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Leandra Medine | March 3, 2012
Rodarte t-shirt, Thakoon mullet skirt, MR x DANNIJO necklace. Something surreal happened this week when I found my freaky face on the cover of Avenue Magazine‘s Best Dressed New Yorker issue. I’m standing on the cover behind a title that says “The Man Repeller says I Do,” ostensibly referring to my accepting an engagement proposal months ago though the truth of the matter is, I haven’t said I do. I said I will. I will, people. Will. In any case, it was cool. Partly because I had a great time working with photographer friend Aram Bedrossian whose got a penchant for getting down really far onto the ground, becoming one with the pavement and shooting shots from weird angles, and mostly because while styling myself in outfits so characteristically me, I’ve probably lost all credibility as an authoritative voice of eclectic fashion. The fact of this matter is I don’t wear much else other than that which is outlined above and below. Enjoy some outtakes from the shoot at large here.
At left: Equipment blouse, Armani pants, Alaia shoes. At right: Carven jacket, LaQuan Smith skirt, Only Hearts biker shorts. The only cold day this winter provided found me sitting in a flimsy treated silk blouse on a sidewalk in the meatpacking district. I feared my nipples may detach from breast but alas, they did not, and in the event it started to rain, I’m glad to report right photo proves my nether regions would have stayed dry. So much symbolism in that sentiment–every man repeller needs a plastic skirt to ensure their nether regions stay perpetually dry too.

At left: Marchesa dress, The Kooples denim blouse, Rebecca Minkoff motorcycle jacket, Louis Vuitton python sandals. At right: Elizabeth & James jacket, Proenza Schouler t-shirt, BLK Denim jeans, Isabel Marant sneakers, Proenza Schouler purse. I call this one, “Exercise.” Ta da, the end.

  • Sandra

    The Isabel Marant sneakers are amazing.

  • welcome to my jungle

    Congrats! You deserve it cause you're amazing!

    – Dani

  • YoUngLiNgToN

    So edgy ! I love your universe and the way you wear clothe !!

  • Aishe – Cloud Nine

    Seriously one of the funniest blogs I read – your 'plastic skirt' sentiment is gold!!

  • Scallywag

    I didn't realise you'd got engaged. In the last time-starved month I tended to click on your posts, hungrily absorb all the photos, then leave again, but congrats! I see theres a lot o' old controversy about it online but hey- Haters Gonna Hate.

    To be honest I dont really see what the fuss is about, Man Repelling is more an ideology than an actual factoid so who cares if you sometimes joked about no man going near you? When I dress Man-Repellingly the sig other is still with me, you know, he still likes me, but he definitely finds it CURIOUS. Surely man repelling is more about how high fashion is almost exclusively loved and coveted by women? Obviously I dont know your take on it but thats my two cents.

    Also, that plastic skirt makes me ache with need to own it.

  • Irina Bugai

    Gorgeous ensembles and your wardrobe is magnifique!

  • Meganne

    I read that article online only yesterday and was sort of puzzled by the mention that some readers had taken the very name of your blog so seriously they had gotten upset when you turned out not to be so man repelling yourself. Huh? The title is to be taken as a statement of fashion, not as a command! You aren't on the web activly trying to discourage women to get men with the help of harem pant. Anyway, loved the article, and the pictures that came with!
    Material Fixations


    congrats on this spread, it's amazing and so are youuu!!!


    aww, congratulations! that's wonderful 🙂

    I ADORE the photos and ensembles!

  • Tina

    congrats on the engagement and being featured in the mag!

  • Benedicte MAGEN

    lovely and funny post !!

  • Anita BJ

    And I believe my three year old son is becoming a fan of yours…:

  • Sabina

    That is so great about the Best Dressed New Yorker feature. Congrats! And those photos are fab, especially the one with the tutu skirt and the high kick.

  • Miss M.

    You're incredible! Best sense of style and of humor!

  • Audrey (hkittygirl)

    Congrats on the spread and your engagement! Who's the lucky man? :3

  • Lessie

    you are so fab

  • modelovers

    Love Love Love these Pics! Congrats!


  • The Fancy Teacup

    You look incredible! This is a remarkable feature that captures you so beautifully. Incredibly happy for you on your engagement. x

  • monkeyshines ♥

    adorable captures!


  • Collections

    congrats! you do absolutely deserve best dressed 🙂


  • Ms.Fashionista

    WOW that is such an incredible honor!! I LOVE that neon skirt thing you have on!


  • Freja June

    You are my posing blogger queen!!!

    greetings from Berlin
    Freja June

  • Stephanie

    You look amazing! They would have been fools NOT to include you 🙂

  • Anonymous

    pretty much obsessed with these pictures, you look AMAZING! the outfits are stunning and so are you!

  • mary louise

    gorgeous outfits. you definitely deserved to be named one of the best dressed!

  • Lydia

    My first thought here was how beautiful you look in the first photo. My second thought was, what???? You're engaged??? Why I have not heard this? You have done a good job keeping this under wraps. I had convinced myself you did not even go on dates because your amazing fashion powers had a repelling radius of ten NY city blocks. Well, a small part of me will be said to see you married off into Man Propeller status, but I am also very happy for you! I agree with the commenter way up there somewhere you said you deserve it– and I am referring to your engagement as well as your magazine feature.

    You look gorgeous, and your style is always a source of inspiration, as is the entire concept of your blog.

  • Lydia

    PS after doing some research, I see you (cryptically) announced your engagement here months ago. Where the hell was I?

  • Bougiehippie

    Narley spread!

  • WearAbouts

    that neon skirt is killllerrrr….and congrats on the engagement! haters gon hate, but us loyal to you are SO HAPPY FOR YOU! 🙂 you deserve it for sure…any man would be lucky to have you! 🙂
    Follow me on CHICTOPIA

  • Olivia
  • peaches

    That striped top is saying to me…find me and buy me…and I will. Loved that look!

  • Anonymous

    I can't believe people have been getting mad at you because you're engaged. Some people are so ridiculous. I'm happy for you, I hope he's a good guy!

  • Bettina

    Amazing skirt! Congrats on the engagement, I can't believe some people don't get the tongue in cheek of man repeller! I mean hello, whether we're married, in a relationship or single, as fashionista's we all wear man repelling outfits from time to time, it's inevitable!

  • Mary


    PS. what's your job?
    I'm so curios!

    Maria Onorio

  • Anonymous

    You are such an inspiration to all of us at FIDM! It has been so fascinating to watch your rise to the top! hope to work with you someday 🙂

  • nadja

    wow congratulations! love your style so much!!

  • Allegra

    oh gosh, that's huge!

  • maryse

    j'aime beaucoup les photos !

  • Uschi Ronnenberg


  • Eva

    Well besides this mistake you look amazing on those pics!

  • TJ

    You look great in these pics. I especially like the black strappy shoes and the red heels.

  • anna

    sometimes it seems like you get dressed like a little girl playing with her mama's clothes! and I really love the way you play with clothes…

  • lilla

    I love that you look kinda serious in some pics. sometimes we need this part of your personality too 🙂 thanks

  • Bonnie,Clyde and Marni…..
  • Fiorenza

    wow!!congrats!!you deserve it!!


  • Femke.

    You're style is so amazing, no wonder you're best dressed! 😉 <3.. Love all these outfits! :D


  • Annie

    congrats on the article. I really liked the outfits that were published. especially that yellow skrit is super man repelling 🙂

    X, Annie

  • matchalattewardrobe

    Such a man repelling project! Lovely outfits and poses. Oh sorry, lovely is not man repelling, but wait, YAY those snapshots ARE cute!


  • TeuntjeVDW

    You have an amazing style! Love you! xx.

  • La Petite Olga

    Gorgeous photos!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • Marina

    I don't know which look i prefer…!

  • Sara Marie

    You look so cute! Love the photos…you were having so much fun, I can tell.

    Sunny Blonde Studio

  • Zuzankita✝K.

    love all of these photos 🙂

  • Sharon
  • Sabine

    Haha, a smile appeared on my face while reading this post. Congratulations on the article and the engagement!

  • Anna

    Beautiful spread! Congratulations on your engagement, Im so happy for you!

  • liveuptoyourexpectations

    I SO love you Isabel Marant sneakers' look! Brilliant, to say the least.

  • Sarah

    you look cute and happy

  • Rubia Mala

    Loved your looks and your attitude!

  • servinupstyle

    First of all, congrats on your engagement, but also on this magazine feature! You look absolutely amazing and, as usual, your style is my number one source of fashion inspiration. Additionally, you are the blog/person that gave me the idea to start my own blog in the first place, so for that I owe you a huge thank you. Even though I'm only in high school, I convinced some of my friends way back to try and start dressing for themselves instead of wearing what they thought was going to get them a guy or even just impress other girls, and all of them told me that they felt so much more confident when wearing what they wanted to wear! Anyways, congrats again (I hope you read this since I practically worship you). Bye!


  • LOIS

    oh wow you looked really beautiful in these shots.
    Love Lois xxx

  • Bambam

    Uberrrr pretty! Congrats. u proved it that woman who repels still gets the man! Salute the man repeller! I LURVE CHUUUUU and looking forward to yur wedding pix! (in fact, to be at your wedding must be even better!)

  • benedettadr
  • ~Cleo~
  • Inés

    You are seriously gorgeous! Your style, amazing!, and you make me smile…Thank you!

    Have the best weekend!

    Big hugs!

  • Creativity&Chocolate

    Love the picture with the equipment blouse. So pure!

  • Gabrielle

    Wow this is amazing! Congrats!! Love all the outfits 🙂

  • Michelle of Chellbellz

    so i feel like LeQuan went up on the price of that skirt, but alas i get it, and i'm not 100% sure of that. Anywho congrats!!

  • Belinda

    I love your blog!!! the second pic is terrific, that skirt is definitely something!!

  • Man Repeller

    I noticed that too!

  • Kayla @

    You are fabulous! And it's about time other people realize it too (: Congrats!!

  • Jessica @ Here(and)Now

    MR you are such a beauty and these photographs captured your "essence" perfectly! Can't wait to see what your little white dress will look like! Or will it too be lime green and made of plastic!? Epp! too excited

  • Edwina

    you know what, I went online and read some of the mean comments people left you about not following you because you lied about being engaged… whatever. your style is still the same amazing style it has been for the years you've been blogging and i think that's what really matters here. so congratulations, keep up the great blog, and I wish you the best of luck getting married (:

  • Xeana

    You have amazing outfits.


  • Anonymous

    you are deliciously gorgeous!! love you style and writing…
    congrats on you upcoming nuptials

  • Aidan

    I am in love with your blog… your writing style…. just everything. Your awesome!!!

  • Mad For Fashion…For Less

    Love every single look and by the way congratulations on your wedding! Very excited and happy for you. 😉

  • Niki

    congrats! it's so cool to see a blogger get such a great feature.

    xx Niki from A Haute Mess

  • Meaghan

    These shots are absolutely fabulous. Congratulations!!

    Your blog and overall style is amazing. I love everything you stand for: independence, individuality and confidence, (all the Oprah shit), whether you're married or not.

  • Gypsy_Riot

    incredible shots<3<3<3 your like the most amazing person ever! I want to be in magazines and do all the cool things your doing. xo alax

  • LRB

    Can't wait to pick up the issue!

  • yesvincent

    Mmmm…those Alaia shoes are to die for!! Love the Armani pants too…very chic!

    Rose xx

  • Saori. Y

    I love your blog and fashion sense! 😉

  • lucia m
  • Prêt-à-Penser

    The cover picture is so incredibly beautiful.


  • Audrey

    I love your blog, you are fabulous

  • Tiffany Phipps

    Great personal style…well done!

  • linsey sijmons

    Love these pictures, so cute! Especially the last one 🙂

    I'm having an incredible travel GIVEAWAY on my blog! So if you're interested, CLICK HERE 🙂


  • Designer Clothing Online

    Great LaQuan Smith skirt! The cover photo looks good too!

    Womens Clothing Online

  • hello, Friday

    That neon tahiti skirt is pretty major!! xoxo

  • Anonymous

    how great are these pics!

  • Meg Christensen

    LOVE the Isabel Marant Pumped Up Kicks…reminiscent of better days, on the playground! Perfect!

  • Gavriela

    Love every single outfit, especially that in Marchesa dress.
    you look gorgeous!

  • Neijah

    Congrats! This is awesome! I love that neon skirt!


  • Katja

    Brilliant LaQuan Smith skirt. Love the whole outfit!

  • Karissa

    Congrats, how fabulous! I love all of the looks of course.

  • Romina C.

    All the looks on your picture are cool and I love them. But the first picture is the one who strikes me the most. You look so nice and pure on it. This is one of my favorite of yours.

    x Romi

  • dictionary_of_fashion

    Love these photos… Crazy as always :)))

  • Haute Eyes

    Congrats on the engagement and the article!!


  • Liesbeth (candyandtreats)

    Oh that Louis Vuitton python sandals picture is just golden! Congrats on the feature! 😀

  • FashionableTeacher

    I guess because I'm quite a bit older than you, I didn't like your blog. But after reading a few (okay alot) of your posts, I got it. I even went through the archives to your first post.
    You were basically writing about an idea not that you would be the poster child for repelling men. What I also read, either here or elsewhere, was not to take your snark (my words, not MR) seriously. I find this to be a humorous blog, yet, I recognize your knowledge of fashion.
    Keep doing what you're doing and congratulations on your engagement. Here's to a long, happy marriage. I've been married for 15 years. Even though most people that I meet say that I'm too young to to be married that long.

  • Gabrielle

    So obsessed. Incredible blog–recognition well-deserved.

  • rhyajw

    These are such great photos! The lighting, your quirky poses, and of course, the clothes are stage 5 meltdown-worthy. The LaQuan Smith skirt has to be my favourite, a classic man repeller.


  • Lips N Stick

    Love the Alaia shoes!!! You know you look a little bit like Isabel Marant,,but younger! love your blog!

  • raplica handbags

    nice shoot and her dressing…keep it up.I would like to visit newer posts and also to reveal my thoughts with you.
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  • marysia reeves

    you look so pretty!

  • ardena rosa

    congratulations!! i loved the article, and i'm so happy to hear that even the "original man repeller" can seal the deal 😉 enjoy all the preparations and festivities!

    ardena rose

  • Starpicker

    I love your Armani pants and Alaias! Which Armani are they?

  • Anonymous

    I may or may not have slightly hyperventilated at the sight of those python sandals.

  • Mary Darling

    All these images are lovely but the first of you with the laptop is definitely my fav – nice to see another side. So soft and beautiful.

    You do good werk.



  • celine outlet

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  • Anonymous

    YOU are so amazing!!!!!!!!

  • Kellysutherland12

    Sanspeurworkshop loves this blog site, keeps us up to date with what’s happening and laughing…. thanks

  • Camille

    Im such a fan of yours, youre fantastic

  • anita

    Where can i get the blue plastic skirt you have?

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