Leandra Medine | April 27, 2012

Brought to you by the weekend in Palm Springs that changed everything. Well, not everything but some things…like my hemlines and the fact that if I don’t have fringe coming off my arm the day feels 60% less efficient than it would under reverse circumstances. And that sixty percent gets things done. This got me thinking though. Before I left for the Desert–see a style cue cultivated there, here–I had been pretty much exclusively clad in low rise jeans of the pure denim and white varieties, muscle tees or billowy button ups and fucking awesome fairly cool heels–see: On Feeling Blah, but then I arrived at Coachella, and that’s where flower crowns, ethereal anything, white linen, lace, eyelet, denim, and utility topped with the obligatory suede bootie reigned. It was like Isabel Marant had been dubbed the unofficial sponsor of the festival and everyone had gotten the memo(randum.) But then I came home, and when that happened:

photo by Bridget Fleming

The same fringes followed me, even more of that denim, infused by the muscles tee from before and some bandana printed tiers of Isabel. I even went so far as to add a pair of dangling earrings. This is a hobby I haven’t yet penetrated, mostly because I don’t trust myself in anything that hangs from my face. Can you blame me? I’m still not sure about them, I think they might drive the look to lose some polish. Ultimately though my point is that I saw a change. Change, I tell ya. Not the same. And then I got to thinking about how quickly an aesthetic can be altered. My ride down festival express likely won’t last as poignantly for very much longer than say, a week or two (update: I wrote this on Wednesday, today I wear burgundy skinny pants, a white t shirt under grey sweater with leather sleeves topped by denim vest, nothing on ears,) but I think a little bit of the bobo (part bourgeois, part boheme,) may stick around. The wheels of integration are in motion and I suppose that’s how style phases come in and go out.

I may just be exercising my idiot-chic again though, so: thoughts from the audience?

Maje jacket, The Kooples chambray blouse, Acne muscle tee, Etoile Isabel Marant skirt, Isabel Marant sneakers, Oliver Peoples sunglasses, Proenza Schouler purse, Dannijo earrings, MR Dannijo iPhone case. Coca-cola can, not a product placement though I wish it were–I hear they pay well. Note: I did in fact, just switch out the previous iPhone image for a fancier one snapped by Bridget Fleming of Downtown from Behind. The coca-cola sentiment is no longer applicable.

  • Natali

    Great skirt and sneakers! I envy you on your awesome style!

  • Brigadeiro

    Oh, how brilliant are those Isabel Marant sneakers??? Gorgeous colour way, and you built a wicked outfit around them!


  • Natasha Fatah

    The sneakers – I guess this is happening. All the hot girls are going to wear those sneakers. Should have kept my LA Gears from grade school. 😉

    ~Natasha Fatah~

  • style sprite

    I love the earrings! Paired with the southwestern fringe and sporty kicks, it's perfection!!

  • welcome to my jungle

    I wanna have your closet! Great as always!


  • WearAbouts

    Love the skirt! A note from the audience–you could be in a CLOWN suit and still pull it off 🙂
    Vanessa Mooney Giveaway on Wear Abouts!

  • Luna

    Sneakers! Feeling the BOBO.


  • Lia

    love the look!those snekers are too awesome

    Glass of Fashion

  • Bonnie,Clyde and Marni…..
  • Collections

    I love this outfit.


  • Aurélie and Angelo

    Lovely ensemble! Love that red skirt with the blue denim and fringed jacket!

  • wkay

    Oh I like this.

  • Clara

    I totally agree with the fact that it like Isabel Marant was the unofficial sponsor of the festival! While going through the pictures on the internet it was: Dickers boots, Sneakers,…all Isabel Marant!
    You look amazing no matter what you wear change oor no change!!
    Is it really considered a change when those clothes were already in your closet though? Or is it more like closet rotation/ re interpretation?

  • Michelle

    I love how you made the Coachella look so New York.

  • Anonymous

    Look at the quad action

  • Anonymous

    I've been following your blog for a while. This is one of the rare outfits which,IMO, does nothing for you. Oddly enough though,I really like the earrings.
    It seems as if Isabel Marant is sponsoring/gifting every fashion blogger on the planet right now. As a result, I'm getting tired of seeing her wares.

  • Man Repeller

    Funny you should say that–Isabel doesn't even give discounts out, let alone gift. Not to me, at least. I think it's just sincere enthusiasm…

  • Yuka

    yes, i like it! def a good mix of styles.

  • PattyP

    Look at that tan! Loving the outfit combo. I think the sneakers really offset the colors of the outfit!

    -patty from miami

  • Kim Braun

    I love your outfit!! You look great 🙂

  • Chrissy

    Change is always a good thing. I would call it evolving, more so than anything else. xx


    were goin through chaaaaaanges – the song

    thanks for inspiring, like always


  • Rebeka

    You looked amazing at Coachella. You should keep some of the style alive! Especially since it's getting warm, and shit.

  • Anonymous

    Funny how much you lie.

  • amber.thegirlone

    kinda sorta mostly think this rocks. and i am not trying to be ironic in the use of "rocks."


  • Man Repeller

    !? Honest beaver (eager?), pal.

  • Karoll Gonzalez.

    I loved his tennis and Jaquet!!!!
    Style Girl!!!!
    Kisses the Brazilian Girl… Karoll.

  • francesca

    talking about man repelling, did you see that Grimes launched a collection of ever-so-ambiguous-but-so-ambiguous-its-kinda-cool capsule jewlery collection?
    what should we think?

  • francesca

    *this maybe should have gone to the previous post on the vagina-looking jacket

  • Genie

    I like that you were 'inspired' by the Coachella event, it's refreshing to see a blogger who is as recognized as you are, admit to being susceptible to different styles and pieces. Maybe instead of a phase it's more of a fusion between old and new. Well, whatever it is I think you look freaking amazing, so there ya go.


  • Aisha Jimoh

    That skirt is sooo cute! I literally cannot even describe how much you inspire me! You're hilarious, smart and such a great role model! xxx

  • Creativity&Chocolate

    Great outfit, love your jacket!!

  • UrBoySense

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  • Bridgid

    Well you know what they say – you can take the girl out of the festival, but you can't take the festival out of the girl! haha nice outfit – those kicks are rockin! 😉

    B x

  • Ruth Logan

    Love your outfit, reminds me of a female, modern John Lennon weirdly!

    Ruth xxxx

  • Ms.Fashionista

    Wanting your sneakers!! I have been dying for them for probably a year now. You look so chic and cool. Very effortless.


  • céline

    Hi Leandra!! I'm one of your french readers (parisian one).. I'm totally in love with all your looks especially this one: you rock!
    I'd like to know if you could tell us the brand of the silver bangles you were wearing on your arm party (on the coachella's pictures)? THKS


  • amarabubz

    ugh you pair everything together so wonderfully and it works so well! please give me your wedged trainers!

  • Man Repeller

    Hey! Those are dannijo! You should be able to find them on

  • Man Repeller

    Holy clitoris.

  • Dani

    It's totally happening. I see wedge kicks all over now. Seriously- all the fuck over.


  • Angeles Almuna

    You look awesome, so chic, so you and effortless …and that it's the way to put everything together…with honestly…love your blog! and your words!

  • Bellachic

    Not a fan of this style at all…but once again, love your writing!

  • La Source Du Jour
  • Cristián Pavez Díaz

    I love this style!! Mostly the jacket, purse and sunglasses!!
    Greetings from Santiago, Chile.
    Twitter: @cristianpavezd


    Your quirky style is amazing! It's a huge inspiration to me to try new things!

  • Denada

    Great post. As the brilliant Brazilian stylist Felipe Veloso explained of his ever-changing look (hair, clothes, accessories, everything): "It's funny because everyone is always telling me what looks is best on me but they miss the point — I'm not searching for a look that is authentically me; I am always changing."

  • Denada
  • Twins

    A Coachella girl lost in the City!!!
    It is so funny how we are influenced by the world around us!

    Greetings from Monte Carlo xx

  • lucia m
  • Sharon

    Awesome jacket!


  • My Style

    love your style! you're like "i will wear everything i want and fuck the world"…amazing!


  • Kara

    Classic style what's not to love about Isabel? Would love to hear your tips on shopping New York..

  • céline

    Thank you very much. they are awesome.

  • matchalattewardrobe

    Lovely to see a different ensemble with those sneakers.

  • Nathan Moy

    ahhh!! loving the PS bag!!!! and how cute is ur mood of ur outfit, effortlessly cool like 'i dont give a damn!' lovely dear 😉

    xx nathan.niche


  • dictionary_of_fashion

    Love these sneakers :))

    P.S. Enter my giveaway: and win a dress… 🙂

  • Bohemian Chick

    Yep, I had the LA Gear shoes, too. But I can't get myself into this look. My size 10 feet in sneakers with a short skirt? Not gonna happen. I just don't love the look, I don't care who is wearing it.


    Nice look with the IM sneakers!

    XO Charlotte

  • Anonymous

    So lucky you are !! Love the picture !

  • WNY

    Your bag is so cool!

  • AmyArisse.
  • Lisa

    LOVE your shoes…as well as the effortless cool of your outfit, i would never think to put those items together

  • Sketch42

    I can't imagine you in dangly earrings.

    Also, those suede booties will now hereby be referred to as coachella booties. And also, can everyone stop wearing them? K thanks.

    And muscle t's + fringe are what my fashion dreams are made of. ROCK ON!

  • Sketch42

    PS- your hair has a post coital sex kitten look- looks hot! But also, I know that it was super windy that day… soooo….

  • Man Repeller
  • Maria at

    LOVELY PICS:)you look AWSOME… I really like your blog and I will happily follow.

    If you want some swedish decor inspiration, you can check out my blog:)
    Have a great week.

    LOVE Maria at

  • Petey

    Hey now! Did my comment get censored just because I don't like those Isabel Marant sneakers and think they look like ski boots and will definitely repel any straight man for 5 miles? That's not nice! You look adorable from the anke up!

  • Jannine Frend

    Dear Leandra, looks like you´ve just been *Coached* (as if said by the ever gorgeous Ashton K).
    nobody rocks those sneakers quite like you! i´ve seen replicas all over the place here in Italy. you´ve started somethin!
    XO jannine

  • Annie

    wow, you do rock those wedge sneakers!

    X. Annie

  • fashionfeigner

    eww Anonymous- that just bugged me on your behalf Man Repeller! If there is anything this lady is good at, its tellin it like it is.
    LOVE the honesty. Keep doing what you do & let the haters hate.

  • Isoara

    A fresh new styling of super famous Marant sneaker. MR gives fresh stylish touch to every piece.

  • Chila

    Amazing, I really love this look,the mix, everything!

  • Anonymous

    old you kicks Bobo's ass

  • Me Gusta o No Me Gusta

    I took a pic of you this day!!! It will be soon in my blog!!!
    Hope you like it.


  • modelovers

    Love the sunglasses!

    check out – essential source for australian style.


    I like the jacket, fringe and all…but then I come from the time when that was originally in style…well not like Daniel Boone…but the 60/70s!

  • tuttepazzeperibijoux

    love this outfit, love the pictures, i have a blog about jewelry, jewel are my passion obsession, ciao elena

  • kilimcigirl
  • Window Shopper
  • servinupstyle

    Oh my, if only I had your closet!
    You pull this off unbelievably though! Who would have though that someone could be, essentially, dressed as a cowgirl but still look polished?! I can only imagine what my teachers would say if I wore an outfit like this to my high school…


  • Anonymous

    The outfit would've been so much cuter/cleaner without the fringe jacket, but still amazing!!

  • francesca let's go crazy for these pleaaase!

  • Lizbux

    I love this look! I wish that I could style myself like this, every time I attempt boho sheek I look a mess 🙁 I really like the trainers too, I think its a cute day to night outfit.. I like that this seasons ladies shoes trends include a lot more sporty styles. This is good for me because I really can't walk in heels!

  • sandra freckled


  • Anonymous

    This doesn't look fresh at all. It actually looks like you're trying too hard. You've fallen into the "I'm so different I look like everyone else trying to be different" category. More imagination please. I do like the jacket, though.

  • Anonymous

    "Sheek" really!!

  • Yevgeniya Yelkina

    loving this look for you. and those are the first sneaks ive ever considered wearing, so kuddos on their rep


  • Sue

    I really have to say, you totally inspire me :)! Love your style – both: fashion and writing. Would be nice to meet you, when I am in New York for Fashion Week in September.

    Hi from Germany,

  • FashionFlirt

    Great outfit, love it! 🙂


  • Popy

    A very inspiring look!
    Amazing jacket, on my wishlist 😉


  • Constance
  • Lydia

    You look great!

    – L

  • Christina

    I'm with fashionfeigner. Anonymous: Go away, don't come back another day.

  • Anonymous

    Like what you do.

  • Beatrice Balaj

    Super sick sneakers!


  • Anonymous

    like the outfit love your writing …….

  • KIM

    dude awesome! u make me wear my IM sneakers different everytime… thanks for the inspiration!!



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