Getting Fashion Week Ready, Part III

Leandra Medine | February 8, 2012

Fuck yeah summer camp with heels, part two. In what is now the third installment of Getting Fashion Week Ready, we try to penetrate our creative beans while placing a stronger emphasis on that which occurs whilelayering rather than after. Call it a salute to texture, maybe even a departure from embracing the cushioned comfort zone of copious layer. Ultimately though, what this is…is…a five step program that works. Name that commercial, follow me.

blouse: Topshop, shorts: Only Hearts

Holy crotch, happy birthday. Step one includes very important biker shorts. I tried to turn you onto these dudes using Karl Lagerfeld’s creative direction as a drug mule of sortsbut not very many of you took well to that suggestion. Maybe you’ll prefer this one.

tights: Hue, try these

So far, so similar. But I have an idea, keep scrolling. Bare in mind the first inclusion of print in form of tights–once you’re there, it’s hard to revert back to a place of plain old black.

white blouse: Pencey

Bird arms, eureka. Do also pay attention to the progression of facial expression. Confused and dumb founded became a half smile, became super smiley thumbs up with just the simple insertion of feathered sleeves. You may remember this shirt: a long time ago, I hosted a who wore it best contest against the Twitter bird. There were eight votes. I won.

dress: Thakoon
But let’s stay focused. Here let me circle back to the aforementioned biker shorts and ask if you prefer this inclusion. Note that there is seemingly no inclusion. The eighties were alright. And on to the dress: print number two. I hadn’t thought to wear it as a jumper until recently and when that happened, all I could think was layers of sleeve protruding from my shoulders.
vest: H&M;, purse: Proenza Schouler, snap booties: Chanel
And so, protrude them sleeves did. I added a leather vest to give the look more texture–tie it together if you will–introduced the prospect of a third print to the equation, paired my favorite comfortable shoe for a feasible fashion week do–shit gets painful by the ankle–and gave myself a pet, not pat, on the shoulder for utilizing only four layers.
images by Naomi Shon

Alas, friends, that’s it. That’s the whole thing. Sometimes, simple is better…provided of course that your compass of simplicity includes feathers. Tomorrow, we take to the tents.

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    that dress is gorgeous and also love those riding shorts1

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    you are the master of mixing and matching!!!

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    Those booties are divine! you look super chic (as always ;))

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    I confess I got a little confused with the feather t-shirt over the grey sweater but the final result is just great!

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    Another great outfit! Love your layering.

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    you look so beautiful! Love those polka dotted tights!


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    i totally noticed your smile progression!
    can't wait to see more of your fashion week outfits! x

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    Amazing combination! Love your style!!!


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    Impressive layering, and what a dress!

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    I read all of your blogs (just found you…had to catch up) you are funny and know how to mix and match! I noticed you recently started dropping fbombs…this may or may not be man repelling?? You hardly cursed before…whatz up???

  • lilla

    Love your layering lessons. This is my favorite outfit from you so far.

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    Those booties haunt my dreeeaaaaams.

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    absolutely brilliant layering!


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    you are simply amazing! reading your blog always cheers me up!

    boat ride through the sky

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    i have been looking for those tights for ages….. AGES.

    (shake my fist at you)

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    I love this! Absolute favorite from all of your layering lessons. xo

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    Linked to a $6 pair from forever21. Get em GURL.

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    In my country people say about layering "you wear like an onion". You are great onion!<3 greetings

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    The vest really does pull it together. I can't wait to vicariously experience fashion week with Man Repeller via

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    Great layering! Love this blog 🙂

  • Daniela

    The biker shorts magically disappeared, OMG. Love your outfit and that vest is gorgeous, really wanted the white one (but was sold out of course).


    I'd go naked if someone gave me the shoes & bag.


  • Lydia

    I love this look, but the bike shorts seem kinda pointless at this point. I wear shorts like that under dresses sometimes in the summer if I think my dress is too short so that people don't see my butt, but if you're going to start a post out with those shorts as a your starting point, I'd have liked to see the shorts actually become a major part of the look.

  • Nicole @ Giraffelegs

    haha I love that you don't take yourself too seriously and don't use a pouty face for your pictures.
    Seriously love the stripes in that dress. Go forth and dress repelling for all the men!

  • Su.

    You re always real fun, lovely outfit!!

  • Murmures de Penderie
  • Clémence

    Ahahahahh !

    I love the big smile with the feathers!!! We are so the same!

    My boyfriend always say that I am wearing all kind od animal. In the morning he ask "so which one today?" And you should see the big smile on his face too when I say "the purple Fox scarve" or "The Raccoon"… BIG SMILE!!

    Thanks for the layering lessons Leandra. I love them 😉


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    you look amazing! I love your style sooo much!

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    so, i really like biker shorts, especially if a dress is a little short, but i always worry people will just think i'm wearing spanx when they catch a glimpse. is that just an irrational fear?

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    Gotta say it, lookin' good.

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    Nice outfit.

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    you're really awesome at layering but have you thought about blowing out your hair?

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    love from spain!xx

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    Disclaimer: I'm a man. So, I'm not sure who I'm repelling – maybe myself, maybe other men. In any case, today it was particularly colder than usual so I thought maybe a jacket instead of just a sweater. And then I thought what will I do with my jacket once I get there (I'm using there instead of where I actually went, which was school, as to be objective. So feel free to imagine yourself doing this). And needless to say this lead to a very distressful conversation with myself. In the end I choose to wear both. And a t-shirt, long sleeve and button down. Go big or go home right?

  • Jamie Gillingham

    Oh, I forgot to tell you your outfit was nice.

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    love that you show how to layer here….so cool…who woulda thought you had all those layers on?

    would love it if you checked out my last post. I acutally gave you a little shout out, hope you dont mind 😀
    ^direct link to my post. let me know what you think!


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    Haha, great looks! All of them! Especialy love the shorts and shoes!

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    amazing!I love every single piece


    Hey girl,you ,please can you start exaggerating the look ?magnifying the manrepelling..we are get used to these ''more and more'' looks of you now we need now much more and more..You keep us addicted here girl! and we want more..more big skirts,heels, hair,jewellery and layers and patterns..You are the only one who can make it without looking weird or cheap..Please inspire us..We are waiting..

    ex·agger·ator n.
    Synonyms: exaggerate, inflate, magnify, overstate
    These verbs mean to represent something as being larger or greater than it actually is: exaggerated the size of the fish I caught; inflated his own importance; magnifying her part in their success; overstated his income on the loan application.

    Antonym: minimize crew. Istanbul Turkey

  • Anonymous

    i love the thakoon piece. it looks great as a tunic paired with leggings and flat or high boots. the back is super cute. be careful with the fabric. the stitching at the neck is weak and needs reinforcement.

  • Kendal

    I am devastated, the link to the Forever 21 tights that are similar to the Hue tights says they are no longer available! What ever will I do without those tights? However, let me not just complain, the rest of the outfit is lovely!

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    You have the coolest style! I swear, I never think what you're layering is going to work–and then all of a sudden it looks great. How the hell do you do that?! 🙂

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  • Cecilie von Knigge

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  • Cecilie von Knigge

    you really know what fashion is about, Leandre!
    Is it still possible to buy that vest? I'm hopelessly in love! 🙁

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    this outfit is beyond cute; i LOVE layering. also your blog is really fantastic, and you are such an inspiration!

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    Your layers compliment each other well until you get to your Proenza bag.

    You use it a lot in your different outfits but the bold color and print is jarring to the eyes when taken in with the rest of your clothes.

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