Handsome is amazing! Thanks for the MO tip, MR.

  • Ruby Hooke

    Black Milk do rocking printed swimsuits.
    Just FYI.
    I have a one peice with a Hokusai print

  • jennifer Cardella check her delicious suits out!

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