On Feeling “Blah”
Yesterday I tweeted a call for help that went like this: “hey! Let’s play a game called help me write my book, content suggestions welcome!” Exclamation points and everything. The game is still not over so do take this opportunity should you feel so inclined to interject an idea or two in the comment box below low low and behold hold hold. The feedback was great, appreciated, smart and funny, I particularly liked one idea though, not necessarily for the sake of a book filled with words not photos, but rather for right here, where dreams are made and crushed in one instantaneous click. The suggestion fell somewhere along the lines of a demonstration that outlines a how to of sorts: dress for “blah” days.  It’s a problem we all fall victim to, right? Blame it on the general notion of feeling uninspiredor simply your body begging you to sit down and stop trying to socialize. Regardless, this morning when I woke up I looked out the window and saw hazy, grey, blah. Eureka! Here you have it: dressing for days you will inevitably feel like poopoo.

The science to it is a simple one: take your favorite garments from their respect genres–meaning, favorite top, favorite bottom, favorite shoe, favorite hair implant–and throw it all together. See what you get. Sometimes it works, often it doesn’t–and when this happens is usually the best. Still wear it. I have a general affinity for utility anything so that takes care of the blouse, white pants seem to be making all my outfits better this monthand these are shoes with a happy story attached. Not much color, no, but there are bracelets. Add glasses if you have them, they bring character to the face and often hide whatever grotesqueness you’re projecting onto yourself. I am particularly keen on these guys because one of my eyebrows is obviously lower than the other and so it peeks into my frame. Still with me?

Joseph blouse, Paige Denim jeans, Alaia sandals, Reece Hudson clutch, Warby Parker glasses

Finally, boogie with your legs. Leg with your boogies. These photos were actually shot about a month ago and meant to illustrate the emulating of a certain someone. Can you guess who? The hint is, she really, really, really likes J. Crew. All photos by Naomi Shon, durrrr.

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  • gorgeous shoes! love those specs on you!
    xo, Tina

  • love the shoes!

  • Love this post! Inspired.

  • I extremly love this look. I wish I had ALL YOUR SHOES. They are so pretty and chic and stylish.

    I'm going to NY in a month, so I hope I find you in some window shopping!


  • you could never be blah!!! those jeans and shoes are amazing!!!


  • Please don't tell me that's the entrance of where you live
    I might just kill you out of jealousy and steal your identity:)

    hey there's a topic for your book: blogreader kills blogger and steals identity out of jealousy, the court says blogger provoked it. 🙂

    Just kidding of course, couldn't be half as funny as you are 🙂

    Great blah outfit!


    The White Studio


  • amazing look!
    LOVE it!


  • i have been feeling exceedingly blah lately, weather induced depression not helping.

    my attempt at a sartorial cure today? leopard pencil skirt.


    good luck with the book; hope the focus on words, not just glossy images, stays true!


  • Anonymous

    You are young, rich, thin, famous and engaged. You should never feel "blah." And if you do, then what hope is there for the rest of us?

    Nice outfit.

  • THIS IS SO TRUE!!!! love it!



  • love this … and all the posts. Gotta admit: I'm crazy inspired by you! In fact, I'm writing an article about your blog for my college newspaper. Love it.

  • Who are you emulating? I can't figure it out! Please enlighten us! 😀
    Love the idea of just throwing everything on on a "blah" day 🙂
    Follow me on CHICTOPIA

  • Anonymous

    Jenna Lyons! did I get it right?…I really really enjoy your blog!!! have a great day…. here in Monterrey Mexico we have a "blah day"….cloudy and grey…ready to spice it up with your advice!!!

  • I like your blah.

  • The last two pics are more like '"The butterfly uh, that's old let me see you tootsie roll!" LOL
    I dig the science. I have kinda had a blah beginning to the year (womp womp), but things are looking up I guess… We would all be so lucky to look as cool as this on our blah days…er months.

  • Thank you so much for writing about real dressing, as much as I love dressing up its sometimes nice to see that real life dressing does still figure even for people who are in the buisness of fashion (and those who always look ultra stylish!).


  • love your look!!!

  • Love the shirt and shoes!


  • I'm seriously in love with the shirt you're wearing in this post. I am making it my mission this afternoon to track that down so I can have one of those bitches for myself.

  • S.

    love your pics!!
    So funny!

  • You look great in white pants!



  • Awesome enormous bag. I think I could fit in there. Cute.

  • i have many "blah" days. your outfit is more more interesting than mine on these days!


  • great shoes

  • I can't get enough of those Alaia sandals! The Outnet has a beautiful white pair but not my size :(!

  • Great outfit.

  • You writing a book ? I didn't know that ! Great outfits here !


  • Great shirt! and yay a book! I think you could definitely get a way with a funny coffee table picture book BUT if you were looking to write more I imagine people would be keen to get an insight to your life that we don't get from the blog…whether its more personal or more about the way you feel about clothes/fashion/society etc painted in a different light than "this is what I wore and why"… do you know who is making the book for you/with you?!?

  • Love this look !

    fashion & lifestyle in BElgium

  • You look great!! Love your glasses!!



  • I love you, you are so awesome!!! Love this outfit!!! Every single one of your posts have inspired me! You're a fashion Guru!! I started "man repelling" a lot more lately by of course layering!!I’ve noticed I've been repelling men, I couldn't be happier 🙂 Fashion over men anytime!!


  • you look amazing!!!!! 🙂

  • You look great! Love this look! xx.

  • Are you really engaged? Youngin! I was contemplating a high waisted pair of white JBrands last night and giving some serious thought to them today. Love the tucked in look in front but not back – I have been rocking it lately and love how flattering it is – like why didnt I realize this before?

  • love the color mix and those specs are rad!

  • I would like to see pictures of your closet broken down in sections. Pics of your jewels, shoes, bags, etc.. clumped together by category or by theme. I think you have beautiful pieces and it would be interesting to see them photographed together. Also, I remember a while you asked us, to ask you questions that we would like answered. Maybe you can touch on answering some of those? I don't think you have answered them in a blog post yet. Or have you?
    The book will rock because you do!


  • Who is Angelina Jolie. She's the first person to come to mind

    I am in love with anything olive coloured, saw this Ksubi Jacket and fell in love- the perfect trifecta of leopard,chambray, and olive! Thought of you styling it off the hook.

  • The look is amazing, but your description of it…impeccable!!!
    Big hugs!


  • loving this khaki shirt in a combo with white jeans


  • Love this outfit! You are without a doubt my favorite fashion blogger. Thanks for always putting together inspring but achievable outfits.

    Step into Estherina's World



    Maria Onorio

  • You look fab — just about what I'd be wearing on a blah day, as well. This is why we invest in statement shoes — so you can feel like crap but put together some simpler items to complement a kickass heel or sandal!


  • Love the cat eye shape of your glasses!!!


  • Those glasses look amazing on you. Love this look!


  • White pants are sounding so good right now! The city is dark and muggy today, and it definitely needs some great outfits to spice it up!

  • You have great sense of houmor and unique style…you truly inspire me so much! You go girl!!!!

  • i love this outfit! and that last pose totally reminds me of angie 😉

    btw, i sometimes read your blog out loud to my boyfriend and the other day he commented on my outfit by saying "i love your man-repelling layers!" i was so proud. haha

  • Ha! I love this, we all have those days and good outfits can make them THAT much better lol.



  • Love the whole outfit – stunning shoes and clutch! So excited for a Man Repeller book.


  • you're writing a book??! that's awesome. i'll buy it for sure. you're hilarious! i think you should give your top 10 ways to Man Repel on a saturday night!

    xo's! vanessa


  • Funny pictures! I love the outfit, really love it…

  • Shoes! A-we-some!

  • You are soooo damn inspirational!! xxx

  • FIRST- I totally sold you on white jeans, huh? And SECOND- I feel like blah took a crap on my head today and everyday lately…. I need some serious inspiration to keep on chugging!

  • I wish I looked like THAT on my "blah" days lol. Mine normally include stretchy pants, a cape and thick sunglasses (a little cuter than Batman)…


  • I am so doing this. I can not wait.

  • Loving that rad oversized clutch. Your glasses match so cutely to add up to the whole chic nerd perspective. LOVE IT!



  • Anonymous

    hair in a low bun and you could totally be channeling miss taylor tomasi-hill. and that is just awesome.

  • Anonymous

    This blog is so cool i love so much fashion is my life.

  • so cute!

  • Love love the Alaia sandals, they make any outfit look stunning.

  • Love it, that shirt is great.


  • OMG! I love, love, love your look!!! I'd definitely give it a try!


  • Is it a man repelling book or a general fashion book? I love the idea of taking all your favorite piece na mixing them together then surrendering to the result totally. Blah days are aweful, like writers block really, you stare at your screen or your closet foreer, trying to start something.
    Material Fixations

  • Congrats on the book deal! I love the white pants, too. They can definitely make any day a little bit brighter. What if you tried doing this with your LEAST favorite pieces of clothing? Could make for a funny post.

  • Man Repeller,
    I really, really like these fringey tights, but until I can figure out how to wear them without looking like a stripper I don't want to get them. 🙁 Any suggestions?


    Foreva Yours, Jenny @jnny_heck

  • hahah..really clever article.

  • stunning heels!


  • even on a blah day you look FAB!
    xo alax


  • hehe nice work as always! love this article, and LOVE this outfit – the shirt and jeans are amazing on you, and that clutch, wow 🙂


  • *M

    When I'm feeling blah, I just pop on over here for a little pick-me-up!! Thanks for being so inspiring 🙂 Love the look.

    <3 from San Francisco
    Petite Avenue

  • Love the shirt!!! And the white pants are heroic in this outfit. If you felt "blah" you don't look it!


  • I am such a huge fan of basically everything you wear. The military green is definitely a great go-to. Too cute to be a blah outfit!


  • Do you know that's EXACTLY how I do 'blah' days and weather?? Perfect way to turn your day around…

    Pip xx


  • perfect outfit for a blah day! love the shoes!



  • Anonymous

    Ideas, ideas, and other things my brain came up with:

    Your book, your blog, your life, whichever… How to repel the men with only $30, Good Will, and a copy of said book/said blog/said life.

    Can you copy said life? Would that be cloning??

    Tata for later,

  • Anonymous

    Bought my first pair of blinding white skinnies this month. Afraid to wear them before May but you (may) have just convinced me otherwise…

  • You look awesome! Love that blouse!

  • How do humor and fashion mix?

    You have such a unique sense of humor, I'd find it really interesting how you get along in the world of high fashion – what you find your sense of humor helps, and what it hinders (or what hinders it).

  • Leigha

    I have seen several photos of people wearing these shoes, and I must say this look is my favorite. Perfectly mix. 🙂

  • Great outfit! Loving the sandals. We will def be trying this idea when we have our next blah day!!

    Womens Clothing Online

  • I am liking your outfit.

  • Anonymous

    I'm not exactly sure of the occupations of your readership, but I think you may want to include a post for current students about how to dress for school. Generally, college students don't wear heels to class, but I also try as hard as I can to stay away from looking sloppy or lazy without over-doing it. You expertise would be appreciated!

  • no woman can escape the blah.ness monster! at least once a month for sure, if u know what i mean. loved your recipe to overcome this state.
    i know you´re usually very natural when it comes to make up. but i find it very uplifting when i apply some of those magic products on my face. removes BLAH-mishes. wink wink!
    XO jannine

  • Lovely outfit! Also, like your theory of how to overcome blah days, will definitely be trying this out.


  • Anonymous

    a cool idea for your book could be talking about how as a man repller you and your style hhave changed or grown and maybe how your blog has grown with you. you have a verg funny and exciting to read writing style too i can't wait for all your puns and jokes! i want flamingos and fun outfits! <3

  • Ahhh lovely look. Great shoes. And I feel like the glasses make this look. Nice boogie, too!

  • This is my outfit inspiration for tomorrow. Fact. Thank you.



  • Wearing this outfit would lift my spirits on a blah day 😉

    xo Jennifer


  • those shoes are beyond stunning!



  • Sunshine

    love the look!

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