Man Repeller x DANNIJO: Eye Spies

Leandra Medine | April 5, 2012

In partnership with Dannijo.

You’ve watched the trailer, seen the teaser and now, here we are: live from New York where it’s not Saturday night but MR. DANNIJO Volume IIis officially in tow. It all started back in February 2011 when Danielle and I fell into each others proverbial laps at a party near Lincoln Center. She was all “I love you!” And I was all, “I love you!” And there, the foundation for a fruitful friendship that would extend far beyond the boundaries of the State of New York and last for-ev-or virtually manifested. Name the movie attached to for-ev-or and I will give you a necklace. Just kidding, I won’t. But I’ll feel more closely connected to you. A Sandlot derived kinship, if you will. Never mind that though, this is about facial features above the fold and when I say fold, I mean nose. So, have a look at the thuper duper thweet lookbook just below.

Well, here’s us, not standing but sitting against a familiar wall if you know what I’m saying. If you don’t, click me. I am the third sister, by the way. This entire collection is a means to obtain more than two eyes and represents the notion of taking what is inevitably there: ergo, two eyes of your face, two sisters on your family tree and skewing or duplicating it.
See? Natural chemistry. Sisters. I only ever had brothers so I really penetrated this duo until they said: you know, one more sister can’t kill us. They were wrong–but we’ll let them figure that out for themselves.

Sister sentiment aside though, this collection initially meant to be a salute alien life on (and off, mostly off) earth. We planned to center it around planets, and aliens, and astronauts and eyeballs. As it happened, the eyeballs were cooler than most anything else we’d conjured up and so we went with the eyes, became spies, and ran. See–even when Jodie isn’t looking at you, she is looking at you.At you.

And when I’m not looking at you, I’m actually incessantly staring at you–and I have twenty eyeballs to prove it.Really, count them.

There are, of course, a slew of arms that like to party–some hairier than others, but with mutually similar interests, e.g. iPhone cases, bright colors, black marble, staring.

To the right here, you will notice an anklet that is actually a necklace wrapped around my foot. We are a very diverse collection of jewels. What you will see to the left is a crazy ambiguously dubbed female peeking out of a rail attached to stairs. Funny thing about this rail–it’s been freshly painted. So sorry, Acne sweater, pants.

Not that sorry, actually, nothing happened to the threads. Here’s a detail shot. Detail shot! My ring has eyelashes. This ring has eyelashes. One bracelet does too. If you’ll pay deeper attention to my crotch, you may also notice two small eyeballs peeking out of my pocket. Those are earrings but every earring deserves the chance to be a micro-brooch so that’s the opportunity we are presenting.

Finally, we take a nap. Subsequently, I use another eye to pick my nose. Welcome home, little lads!

Collect them all, start here. And please do pay attention to their titles. This is a package deal bound my thoughtfulness and love that we are providing, people. All photos by Naomi Shon.

  • .Tinacious Me.

    these are such great statement pieces!
    xo, Tina

  • Rachel

    These photos are absolutely gorgeous with you and your sisters!
    LOVE the jewelry too.


  • The Wearist

    Wow, the necklaces are breathtaking!

    The Wearist

  • WearAbouts

    wow—those are EXTREMELY cool. I can't wait to get my hands (eyes?) on one of those rockin anklets 🙂
    Congrats on the release! 😀
    Enter my giveaway!!!

  • Aurélie and Angelo

    These are absolutely stunning! Great photos too! xxx

  • BunnyFuFu

    such adorable pictures! the pieces look amazing can't wait to choose one!!!

  • Brunette Blogging

    Lovely, but that was to be expected 🙂

  • Fashion Reactor

    Can i have them all please!!!!!! Great designs and colours. And you girls look great. Love your style in the photographs 😉
    Greetings from Greece!!

  • Jolie Jouel

    This was the most hilarious and enjoyable post to read! Loved it all…love you, love the DANNIJO sisters, love their jewels. Going to their site now!

    My jewelry blog:

  • thestyleflux

    Oooo… love those beaded accessories, looks really awesome! 🙂

    Kaye Awatin

  • Eileenie

    OMG I LOVE THESE! Perfection neck party 😛

  • Lauren@Styleseer

    Loving the bracelets!

  • Brigita

    You girls did a great job! It is so colorful and well made. Looks thought trough. I just can't stop watching at these pieces!
    xx Brigita

  • Top Moumoute

    such cool necklaces, would be great with a white tee!

  • Tiago Andrade

    Love it:)

  • Anonymous

    Why aren't the bracelets with the bigger eyes on DANNIJO's website?

  • Isa

    So beautiful – you, the sisters, the necklaces. Give them to me. NOW!!!:)

  • shh

    I was an extra in Sandlot. Love the new pieces!

  • alessia

    Awesome. Absolutely love the jewelry and your commentary! Don't see them on the DANNIJO site though. When do they go live?

    xo Alessia

  • Anonymous

    or the earrings?

  • Anonymous

    I can't find the beaded eye bracelet!

  • monkeyshines ♥

    beautiful pieces, love all three looks!


  • Montes Y Mills


    montes Y mills

  • Neijah

    Beautiful collection! Eye absolutely LOVE that phone case…wish it was for a blackberry!!!!


  • helena FIdalgo

    wow, I MEAN, WOOOOWW!!


  • Binklins

    where can I pick up one of those FIERCE fire hydrants?

  • modelovers

    The summer collection is so wonderful! Great Pics!

  • Emmi

    stunning jewelry!

  • TheMinx

    everything here is amazing!! I'm so inspired. and your shoes are fucking fierceee

  • Man Repeller

    they are–you have to specify large or small on that same page.

  • Maria

    Love the jewelry!!! I want everything!!! The pictures are amazing, you all look great, and so does the jewelry!!! SO COOL!!! I CAN'T GET OVER IT!!!

  • Sharon

    I really like those jewelery pieces!

    But they are a bit above my budget 🙁

  • RaspberryBlonde

    haha, I love the shot where you pick your nose with an eye. Beautiful necklaces!

  • Anonymous

    hey man repeller, where are those little earrings?


    these are totes the new friendship bracelets, mustie for my bestie!
    how do they run in size?? i see small and large on the site

    stay cinched,

  • Collections

    Definitely scooping up some of this 🙂 Giveaway!

  • Irina Bugai

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  • Irina Bugai

    Wow Love them all! And want them all!

  • Jaime @ La vie…J’aime

    when are the earrings being posted? I love them! don't see on the site. thanks!

  • Catherine

    You guys are adorable. I am loving all the bright, vibrant colors in the collection.

    The movie is Sandlot, but I think you already said that. Hah.


  • Stacy

    Stunning jewelry with the eyes. I like these accessories – amulets for good luck!

    Stacy from

  • duckalicious

    this is one eye even man repellers wouldn't mind to be given. (get it, get it?)

  • Leah

    Love this collab. I want the iPhone case! You definitely fit in as the 3rd sister!

  • Styling Black
  • Mary


    Maria Onorio

  • Creativity&Chocolate

    Amazing jewelry and pictures. Love the fun in it swith the little faces and eyelashes in it!


    Extremely gorgeous pieces!


    Really god job! I will definitely own one of this pieces:)

    It is so much humor over this jewelry, that it is difficult to forget it:)


    This shoot is AWESOME. So much print/color/style inspiration here. Rad!!!

  • Annie

    gosh they are soo different, but different pretty. such amazing eye catchers
    thumbs up and congrats on them

    X, Annie

  • the chilicool

    OMG, they are all fab!




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  • Alison

    So beautiful. The colors are incredible!

  • Vasilieva

    brilliant, awesome job

  • Amy Rose

    Wow, what an incredible collection! I want it all? How do I get it??!

  • Anonymous



  • Kimberly

    great photos love all the pieces and your shoes are to die for!
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    Your photos are simply magical, colorful, vibrant and original ! What a lovely barcelets collection, thanks for the sharing.

  • Ms.Fashionista

    I love how you are all wearing ripped jeans! So chic. Those pieces are absolutely stunning and way beyond anything I have ever come across before. I love love the eye. It's such an amazing symbol so the fact that you incorporated it into a whole collection is fab.


  • mischelle

    the twenty eyes are my favorite!

  • I Z A B E L A

    omgodddd those pieces are actually to die for!
    i need them!
    thankyou SO much for sharing

  • Mackenzie

    SUPER cute! I love these looks

  • Gabrielle @ LookSharpSconnie

    Too bad I consider tic-tacs a splurge.

    beeauutifulll pics though. Necklace w/ the collared shirt is phe.nom.


  • Yuka

    the bracelets better not sell out before i get my paycheck. FORRREAL.

  • Run With Fashion

    Woow, loove the necklace with the eyes, looks like a cats face. ^^
    Love the 20 eye ball necklace too. Love the whole eye idea. ♥
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  • Midge

    Love everything about this post! Salivating over the colors…


    wow, i love the necklaces!

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    They've got the most beautiful pieces. Love the story of how you made your way into their sisterhood 🙂

  • Prêt-à-Penser

    I want ALL OF THEM. They're beautiful, like OH SHIT WOW!


  • Audrey
  • Lisa
  • Laura

    Those titles are great. Esp. love "Umbilical."
    The jewelry is great too, some not-so-subtle creepiness there that I appreciate.

  • Elizabeth

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  • ImportKt

    Looooove what your brain does to the accoutrements of leg, arm, neck and other assorted appendages! Come design with me in the sunny fun foot hills of the Hud Valley! We'll walk across a really tall bridge, frolic in the beauty of Ulster County ( Dutchess, not so much on the frolicsome) and ultimately create some beautiful, wearable hysteria.
    Offers on the table whenever yer ready =)

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    Hi from Germany,

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  • Anonymous

    the light blue ikat/ethnic woven blazer that one of the dannijo sisters is wearing in the last few photos is awesome. Do you know where it is from?

  • dictionary_of_fashion
  • JPS

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  • Hannah

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    Estamos com a campanha google +1 e contamos com a sua colaboração

  • Allison

    This jewelry is playing on the evil eye (warding off evil) from the Middle East.   Love it!  The 80’s stlye jeans may be offensive to some.  Fashion in countries such as Israel can be time warped…watch the Adam Sandler movie You Don’t Mess with The Zohan.   Just because fashion is an North American “man repellant” doesn’t mean that applies elsewhere!

  • The Pink Cupcake

    i love dannijo but i think that it is very expensive!!!! Expect of this  i love your style and your way that combine clothes with your own style!!! <3