Indian Summer

Leandra Medine | February 21, 2012
I don’t know how to amount for looking so serious while simultaneously pulling at the end of my tea dress, especially under weather conditions that provide comfort in a flimsy silk utility thing and pastel blue x lace that speaks well to spring trends during, you know, winter. I feel bad for the environment and ski resorts nationwide because of the meteorological phenomenon we’ve been dealt but on a fashion front, I’m afraid to say this has been pretty stinking aesthetically pleasing.
As it happens my new thing is grazing and while I grazed upon this topic during a mid-Fashion Week outfit post (let’s play a new drinking game called every time I refer to fashion week, we collectively take a shot of any substance of your choice,) let’s do another flesh-out. What are the polar bears doing right now? How are they coping? Answer me that.
jacket: Rachel Roy, dress: Catherine Deane, collar: MR DANNIJO, shoes: Alaia, purse: Camille Zarsky, sunglasses: Christian Dior. All photos by Naomi Shon.

And while you contemplate wild life, chew a piece of this dichotomy: nothing will ever say ideal outfit the way an almost uncomfortably feminine dress paired with hard shoes, a collar and utility jacket does. It’s like a vignette called tooth fairy meets army general and stops at Fantasy World on 7th Avenue for some shoes that could double as sex toys if manipulated properly. The punch of orange in my hand, red on my face is simply an MR special to give it a hint of me. The moral of the story is, being a lady is not for everyone. And that’s all I got for you. Probably could have written, Bla bla non-committal style, bla and the same sentiment would have been conveyed, so I’m sorry for stealing another ten minutes you’ll never get back.

I owe you a pony.

  • Roxanna

    The jacket and shoes are HOTT :). Go Indian Summer!

    xxx Roxanna

  • Irene Buffa
  • matchalattewardrobe

    So amazingly working combination.And so much light.

  • Holly

    I love this look- perfect!

  • welcome to my jungle

    These photos are gorgeous. You are amazing!!!

    – Dani

  • Tina
  • Etienne van Emden

    Hey there,

    Cool combination you got there!
    But ehm… I'm either gay or you're not doing a good enough job at repelling men because I love this and almost everything on your site:P
    Keep it up!

    Ciaoz & greetz

  • Devi

    I love your heels! fierce!!

    xx Devi

  • lilla

    really cool pictures. like the game with the shade 🙂 but it's kinda weird to see sandals in february. weatherrepeller.

  • Lips N Stick

    Love your Alaia shoes……

  • Reptilia

    That look is one of the best i've seen on you! Love the dress and shoes!!


  • Sheyla

    This is my favorite look. I love how you balance the feminine dress with edgy accessories. And the Alaias are simply orgasmic.

  • Blog Desde el Trópico

    The dress and shoes are lovely!


  • Blog ABRIL Moda

    Love the way it looks the dress with that jacket!

  • modelovers

    Great combination! It looks perfect!


  • Styling Black

    love this! i still can't get over those sunglasses

  • Insatisfeita Inveterada

    The polar bears are having a hard time… unlike you… just gonna step out for a minute to take off my Chanel-like jacket and dress down my dress with an army jacket… luv it!

  • nataliya

    so pretty i love that dress!!!


  • Bonnie,Clyde and Marni…..
  • Estherina

    Stunning pictures and shoes!

    Step into Estherina's World

  • TheGuayabaProject

    love it Repeller! I'm glad you found those Alaia shoes!

  • Frou Flu

    love how you combined everything! thanks for visiting my blog by the way:) love love love your blog!

  • WearAbouts
  • Mad For Fashion…For Less

    I love it….You look beautiful and love the shoes by the way!

  • The Polka Leopard

    beautuful jacket:)

  • Montes Y Mills

    the Alaias look so cool with the lace feminine dress!

    montes Y mills

  • Collections

    LOVE the dress.


  • Bela Monstro

    second pic's the best

  • Anonymous

    Other than Indian Summer being in Sept/Oct/Nov.
    Love this look. Love it.
    That blue is so ON TREND it's painful.

  • Lindsay @ Me, Ed and Pea

    Awesome look – LOVE it.

  • Monse Fuentes
  • vanessa (the gal)

    killer outfit! those shoes are on a whole other level! amazing 😉

    xo! Vanessa (the gal)

  • YoUngLiNgToN

    Love this blue dress ! It is very sweeeeet

  • Irina Bugai

    The dress is so romantic and the embroidery so delicate! You look amazing!

  • Sharon
  • Clara Turbay

    Great pics!

  • Michael Tornato

    I love the light blue color in contrast with the forest green. I really like the dress which looks a bit vintage. I also love the heels! Super feminine. You look beautiful and your pictures look beautiful as well! Thank you so so much for your comment! I really appreciate it.

    Check out my New York Fashion Week pictures!

  • Meganne

    I get sort of uncomfrtable wearing pastel tea dresses, I feel like I've either traveled back in time to the days my parents forced me to dress ofr sunday school, or like I look ten years younger. No ones wants to look 9 during and indian summer.

    Material Fixations

  • Romina C.

    I love the dress! The details and everything. And your colar necklace is so cool.

    x Romi

  • Anna

    I love the combination of the girly dress, with the tougher (but still feminine) jacket! xoxo

  • Susan M.

    I am in love with that Rachel Roy jacket

  • Aisha Jimoh

    AMAZING. You are so funny!

  • Jess

    love your shoes!!!

  • Emanuel I.

    Lovelly dress cuttie!

  • Leira Zetroc

    Great lighting! Leandra, how did you edit the second photo to give it that old picture effect? It looks like a fashion editorial, really!

  • Neijah

    This outfit is a dream come true! Love the mix of tough and elegant


  • Thrill Of The Chaise
  • maryse

    superbe tenue ! je suis absolument fan de tes chaussures <3

  • molliee

    love the lace against the army jacket and fancy shoes! so fun!

  • Emilie

    That first photo is absolutely marvellous! You pulled off a tea dress with a serious look perfectly!


  • Natalie

    I love the detailing on the dress! Perfect!

    Natalie x
    Trying To Make Fetch Happen

  • Kenzie and Maddy

    You look so adorable! I love the way you layer everything!

  • Dressed Well

    We're loving the dress!

  • Creativity&Chocolate
  • Eva

    The jacket is so cool! Love the combination with the romantic dress xoxo


    I love the shoes!

  • Les Folies de Flo

    This dress is amazing and so wonderful ! Love this outfit !!

  • madison muse

    The shoes Rock! Of course you can pull them off beautifully!

  • La Petite Olga

    this dress looks great together with the jacket!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • Vasilieva

    the dress is looking beyond gorge, loving how you wear it with a khaki parka, gives it some kind of weird super power

  • monkeyshines ♥

    beautiful strappy heels!


  • Lydia

    Your dress is so beautiful. I love the second shot so much. Awesome combo.

  • Courtney

    Hell yes. Rock that jacket. I just paird a shearling one with short-shorts on my blog. I think you'd approve.

  • StyleAnchor

    your writing style is fantastic, and i love the punches of color in this look

  • Ms.Fashionista

    Such a pretty and lovely dress!



    this outfit looks so awesome.

  • Sarah Patricia

    Great style. Great photos! Love the use of all of the shadows. Amazing!

  • sonia de macedo

    That black and white photo is truly beautiful! The dress is just heavenly! Just love this post!


  • Yuka
  • Anonymous

    you rock manrepeller
    i love you with all my guts

  • alex esther

    You're brilliant. And hilarious. And if you're Repelling Men (or woMen), they must be all the wrong kind.x

  • Valeriya

    Hot!!! Love your outfit as always!!!

  • Ella

    what a beautiful dress! i really love the powder blue and white lace combination!

  • Mary

    Absolutely love this outfit! The mix is perfect x

  • stephanie…

    I love everything rachel roy has ever done ever and this dress especially 🙂 so so so cute. I want one 🙁

  • Genie

    Love how you paired the delicate dress with the edgier (gladiator?) heels, very MR indeed. I'm waiting for my pony, as in it should be in my backyard by the time I wake up.


  • Sophia Callahan

    tea time dresses are always appropriate for the man repeller. xx

  • Red shoes No knickers

    This is a woman propeller dress my friend. LOVES IT I DO…Simply loves it. Bravo!

  • Audrey
  • The Fashion Cloud

    you look gorgeous in this ultra feminin dress. You really can pull off just about anything



  • Bruna

    Precioso el vestido!!!
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    disponibles en nuestra tienda on-line

  • 0941 Fashion

    Beautiful! We love the color and style combination!

    0941 Fashion

    0941 Blog

  • pattyandlo

    love the look – it says to me rocker whos staying at her girly sister's pad and ran out of clean threads. effortless.

    xo DW

  • DM style
  • Alexis Foreman

    Absolutely gorgeous! Love this outfit! What a beautiful dress. Have been referencing the arm party on my blog! My own is growing slowly. Need some Dannijo to add to the mix!

  • annie
  • Fashion Apparel

    fashion feels me stronger when i am minding my way of being good.

  • Dressed Well

    Such a cute dress

  • Mimi

    beautifull dress and it's not to granny-ish because you've combined it with such a kick-ass jacket, really cool 😉

  • Jessie

    love the dress and shoes!