The Obligatory Post about Bloglovin and Their Awards

Leandra Medine | February 4, 2012
DANNIJO, MR DANNIJO, Pamela Love bracelets, Rebecca Minkoff leather jacket.

In partnership with Bloglovin.

Indeed, I’ve been nominated, and while you freaks helped me win Most Original Blog last February, this year the folks at Bloglovin’ saw my blog drive toward a different direction, enter the new nomination: Best Personal Style. In a Sea of…Shoes, where shits neither Atlantic nor Pacific, candidates are Glam(ourai) and Fashion Toast took home the best blog of the year and best personal style awards last year, I reckon I don’t stand much a chance. Though I am certain if there were an award for cheesiest sentence composed in under one minute the previous would have won. Either way, do cast your vote here, the candidates from other categories rock. And finally, thank you for even deeming me worthy an award again. I love you, I want to take you to a nice seafood dinner only less seafood more vegetarian Thai dishes. [photo via]

  • Daniela

    Good luck! 🙂

  • TripsTreasures

    Amazing bracelets !
    fashion & lifestyle in BElgium

  • Celine – Fashion blogger

    Love the bracelets from DANNIJO. I really want some of them, but it's too expensive! Do you have like a discount code or something for the DANNIJO site? Tell me!

  • K. Gray

    VOTED YOU. 😉

  • thestyleflux

    Have a great time! 🙂


  • Mackenzie


  • FearlessFashion

    I kinda just fell in love with your necklace!

  • Eileenie

    I voted for you when other bloggers were asking people to vote for other stuffs…


    I just voted for you, duh! I am absolutely sure you'll win the prize, you have the most original, fresh ans stylish blog with a new approach to fashion and, as we say in France, you have a great feather ( meaning you write really well )
    So good luck and, whatever happens, keep manrepelling, we need it !!

  • Silly little jokes

    Love the leather jacket!

  • Leira Zetroc

    You would definitely win best personality! Character always WINS.

  • Nicole @ Giraffelegs

    I voted for your man repelling ass because your blog is trés awesome.

  • Creativity&Chocolate

    Congrats with your nomination!

  • WearAbouts

    that necklace…and duh i voted for you.

  • Lauren Helen

    Best of luck!

  • Nes
  • Jessie

    Voted for you because your leather jacket is epic.


    Love all the bracelets!

  • Jannine

    i already saw you there and voted for you!
    good luck!
    XO jannine

  • Mary

    I'll vote for sure!

  • isaobeso

    I think you could win best personal style this year… everyone knows you better by now

    visit my blog PEOPLE WEAR FASHION

  • lafemmealamode

    Good luck!

  • Michelle of Chellbellz

    Girl, you are so modest, out of all of those blogs you're the only one that actually interacts as much as you do, and fills us with decent writing and content. Heres to hoping to sweep the floor with a blogger repelling broom! I'm going to vote now!

  • jenaly enns

    I already have been voting for you a while.

  • Laura

    Fantastic pieces!!!


  • Collections
  • The little world of fashion

    Voted for you 😉
    Good luck!!!!

  • YoUngLiNgToN
  • Bong C.

    I hope you do win! I fell in love with your personality and personality is the best personal style there is.

  • B.Weber

    Good luck! I love the jacket too.


  • monkeyshines ♥

    stunning accessories! congrats!


  • Theresa

    Good luck dollface! Voted for you! Wishing you the best of luck! Go MR!!!


    The Habit

  • modelovers

    GO GO MR!!!


  • Sophia Callahan

    your styles daring and impeccable, you got it girl xx

  • Kate

    Soooo I've been stalking past posts to figure who makes that AMAZING WATCH and just can't figure it out – does anyone know? Ta x

  • jessica wu

    leandra you honestly crack me up like no other fashion blogger does.
    fuck, good style and great humor, who could ask for more?


  • Michelle Lee
  • TheGuayabaProject

    Who's funnier and more original than you girl? not to mention stylish! you have my vote!! and as for dinner, I'm free Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I can't do Sundays 😉

  • Genie

    My vote is yours…yours and the arm party. Love your style, sense of humor, and personality!!


  • Sabrina


  • Electa | Nikolas

    Although you might never read this comment i just HAVE to tell you that , yeah , the other have pretty nice blogs but COME ON who has a better personal style than you ??? I vote for you every day 🙂

  • Sharon

    Good luck!

    Love the armcandy.

  • chu eva

    love your bracelets!!!
    good luck

  • everYOURS everMINE

    I'm a freak and I've voted you hehehe 😉
    good "repeller" luck!

  • Material Fixations

    Congratulations! The nominee are a great, i find it too bad though that the same blogs tend to get nominated every year. I wish more new comers would be selected!

  • The life after

    Obligatory indeed! Good luck!

    The Life After

  • Keren, rhymes w/ Heron

    No rules with metals! Silver with Gold with Brass with Rose Gold! Love it!

  • Christina

    Amazing Blog!!

  • byrdie

    awesome combo.

  • Sheyla

    Good luck! I'm rooting for ya!

  • Anonymous

    i voted for you mayne. best personal style. rumi ain't got shit on you

  • Alejandra Palestino



    I vote everytime I remember I vote for you, I hope you win!

  • Stylishly me by Taryn

    I love the way you word things.. Made my day!! Voted!
    Please check out my blog and follow 🙂

  • Margie

    Congratulations on your win! We rooted for you!

  • Maren

    Read your blog a lot and find it very inspiring, thank you! And congrats on the win. Please feel free to check out my blog "What I'm on about":
    Thanks! xx Maren