Ironic Jewels

A recent appreciation for lip adorned chokers, bracelets, hoopssprawled an entire investigation that would look to the type of jewelry that has subjectively created a unique niche and sincere fan base. This ultimately equals success and so we can assume the brands in question are doing something right. The common denominator in those speculated is irony. And why? Because the beautiful, lust worthy fashion jewelry of today doesn’t translate beautiful and lust worthy when the item in question isn’t, you know, jewelry. It’s the weird details and imperfections that make them perfect injected with an important dose of rawness. Let me explain. Bugs, skulls, bullets, safety pins, roaches, eyeballs and you know I love a good pair of lips, for example: cool when dipped in gold, silver, brass, ox brass, you know how it goes. When in raw form, however, either mundane–cue the safety pin, or grotesque, cue the roach.

Noir batman studs, hand cuff, pelican ring. Delfina Delettrez column cuff, lips. Jennifer Fisher bullet ring, angel wing bracelet, safety pin ring. Aurelie Bidermann snake and leaf rings. Mr Kate bark bracelets, Made her Think studs with nail. DANNIJO skull earrings. Bijules cockroach brooch.

So what is it about us and weird jewelry. The trend’s skeleton, so to speak, has been there a long time: snake, bug, skull silhouettes are costume staples at very least but the rest of it–why? Take a look at the Man Repeller and Dannijo collaboration. Six styles of jewelry, all adorned by eyes–and that wasn’t particularly a play on evil eyes. It’s actually more a salute to eyeballs in general, a sort of spin on aliens in outer-space, our taking the mundane and making it beautiful, giving eyes a way to look around, even when they’re not looking. Ya di ya di ya. This difficultly has no answer except maybe the transgression of irony in different fashion scopes but I really defer to you to figure out why we’re so enthused by the boring and grotesque in matters of wrist, finger, neck-wear. You’re up.

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  • wow, great picks! wearing these is like a party on your hands!
    xo, Tina

  • How we've progressed from the ironic T's to now ironic jewelry…and even those ironic smoking shoes. I like fashion with a sense of irony. πŸ˜‰

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

  • Nice selection!

  • love! if you like all of these you should check out antonio palladino here's a pic of her amazing octopus ring..LOVE (i think she still sells at barneys)




  • πŸ™‚ love them all

  • We like to project an image of ourselves as 'quirky' and 'individual', so ironic jewelry is probably the quickest way to achieve this…it's all about the quirk these days. Also, I think a lot of it references our childhoods, (Batman and whatnot) and we love a bit of that.

    Ahem, sorry for being a bit negative. I love it all, especially love the column cuff. QUIRK.

  • So true. Projection!

  • This isn't negative at all! It makes a lot of sense actually…and besides, people draw inspirations/references from the past anyway even in they don't realize it. Interesting that you threw that out there!

    The Quiet Spaces

  • Those Batman earrings are amazingness at its best.

    -Living Mannequin


  • Love this post.

  • I discovered this line of brass jewelry recently in Thailand. They have the greatest pieces – I hope they ship to the US because I'm obsessed with their giant skull pendants with movable jaws. – Check them out: http://www.mafiajewellery.com/

  • Just changed my name….just saw the Dannijo earrings. They went under my radar the first time I looked. They are seriously cool. So colourful. So jewelly. So skull-y. Good to project a skull-like aesthetic!

  • I'd say, ironic has become iconic. Personally, I'm a huge lover of claws, bullets, animals and skulls. Can't explain.

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  • So funny! Yesterday I posted about my pearl earrings that look like claws, a friend thought they looked more like chicken feet! Anyway, it's funny when something like natural pearsl, which is often considered quite classic can look really raw and edgy, right? Lots of love, H


  • Why thank you! I fall on this spectrum myself. Brave Star was a cartoon from my childhood, about a space sheriff who wore a Stetson and spurs, and could channel the powers of hawks and pumas (GOOD STUFF!); I now tend to enjoy outfits with a space/Western feel to them. Projection…all thanks to Brave Star!

  • Love your collaboration, where can you get the pieces?
    Brooke @ what2wear, Monikabrooke.blogspot.com

  • Projection? Perhaps. Although how would you explain the choice by so may to wear conventionally designed jewelry? Are those who choose to wear conventional styles also not also projecting an image? And what about when quirky jewelry is worn as protection? Jewelry can have a magical function in such a case. For example, there are some cultures where wearing an "evil eye" is not done for decoration, or irony, but to ward off bad energy.

  • Yes, I'm a fan of skulls though everyone I know is sick and tired of seeing them everywhere…not on me only…on others as well.
    And I do love horns, those Kenneth Jay Lane ones…ahhh

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  • I think anyone who puts any thought into their sartorial choices cannot help but project something about themselves, knowingly or unknowingly. I agree with MR here that ironic jewels are having a moment at the moment. So a person who wears an evil eye as part of their cultural beliefs is doing so for very different reasons that someone who wears an awesome MR Dannijo one! Maybe here is where the irony steps into play?

  • I think everyone in fashion feels a little bit self conscious about being seen as taking themselves and their material obsessions a bit too seriously.

    Maybe now, with the 'financial state' blablabla, it's more important than ever for us to prove that we can (or at least pretend to) make fun of ourselves. To prove that we're aware of the absurdity of fashion.

    Though doing so through obscenely priced relatively ugly jewelry is just a testament to how fixated we are in our ways.

    Still wish I could buy it though. So – you got me.


  • People do wear some pretty odd jewelry haha. But it always adds something to an outfit no matter what wacky piece you decide to wear. Your picks are way far away from weird and odd but more incredibly unique and stunning. I love the gold cuff. I have always found it weird when people wear jewelry with skulls on it, but it truly is just an expression of what the person is like/feels like being that day.



  • I love these pieces!




  • I love jewelry and these are some lovely unique finds!

  • Very cool selection! Love them! xx.

  • love it all!! <3<3

  • I like the bird and the bullet rings πŸ™‚

  • Loooove!!! Kisses the Brazilian Girl…. Karoll.


  • to have the…guts to wear something like this is amazing!



  • These are gorgeous!


  • amazing!!
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  • They are so gorgeous !!


  • Amazing jewelry! Love the bird ring and the arm cuff!


  • I love all of it! The column cuff is definitely my favorite though by far!



  • Great picks – love the batman earrings. I love danger jewelry too – CC Skye has some bullet inspired — actually, not inpsired, they are bullets — that are totally raad.

  • It's Amazing jewelry!


  • @TheNouveauPov: My question is how is an awesome Dannijo eye different from any other eye-statement jewelry piece? What makes a Dannijo piece ironic? By the way, I am an owner of Dannijo jewelry, and I am also quite fond of their new line, too.


  • Love bugs and creepy crawly jewelry πŸ™‚

  • these are all so awesome. I especially love the eye on that cuff!xxx


  • i love statement pieces that are not bougie. like these. fabulous picks.
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  • All of these are amazing!

  • …because they're eye-catching.
    Pun intended

  • These are cool. I also love bracelets made from silk that is sensual to the touch, like this one http://bit.ly/H5Ig02

  • Dasha

    I love the Mr. Kate cuffs! I got these earth worm cuffs,
    in the gold and rose gold, and i need more to stack with them! Love the thickness of the leafs!

    xo, Dasha

  • I love the Delfina Delettrez column cuff!

  • Very nice jewellery. thank you for sharing us.

    Maxi Dresses

  • cute selection, my favs are the bullet ring and the grey horn earring πŸ™‚
    these are def gonna be the focal point of someone's garment

    xx nathan.niche


  • Love the collection. We are personally getting so sick of the skull. Move onnn!

    Womens Clothing Online

  • I have those Dannijo skull earrings and I love them!