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Hi Friends

In partnership with Saks Fifth Avenue and Louboutain.

Hi friends x 2. Thursday of this week will mark my annual get-in-the-window-of-a-big-department-store-and-do-silly-shit routine. This year’s storefront hails from Saks Fifth Avenue and it’s all being held in conjunction with the fancy freaks at Christian Louboutin in an effort to continue celebrating the momentous 20th Anniversary. If I remember correctly, on the 20th anniversary of my life, I let a shiny mirrored bottle of Absolut take the best of me and in doing so barely made it to the Mercer Kitchen where dinner was to be had before I fell off a bar stool and subsequently ended up right back where I’d started: in the fetal position. This anniversary will read slightly more elegant. With no substance on site, I’ll be styling outfits around the 20th anniversary Louboutin capsule collection in a window, layering clothe upon clothe upon feather upon clothe in a most meaningful manner while pretending I’m a sort of Cinderella reincarnate just in a far more excessive capacity because these shoes are not singular or made of glass. No, no, they’re tall and chunky and rich in range and color and well, maybe, I’ll break my ankle for dramatic effect and the sake of crowd pleasing but maybe I won’t. Figure it an interactive, live, window installation of sorts. You can tweet at me, tell me what to do, or just plain laugh. Regardless the circumstance, copious fun will be had, so you’re invited to skip out of work for lunch break come Thursday, March 15 and watch me act a fool at 12:30PM.

Saks Fifth Avenue. Be there or chew cud.

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  • so wish I could be there! ugh!
    xo, Tina

  • Yay! I'm so coming! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • i'll chew cud, actually.
    jkay. I'd kill to be theeeeree! I'll actually be in NY on thursday for college visits to columbia and nyu…maybe i'll pop by and creepily watch you and drool over what you style ๐Ÿ˜‰
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  • ahh I wont be in ny then, but good look! sounds so fun


  • this looks so great!!!

    you are really witty, love your posts!!


  • fuN!! xx

  • I wish I could see you in action…greetings from vienna !

  • This is awesome! Playing around with Louboutins doesn't sound too shabby. Love the anecdote about 20th birthday, hilarious.


  • Congrats!! I wish i could witness it!

  • Great Pic! Congrats!



  • "If I remember correctly, on the 20th anniversary of my life, I let a shiny mirrored bottle of Absolut take the best of me and in doing so barely made it to the Mercer Kitchen where dinner was to be had before I fell off a bar stool and subsequently ended up right back where I'd started: in the fetal position." I love this whole sentence.

  • Anonymous

    i will be there
    cant wait

  • Loubs are the best! Wish I could make it, have fun!




  • Don't shave this time. Now that you've locked one down – nothing to lose.

  • Rob

    The Anon "I will be there" comments are just a tad creepy just sayin… OR maybe I'm hatin' b/c I'm stuck in TX *Kanye shrug*.

    Anywho good luck, sounds like fun.

    I love the mini story about your 20th Lol. You are hilarious!

  • How bout I chew cud and spit it at the custies I'll be serving instead of gawking at your brilliance with the rest of the Lucky Ducks? Bc that's precisely what's going down, although in honor of you & Loub, I may create a hairpiece of leather, feather & resin to protest my cause with. Side of sass with your pizza? Its on the house.

  • Wish I could come, good luck!


  • Anonymous

    HEY! Thurs is the Ides of March!

    So, make sure to be all JULIUS CAESAR & "ET TU, BRUTE!" & stab people and shit ….

    Love yr blog, babe!


  • Sounds like its going to be a blast!

  • i wish i could go! i was in Saks last march & i never wanted to leave. its like an expensive, fashionable zoo! ill be in school wishing i was watching you be funny.

  • Saks address please?…G
    Would love to come [Stalk] you for a new post!


  • What is the address?

  • How sad….I will not be able to attend bc I don't live in NY unfortunately but!….I wanted you to know that you will be windowing on my birthday which also happens to be March 15! yay! So I will think of it as a window birthday party and I will attend in my thoughts ;). PLEEEASE share linkage to any video asap for those of us who couldn't make it to the party. I am looking forward to it. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • saks is at 5th and 49th no? (I used to work at the benetton on 5th and 48th)

  • Funny !

    would love to see some photos after that Louboutin event ๐Ÿ™‚

    new post : my favorite shoes

  • If NY just wasn't so far far away ๐Ÿ™

  • Anonymous


  • 49 and 5!

  • Good luck tomorrow! I wish I could fly over to see you do some serious 'repelling damage!' ๐Ÿ˜‰ You're going to do great!


  • Oh my Goshhhh!!
    I canยดt breath…O my, my my, Oh heart, be still!
    I must, ,need, want.
    Big hugs!



  • Can't wait! Better be lots of bling too!

  • Lotta

    Oh Yea! Good look and I hope you have lots of fun!
    You will have fun, no question!
    xx Lotta

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    Don’t shave this time.